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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
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 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

You can see, how much Social Security fraud is going on, no wonder we have some 50 trillion in unfunded SS obligations. Probably half of it, is due to massive fraud. So far no judge cared about this massive fraud

Posted on | October 20, 2010 | No Comments


That SSA-2 pic sure looks like a 6 to me. Put your mouse pointer over the spec you see in the upper left corner of the first “5″ to cover it( the spec was probably caused by the photocopy ). Then stand back and take a look. It is definitely a 6. It is that spec caused by the photo copy hat make you think it is a 5. Once the spec is removed it becomes clear.

I noticed they block out the SS number. Is it because they knew what it would reveal ? If you go to the posting that Jim commented on, you see a link to the SS form that doesn’t have the number blacked out. As Jim points out, looking that number up in the SS Death Index shows the name Harrison belonging to that number, NOT Hamilton as is shown on the form. So you have a form with a name that doesn’t match what is in the Social Security database, and a number that has been changed either by accident or on purpose. I wouldn’t give credence to any SS-5 form someone comes up with unless it has a signed letter from SocSec with it. And then only trust an original, not a scanned copy


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