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We need to find these officers

Posted on | July 30, 2009 | 17 Comments

Why is Obama nazi regime punishing the officers? they did their job. we need patriots in Ga to find them and see if they will be additional plaintiffs 

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Two DeKalb County police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after an investigation revealed they ran a background check on President Barack  Obama .


A representative for the DeKalb County CEO’s office identified the officers as Ryan White and C.M. Route.


17 Responses to “We need to find these officers”

  1. queenofshina
    July 30th, 2009 @ 10:52 am

    Orly, I emailed you about the Oathkeepers and Sheriff Richard Mack who took the Brady Bill all the way to SCOTUS. He is an Oathkeeper and their group is a group of people sworn to uphold the Constitution. Here is his video where he states his dedication to uphold those principles. I might add that he also mentions that SHERIFFS IN THIS UNITED STATES DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ORDERS FROM THE PRESIDENT. It would be nice if the sheriffs of this country formed an alliance with you and arrested BHO before more damage is done!

    I also contacted him and asked him to contact you…
    His phone number:928.792.4340

  2. speedy
    July 30th, 2009 @ 11:45 am

    What they did to these police should not be tolerated! BO needs to have a background check. Anyone else would. I hope that you can get in touch with them to become plaintiffs because they have standing. They are doing their job. BO needs to be arrested right away.

  3. max
    July 30th, 2009 @ 12:52 pm

    I am curious if the oath of a police officer includes the part about defending the constitution. As a former Police Officer myself I believe that it does.

    Of course, they have probably placed a lock on any NCIC query of Obama and obviously get an alert if someone does run a check by name and dob.

  4. Michelle
    July 30th, 2009 @ 1:12 pm

    Dear Dr. Orly-Ernie was an old friend of mine from Chicago, I met him while I was working in a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. When I first met him I thought he was some kind of a nut and did not believe his “I’m a detective” story. Well he really was and he was interviewing a client for information in our coffee shop. Shortly after that my girlfriends and I would be buzzing around town here and there. Every where we went we would accidentally bump into Ernie, I used to tease him do you ever sleep? Ernie was a character that is for sure. Anyway your detectives need to find the new Ernie Rizzo whoever that person is he will get you everything you need to know. Ernie was fearless he didn’t care who he took on. I still think that a lot of information could be gleaned on or about or near Cook County Jail. The old “loose lips sink ships” proverb. See below for more information.
    Ernie Rizzo has worked as a policeman and licensed Private Detective for over forty years. He has a very impressive background, including cases ranging from …
    http://www.ernierizzo.com/cases.html – Cached – Similar
    More results from http://www.ernierizzo.com »
    CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: Private Eye Ernie Rizzo Dead At 64 Chicago area private eye, Ernie Rizzo was a unique character. He began his career as a Franklin Park, Illinois

  5. Kaci
    July 30th, 2009 @ 1:47 pm

    Max – you should know that officers of the law are not allowed to access anyone’s personal info through NCIC or GCIC unless there is an active investigation or they have the subject in custody. I know this because I am a former Georgia police officer. Every year NCIC/GCIC audits the use of their system and if you cannot show an active investigation or check of someone in custody then the department can lose their certification.

  6. LM
    July 30th, 2009 @ 2:00 pm

    Cops suspended for Obama check

    Officers Ryan White and C.M. Route


  7. Michelle
    July 30th, 2009 @ 2:47 pm

    I guess we are getting to know how that fly felt. Anyone who gets near this guy swat you’re gone. Don’t you just wonder what group, what individual, what group of people is going to be next? I think he is quickly getting the reputation he has earned as a Nazi.

  8. RJJ
    July 30th, 2009 @ 4:03 pm

    Perhaps they should have done a background check on Barry Soetoro. I wonder if that would get flagged the same way.

  9. Kaci
    July 30th, 2009 @ 4:16 pm

    Michelle – this situation has nothing to do with Obama doing anything. This is a matter of law and regulations for the department. Every citizen has a right to privacy of their NCIC history, whether you agree with that or not. Laws cannot be broken just because you want information on someone.

