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US Senate should not go on 1 week break for President’s day, should instead stay in DC and vote to confirm President Trump’s cabinet members

Posted on | February 15, 2017 | 15 Comments

US Senate should not go on 1 week break for Presidents day, should instead stay in DC and vote to confirm President Trump’s cabinet members

By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

It was announced that on Friday or Saturday US Congress will go on 1 week break for President’s day.

Let me give you a background of what is happening in DC. Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, admitted that we have now the slowest rate of confirmations in the US history, the slowest since George Washington. It is true that the main reason is the fact that the Democrats are acting as saboteurs. However, this does not mean that the Senate Republicans should not double their efforts to speed up confirmations and let President Trump do the job that American people elected him to do.

Americans are watching with total disbelieve the arrogance of our senate. American workers do not get a week break on President’s day. They get a week or two in a whole year. Congress goes on breaks and vacations non-stop.

It is time for Senator McConnell to announce that the senate will be in a continuous session until all the nominees are confirmed. As a matter of fact, we have precedents of senate being in session for months, even around half a year sometime around 2013, as senate did not want Obama to make recess appointments without senate approval.

There are 16 members of the President’s cabinet and 7 more cabinet level positions, a total of 23. So far, only 12 were confirmed by the senate, only about a half of the cabinet.

Furthermore, there are multiple other appointments that senate needs to confirm:

  1. there are about 400 total appointments, which include 195 ambassadors and  about 205 high level government officials,
  2. currently, there are 117 vacancies of federal judges,
  3. 55 vacancies of immigration judges,
  4. President Trump will need to replace 95 US Attorneys (Federal attorneys) which were appointed by Obama. So, there are 667 total positions that need to be filled with the consent and confirmation of the senate. This is not the time to seat and do nothing and take vacations.
  5. Moreover, there are bills that need to be passed, among them repeal of Obamacare, lowering the tax burden, repeal or renegotiation of NAFTA and WTO-GATT, balanced budget amendment and paying off the debt, or at least 10 trillion incurred by Obama. It is time for members of the senate to stop playing games and it is time for them to concentrate on voting, voting, voting. Every US citizen should flood with phone calls the office of the Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and each and every senator and tell them: “NO” on Presidents’ day break, stay in DC and vote and confirm the nominees of President Trump.


15 Responses to “US Senate should not go on 1 week break for President’s day, should instead stay in DC and vote to confirm President Trump’s cabinet members”

  1. Rich
    February 15th, 2017 @ 10:42 am

    You are so right Orly. The latest decisions coming out from the appellate courts that you reported on is so encouraging though since it reinforces what Trump is doing is legal. This will stop the bleeding while all the things you mention are going on. Hopefully it will also lure the media into keeping the issue alive to make the voters aware of the need to replace the Democratic party obstructionists in The Senate at the mid terms.

  2. Speedie
    February 15th, 2017 @ 10:50 am


    maxi teacher video should go viral. I wish present trump could see this stuff

  3. President Trump Supporter
    February 15th, 2017 @ 1:38 pm

    McConnell needs to get his act together, ASAP!

    Does this show his true colors?

    And when does Sessnions take over the reigns of the DOJ?

    When this happens, can he not get that order from one or more of the judges to block them or override them?

  4. Don B.
    February 15th, 2017 @ 3:08 pm

    Agree with you 100% Orly.

  5. T.F. Bow
    February 15th, 2017 @ 3:21 pm

    How dare they run off to Florida every weekend to play golf!

  6. Jomama
    February 15th, 2017 @ 3:37 pm

    On Presidents’ Day you should go to your local zoo and jump into the lion enclosure—unarmed.

  7. Donna
    February 15th, 2017 @ 4:58 pm

    Jomama knock yourself out!

  8. W
    February 16th, 2017 @ 12:33 am

    Time for recess appointments

  9. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
    February 16th, 2017 @ 5:00 am

    recess appointments are only for 1 year. Trump wants them for 4 years, possibly for 8

  10. js/js
    February 16th, 2017 @ 8:59 am

    Good suggestion, Orly. Now replace Robart

    during the inter-session. Remove and replace.

    Soon. Remind em, Danno!!!

  11. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
    February 16th, 2017 @ 11:29 am

    the only way to remove him is through impeachment or criminal conviction which will trigger impeachment

  12. USA Patriot
    February 16th, 2017 @ 1:06 pm

    Doesn’t President Trump have the power to keep them at work, instead of letting them go and goof off all the time?

  13. Extirpates
    February 17th, 2017 @ 11:44 am

    InNow you can see what real “republicans” look like.
    They form a special interest moron club.

  14. Davey Crockett
    February 17th, 2017 @ 1:34 pm

    Also: I came across info that says that SC judges {“CAN!”} be impeached and that President Trump can initiate this with Congress…

    And this would begin the process of stopping any thought of the nwo from winning cases!

    And…as a side-bar: Mr President, can you get the airline industry to STOP allowing them to spray all of us with their damned “chem-trails?”

    I’ve seen an uptick of this activity!

  15. American Patriot
    February 18th, 2017 @ 11:23 am

    Well, it looks like jomama is back and as worthless as ever!

    Hey, insect, go take a flying screw at allah! 🙂

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