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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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Update. I will be completing a couple of o going cases, but for time being I will not be filing any new cases

Posted on | November 8, 2012 | 17 Comments

Talking to my clients and co-plaintiffs I decided that for time being I will not be filling any new cases. I was asked by individuals and candidates to help in their cases, but unfortunately with the level of corruption in the government and in both parties I do not believe that filing new cases will make any difference. I have a couple of cases left in CA and MS. I will complete those cases, however I am sorry, but for time being I will not be filing any new cases.  From what I see all the judges are following the same marching orders, I do not believe that filing a new case will give us a judge who will care, who will give a damn about this country  or will give a damn about the fact that we have a foreign national with forged IDs in the White House.


17 Responses to “Update. I will be completing a couple of o going cases, but for time being I will not be filing any new cases”

  1. Marcy
    November 8th, 2012 @ 3:17 pm

    Thank you Dr. Taitz. You have put your neck out time and time again. We appreciate all your efforts and hope for a kinder climate in the future.

  2. The Right Thing
    November 8th, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

    Than You, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.,

    For dedicating more than four years of your life to trying to save a Nation that is now in a downward spiral.

    When people here realize that they are losing most of their FREEDOMS ans RIGHTS, they will start to panic, but I’m afraid it will then be too late to do much about it.

    There will be a lot of Millionaires and Billionaires wishing that they had got on to your “BANDWAGON” and rode it to victory, as they watch their Millions and Billions evaporate right before their eyes.

  3. Terrence F Bingham
    November 8th, 2012 @ 3:31 pm

    Dr Taitz,
    What about Hawaii? Are there outstanding cases there against Fuddy et al? How can you walk away from this? Don’t you think co plaintiffs want a trial, with discovery, in at least Mississippi? We sure do. The electoral college vote is not yet official, there is still time!!!!! God bless you for your efforts.

  4. Itchik
    November 8th, 2012 @ 3:42 pm


    You’ve done more than anybody could have ever asked. You are a GREAT AMERICAN! Thank you for your service!

    Ultimately, this is up to the people. Each of us needs to continually and fervently contact our representatives and congressmen and DEMAND impeachment for Benghazi, Fast & Furious, eligibility, forgery, fraud, treason and sedition. IF WE DO NOT DEMAND THIS AND REMOVE THIS FRAUD FROM OFFICE, CIVIL WAR IS CERTAIN IN THIS COUNTRY.

    You slumbering fools who do not believe it is possible that we will be plunged in civil war are horribly mistaken and apparently not students of history. It IS possible and sadly, it is INEVITABLE.

    You can fight for justice now – or you can fight for your very lives later. YOU DECIDE!

  5. The Right Thing
    November 8th, 2012 @ 3:47 pm

    Too bad that Donald Trump was just a “SHOWBOATER”.

    Donald Trump will probably end-up losing most if not all of what his has, but by the time he realizes that, it will be inevitable, and way too late for him to do anything about it.

    But he did do a lot of “SHOWBOATING”, but not much else.

    Donald Trump did have the chance and the money to turn this “OBAMAGATE MESS” around, but failed BIG TIME.

  6. turnright
    November 8th, 2012 @ 4:07 pm


    You’ll find encouragement from people who have to start paying the obamacare tax and from layed-off workers around the beginning of the year.

    Would your printing Christmas cards with obama’s fake birth certificate… and annotation drawing attention to the different fakeries on the bc… bring in any funds? I like his 2009 gift tax filing with fake SSN as a quick introduction to his criminality.

    Perhaps you could copywrite(?) your explanations and your court pleadings to be used on Christmas cards or ‘get well’ cards.

  7. Timothy F. Balome
    November 8th, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

    The Republicans still control the House. Instead of filing new lawsuits, why don’t you get hired as a staff attorney for a House Committee. Then you can conduct investigations of this administration. Remember, Watergate started with an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee.

  8. Birdy
    November 8th, 2012 @ 4:21 pm

    Allow me to suggest that it is not just the courts and the government, but the American people themselves that are the problem. Our population has changed. We now have a tremendous number of Americans who don’t value justice – who don’t even understand justice, the rule of law, and God given unalienable rights. The era of American greatness and exceptionalism is over. The American people are no longer special. Very soon, people from around the world will no longer yearn to go to America. There will be nothing special here. America will be just as corrupt and just as stagnate and impoverished as most other countries. I don’t blame Obama for this. I blame all of the people who believe that a person like Obama should be our leader and that the ends justify the means. It’s a sad time for the world. We sow the seeds of our own self-destruction while at the same time vehemently denying that we are doing so. May God have mercy on us.

  9. Scott
    November 8th, 2012 @ 4:48 pm


    There is nothing for you to apologize for, you have done more for this country in attempting to expose Obama than 330,000,000 other Americans. You are a true patriot, your unbreakable spirit and drive for justice is to be admired and praised.

