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Update in Rhodes, GA case

Posted on | September 13, 2009 | 14 Comments

Friday, September 11, 2009 2:06 PM

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4:09-cv-00106-CDLRhodes v. MacDonald et al
Clay D. Land, presiding
Date filed: 09/04/2009
Date of last filing: 09/11/2009

U.S. District Court [LIVE AREA]
Georgia Middle District (Columbus)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 4:09-cv-00106-CDL

Rhodes v. MacDonald et al
Assigned to: Judge Clay D. Land
Cause: 15:5

Date Filed: 09/04/2009
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 440 Civil Rights: Other
Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Defendant




Connie Rhodes
Captain, M.D., F.S,

represented by

Orly Taitz
Law Offices Of Orly Taitz Esq
26302 La Paz Ste 211
Mission Viego , CA 92691
Email: dr_taitz@yahoo.com






Thomas D MacDonald
Colonel, Garrison Commandser, Fort Benning

represented by

Sheetul S. Wall
U.S. Attorney’s Office
P.O. Box 2568
Columbus , GA 31902-2568
Fax: 706-649-7667
Email: Sheetul.S.Wall@usdoj.gov




George Steuber
Deputy Commander, Fort Benning

represented by

Sheetul S. Wall
(See above for address)




Robert M. Gates
Secretary of Defense

represented by

Rebecca E Ausprung
U.S. Army Litigation Division
901 N. Stuart Straet, Suite 400
Arlington , VA 22203
Email: rebecca.ausprung@us.army.mil

Sheetul S. Wall
(See above for address)




Barack Hussein Obama

represented by

Sheetul S. Wall
(See above for address)



Date Filed


Docket Text



COMPLAINT filed by Connie Rhodes against all defendants; Filing Fee $ 350, Receipt Number 812572 (Attachments: # 1Exhibits)(tlf). (Entered: 09/04/2009)



Notice of Error in Filing (related document(s): 1Complaint filed by Connie Rhodes) (tlf). (Entered: 09/04/2009)



Notification emailed to Orly Taitz regarding submitting a pro hac vice petition, paying the $100.00 pro hacvice fee and associating local counsel. (nop) (Entered: 09/04/2009)



MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order by Connie Rhodes filed by Orly Taitz. (Attachments: # 1 Supplement, # 2 Affidavit Affidavit of a Licensed investigator re 39 social security numbers and 140 addresses for Barack Obama, # 3Exhibit list of 140 addresses and 39 social security numbers for Barack Obama)(Taitz, Orly) (Entered: 09/04/2009)



MOTION request for emergency hearing September 9-10 due to scheduled deployment September 12 by Connie Rhodes filed by Orly Taitz.(Taitz, Orly) (Entered: 09/04/2009)



Notice of Error in Filing (related document(s): 3 Motion for TRO, filed by Connie Rhodes, 4Motion for Miscellaneous Relief filed by Connie Rhodes) (tlf). (Entered: 09/08/2009)



Summons Issued as to Thomas D MacDonald on 9/9/2009; George Steuber on 9/9/2009; Robert M. Gates on 9/9/2009; Barack Hussein Obamaon 9/9/2009, U.S. Attorney (G.F. Peterson, III) Summons Issued 9/9/2009. (esl) (Entered: 09/09/2009)



SUMMONS Returned Executed by Connie Rhodes as to Thomas D MacDonald; George Steuber; Robert M. Gates; Barack Hussein Obama; and G.F. Peterson III (U.S. Atorney) on 9/9/2009. (esl) (Entered: 09/10/2009)



NOTICE of Hearing on Motion 3 MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order, 4MOTION request for emergency hearing; Motion Hearing set for 9/11/2009 02:00 PM in Columbus before Judge Clay D. Land. (pgs) (Entered: 09/10/2009)



MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint for Damages, Declaratory Judgment, and Injunctive Reliefand Application for TRO by Thomas D MacDonald, George Steuber, Robert M. Gates, Barack Hussein Obama filed by Sheetul S. Wall. (Attachments: # 1Exhibit A Deployment Orders)(Wall, Sheetul) (Entered: 09/11/2009)



DEMAND for Trial by Juryby Connie Rhodes (tlf). (Entered: 09/11/2009)



Request for judicial noticeby Connie Rhodes (tlf). (Entered: 09/11/2009)



Hearing set for 9/14/2009 12:00 PM in Columbus before Judge Clay D. Land (tlf). (Entered: 09/11/2009)

 we had a hearing on 11th. Defendants were represented by 3 attorneys: US attorney, Pentagon attorney and Fort Benning attorney. they claimed that my client, flight surgeon Cpt  Rhodes MD didn’t show up for no reason, she just didn’t feel like coming.

