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Why main stream media and Obama do not report that Lanza used to be a student at Sandy Hook for some 9 years, nearly half of his young life, had problems with 4 staff members against whom he was retaliating? Was he bullied for 9 years at Sandy Hook?

Posted on | December 17, 2012 | 4 Comments

Obama and his regime are trying to disarm all of us, in order to gain an absolute power. They are trying to show that some person can appear out of the blue and slaughter people. So, it appears that it does not fit their fact pattern  that Lanza was not a stranger at Sandy Hook school, as a matter of fact he was a student there for years. Small towns do not have middle schools. Students go from an elementary  school to High School. So he went to Sandy Hook till age 14.    He lived in the community since early childhood, so it appears he went to this school from age 5 for 9 years, nearly half of his young life. What happened at Sandy Hook during those 9 years? What set off a violent altercation with 4 employees of the school a day before? Did the Principal and school psychologist report to the police and mental health services this violent altercation a day before as they were supposed to report in order to prevent further violence? It appears that they did not report it to the police or mental health authorities. Did the school authorities act in a negligent or reckless manner in not reporting to the police and mental health authorities this violent altercation a day before? Was it negligent, not to have one or two employees of the school with weapons for self defense and defense of others? If only one school employee exercised his or her right to bear armas, all of this tragedy could be prevented. Why after the violent altercation with Lanza a day before there wasn’t one single employee, a security guard, a custodian, someone with a  weapon to protect the students? Was it reckless not to have at least one employee with a gun?

Adam Lanza was described as very bright, possibly a genius, but very shy. He is the type that would be bullied. Was he bullied for 9 years at Sandy Hook?
Did these 4 employers, who reportedly had a violent altercation with him just one day before,  who I presume, were a principal, a psychologist and two teachers, allow this bullying and he retaliated against the way he was mistreated for 9 years? It was reported that he killed 3 school employees with whom he had an altercation a day before. One of those 4 was not in school on that day.

Another angle the media is not describing, is the fact that his father left his mother in 2008 and married another woman, which was described as trauma that affected him deeply and caused his downward spiral. Currently we are told that traditional family is not important.  For a number of political reasons, which I will not describe here, the ruling establishment is not promoting strong family units with the mother and a father at home, however when a father leaves his wife and children, who are still at a fragile age and marries another woman, that creates a serious trauma for children.

I searched for this other woman, Shelly Cudiner. I found her at UCon, she is an employee of the University of Connecticut. I also read that the father was an adjunctive professor of economics and relatively recentlly got a high paying job with GE. Since Newtown is close to UCon (University of Connecticut), I assume that he taught at UCon as well. Adding two and two, I am wondering if the father, Peter Lanza, had an affair with a fellow university employee, Shelly Cudiner, which caused him to leave his family and his son, who was in a fragile state? Did his father switch to a newer model in and around the time he got a high paying job at GE. Actually my nemesis, Sociology Professor Richard (maybe Robert) Rockwell, one of Obama’s operatives who is teaching at UCon and who is running RCR radio and posting at Obama garbage site Forgow, which constantly spews anti Orly Taitz and anti dissidents propaganda, might shed some light,  what happened at Ucon with Shelly Cudiner.

Another angle needs to be explored. Often school principals and school psychologists  demand that parents give their children, particularly boys, some type of medication  if they believe that these boys are misbehaving at achool or hyperactive or have some other problems. We need to find out whether the school principal and the school psychologist and the two teachers in question who had a violent altercation with Lanza a day before, demanded that Lanza’s parents give him some type of medication for 9 years when he went to Sandy Hook elementary. We need to see his medical records and his school records at Sandy School. Also, it was reported that his mother used to teach at this school, but she is not teaching there any longer. What happened?

Was she fired by the same principal? The public needs answers in order to prevent such tragedies in the future. We need the employee file of the mother, Nansy Lanza, and we need Sandy School to release to the public the full student file for 9 years that Adam Lanza was a student at Sandy Hook. Specifically we need the full file from the psychologist, all the notations from the principal and the two teachers with whom he had a violent altercation the day before.

The truth will set us free.

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ


4 Responses to “Why main stream media and Obama do not report that Lanza used to be a student at Sandy Hook for some 9 years, nearly half of his young life, had problems with 4 staff members against whom he was retaliating? Was he bullied for 9 years at Sandy Hook?”

  1. Patriot Truther
    December 17th, 2012 @ 8:50 am

    Obama is trying to take awy our guns!

    If this killer’s first victim had been a gun owner, he would never have made it to the school to kill all those kids!!!!!

  2. James Sappington
    December 17th, 2012 @ 8:55 am

    Asperger’s Disorder and other complex, multiple neurological disorders can produce the profile of Adam Lanza.

    The condition is so extreme and complex that the medical community can not quickly identify the unbearable pain the individual experiences that drives them to this terrible destructive behavior.

    Differential diagnosis is next to impossible unless you see the progression in the person every day. It is developmental and progressive and the person has no idea what is happening to them.

    I absolutely know I would have suffered the demise of Mrs. Lanza except that I found medication that partially alleviated this terrible condition in my family member.

    Most medical professionals could not comprehend the severity of the condition and the huge amounts of medications, hormones, and supplements necessary to bring only partial relief.

    The physical and emotional pain that turns a nice, polite kid into a mass murderer is beyond what a normal person and most of the professionals I have known can begin to comprehend.

    This tragedy did not have to happen, but lack of knowledge and understanding meant there was no help available to prevent Lanza from destroying others before he destroyed himself.

  3. Hacking Forum
    December 21st, 2012 @ 4:04 pm
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