  10. Rodney Rawlings
    July 30th, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

    Orly, there might be a problem with this one. As Kaci pointed out, there might be rules and procedures which these officers violated, however worthy their motives. Perhaps it was simply idle curiosity. But even if it were something more noble, I do not think you could find a legal or moral basis for thus breaking the law using one’s employer’s resources and time.

    In time of revolution or of civil war, of course there would be a MORAL basis, even if not a LEGAL basis. But in that case, the participants know the risks they are taking.

  11. Lizzi
    July 30th, 2009 @ 5:07 pm

    I would love the truth about Obama’s ineligibility to come out as much as anyone else here, but the reason these officers were arrested was because of HOW they ran the background check, not just because they did it. From what I understand, they illegally accessed the secret service database, which in any language is a big no-no. Actions like these only serve to paint those of us who are trying to out the truth in a bad light, and need to be discouraged. The only reputation at stake in this type of situation is that of our cause. Keep it clean.

  12. Michelle
    July 30th, 2009 @ 6:40 pm

    “Michelle – this situation has nothing to do with Obama doing anything. This is a matter of law and regulations for the department. Every citizen has a right to privacy of their NCIC history, whether you agree with that or not. Laws cannot be broken just because you want information on someone.”
    I totally agree. Now if we could only find the key to find Obama’s forged records, sealed records etc.
    One key is if we could only find one citizen, one lawyer that has standing in the United States of America that would open all the doors. I have never seen one president* that has absolutely no background information the little that was acquired was by a “fictional” account or a subpoena. Another good source that cesspool of corruption Cook County, Illinois and they are damn proud of it. Have been for years. Quite of few of his associates doing prison time, more on the way.
    All other Presidents we knew everything that was needed to be known. My best guess is they were proud of their past service to their country. From George Washingto thru George Bush we have had our share of good, bad presidents, but we were sure they were natural born citizens. Chester A. Arthur (a little iffy).

  13. 12th Generation AMERICAN
    July 30th, 2009 @ 7:18 pm

    Soetoro has only committed the largest crime of the century, It’s about time someone had the () ()s to investigate him!?!?!?!?

  14. Kaci
    July 30th, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

    Obama’s records are not “sealed” by anything other than the privacy laws of this great nation, as were every other President’s records. Further, Ms Taitz has already stated that nothing in the records will change the fact that Obama’s father was not an American citizen, therefore the records are completely irrelevant. There is no reason for any of the these lawsuits asking for “discovery” because there is not one piece of paper that will change that basic fact. So, the answer? Only for SCOTUS or Congress to clearly define what a natural born citizen is.

  15. truthbetold11
    July 30th, 2009 @ 9:22 pm

    donald young wasn’t so lucky and didn’t have the secret service to protect him

  16. Eric
    July 31st, 2009 @ 12:57 am

    Hey Kaci, run that by us again about laws not being broken. I know a guy who has broken the highest law and we the people ARE entitled to investigate that and NO law can supersede the supreme law, understand? When anyone stands in the way of the justice they become accomplices do they not? I do believe there are plenty of indictments or presentments that are legally binding on those who are aware of the law, our law not their version of it. It is one thing to be ignorant but it is an entirely different thing to knowingly allow an illegal act to go uninvestigated. I think we are entitled to break any law that stands in the way of our constitutional protections. If they can break one and get away with it then all the others are worthless. At that point we are a lawless nation run by thugs so what law is valid? Theirs? I can hardly wait to see what happens when people figure that out. I suspect lawlessness will be the least of Obamas worries.

    Note: If the constitution is no longer being followed by the “ruling class” are there really any laws in effect in our country? Are we not really in anarchy?

  17. Kaci
    July 31st, 2009 @ 9:55 am

    Eric – did you understand anything I wrote? No amount of “breaking the law” on your part will attain any goal that you seek. Your basis of Obama’s ineligibility is that his father was a Kenyan/British citizen. That fact has been admitted and is documented by the COLB. Therefore, there is no need for any further demand of documents or background check. Why continue the convolutions?