I presented to the judge a notarized statement, showing that Col Jeffrey Johnson, her commander from Fort Riley, KS has forbidden Connie from leaving Fort Riley a day early and she was threatened that if she does, she will be court martialedand can be thrown into military prison. In this fashion the gov. prevented Connie from being at her own hearing and 5 minutes before the hearing they served me with the motion to dismiss.

Judge Land did not appreciate this strong hand tactic of the government and he ordered the government to make sure Connie is able to leave the base to be at her hearing, which was scheduled for Monday at 12 noon. This time it is their responsibility to do whatever is necessary for Connie to be in court.

It is a tough week for me as in 5 days I am making 5 red eye flights and long trips between OC, LA, Atlanta, Columbus and WA DC.

I will post   a separate report about DC 9/12


14 Responses to “Update in Rhodes, GA case”

  1. carmen
    September 13th, 2009 @ 10:11 am

    There is only room for one queen bee in the hive and Orly that is you. Your hard work is benefiting all of us. I am continously praying for your health and safety. Be very encouraged. Your Friend,

  2. Joseph
    September 13th, 2009 @ 11:10 am

    I greatly appreciate your efforts Orly. I will continue to ask almighty God to help and protect you. God bless you.

  3. Captain Steve
    September 13th, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

    I’m amazed that the government attorneys would flat-out lie about Capt Rhodes’ reason for not showing up. Just another in a long line of reasons not to trust them.

    Keep up the good work Orly! Good luck on Monday!

  4. Steve Salvi
    September 13th, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

    I will bring this case to the attention of my website readers and activists.

  5. turnright
    September 13th, 2009 @ 10:29 pm

    Perfect… just perfect. Like Bob Novak is to have strongly believed: “Always love your country. Never trust your government.”

    A funny guy said to me a few years ago: “When you lie to the government you go to jail. When the government lie to you, you go to war.”

  6. Julie
    September 14th, 2009 @ 11:14 am

    God bless you, Orly! There are no words for the debt of gratitude Americans have for your tireless work on behalf of liberty! We’re all praying for you. Keep your chin up!

  7. Harry H
    September 14th, 2009 @ 2:51 pm

    Obama heaps shame upon shame on our government. Those military brass are base cowards for acquiescing to an illegal chain of command in the first place, and now they debase themselves further by resorting to tactics befitting Chicago gangsters. How could they imagine they are serving this country and defending the Constitution by such gutter politics?

  8. Kevan Corkill
    September 14th, 2009 @ 4:43 pm

    God Bless YOU! Dr. Orly! 🙂 YOU are a wonderful Patriot! 🙂 Prayers for strength for YOU! 🙂

  9. dickster
    September 15th, 2009 @ 3:41 am

    Judge Land should hold them in contempt, have them jailed and charge them with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and criminal perjury. Their law licenses should be revoked and they should be disbarred. Lawyers are Officers of the Court and required to honorably represent the truth. They cannot knowingly misrepresent the truth. Many lawyers will not ask their clients obvious questions for self protection. When all three of the defense attorneys answered in what appeared to be a concerted effort to misrepresent; they probably did conspire and did lie. They should be held accountable for this abuse of power and witness intimidation.
    This is serious misconduct.

  10. Frank May
    September 15th, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

    Please excuse me Capt. Steve.., but I am also amazed that your un-aware that your government not only routinely creates evidence.., but also.., destroys it, whenever it suits their needs…..

  11. Jimmy
    September 15th, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

    You ROCK Dr. Orly Taitz! We should all have your dedication to whats right!

  12. Jimmy
    September 15th, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

    ALSO: I want to say to Devvy Kidd, that I admire you so very much. Thank you!

  13. Tom
    September 16th, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

    Why isn’t the CFR, Rockefeller’s, on trial?

  14. Mac
    September 16th, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

    Stand fast and keep up the good fight, we fully support your efforts.