    I would suggest taking all you information on Obama and send it to people of power who can push the issue. Trump, Adelson, Wynn, and even tv shows like the Jesse Ventura conspiracy show – would like to see you on that show being allowed to lay out all the evidence against Obama.

    We have not heard the last of Orlytaitzesq Taitz !

    THANK YOU, and may your life be blessed

  10. Thomas The Paine
    November 8th, 2012 @ 5:59 pm

    Like I said before, the only vote that counts, comes from the barrel of a gun!

    Time for a real election!

    November 8th, 2012 @ 6:12 pm

    FEAR and deprivation of INCOME makes COWARDS out of Americans they want their stuff… and don’t want to be put back to the stone age by PURSUING JUSTICE for which they may pay a price.

    American kids are deprived of LEARNING what their SUPREME law provides for them. The kids have been EXPOSED to the “I want FREEBEES type of IDIOTS. The USEFULL IDIOTS are those who leave school, because they are too LAZY to do the work… then they get low paying jobs, or no jobs and begin to BITCH that they don’t have STUFF.

    Once the USUEFULL IDIOTS learn that they can VOTE themselves benefits… that begins the path that Greece, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Cuba, N.KOREA, etc have followed.

    With NO LAW adherence… the society loses its VALUES and IDEIOLOGY… give me POT, CRYSTALS and let me alone.

  12. The Right Thing
    November 8th, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

    Dear Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.,

    You are the greatest.

    No matter what happens now, you have done more by far than any other American this Millennium to try and save the American Way of Life, which at this moment seems to be going down the drain fast.

    Thank you, and thank your family for supporting you through over four very grueling years.

  13. Larry from RI
    November 9th, 2012 @ 5:34 am

    Take your time and after you have rested and rejuvenated yourself think about getting a case before Judge Moore in Alabama.See if he is as phoney as Farrar,Corsi and co.
    He’s supposed to be for the Ten Commandments.
    I would like to see what excuse he gives for not bringing Potus Obama to justice.

  14. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
    November 9th, 2012 @ 7:23 am

    I met Judge Moore before, I am afraid he would not be willing to take upon himself ObamaForgeryGate

  15. Don B.
    November 9th, 2012 @ 10:03 am

    Dear Dr. Taitz,

    Until I began following the Barack Obama ballot challenges for the States of New Hampshire, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, Indiana, Kansas, etc. my only real experience with our courts was an occasional speeding ticket. I always held the belief that our court system was just and that if a citizen abided by the rules of the court, he could get a fair shake.

    After following these ballot challenges my blind trust in our Democracy and the belief that as Citizens of the United States we all share an equal standing in our courts has been destroyed. I now realize that we are no longer a country of “we the people”. Instead, I have seen how our courts and elected officials will enforce and interpret the laws as it benefits them or their benefactors. One cannot read the challenges brought to the courts by yourself, M. Apuzzo, L. Klayman, and P. Berg and the resulting rulings by the Judges and come to any other conclusion. Corruption is rampant in our court system. It’s obvious that a fair shake cannot be had by the individual citizen. As you have stated, “We could not find one single judge with honesty and integrity to rule on the merits of the case. I believe 150 cases were filed by many attorneys and pro se-plaintiffs around the country. Not one judge allowed for a jury to hear the case, not one judge was willing to compel production of the original identification papers for Obama in light of all the evidence of forgery in the alleged copies.”

    It is impossible that this many cases submitted by multiple attorneys and held in multiple courts were lost because of technicalities or procedural errors. The average citizen can see for himself that the court system is rigged.

    I am only a foot soldier in this fight, but I know that you give hope to all of us and you have my admiration and gratitude.

    For the future, I believe we need to get the story of these cases and the ridiculous rulings to a larger audience. As experienced by yourself and Sheriff Arpaio, the mainstream media is part of the problem and will not support us. The GOP establishment will also not support us because they want to promote Rubio and Jindal as possible candidates for 2016. Both of these new GOP stars are not Natural Born Citizens”.
    Call me old fashioned, but I believe in the Natural Born Citizen requirement and I don’t feel safe where someday, a newly minted Citizen from the Dream Act might become POTUS with full control of our Nuclear Arsenal.

    Trying to tell the story of the Barack Obama ballot challenges in a book would take volumes and most Americans won’t take the time to read it due to the technical nature. If we could put this story together in a movie or video, similar to “Dreams From My Real Father”, I think we could reach a larger audience and advance this cause. This story and the injustice that exists in our courts needs to be told.

    I hope that others share my thoughts and that somehow we put the right connections together to document this entire episode in a single source for all of America to see.

  16. Ed.O
    November 9th, 2012 @ 6:45 pm

    To Don B. Excellent post and I agree with what you are saying.

  17. Elizabeth
    November 9th, 2012 @ 7:30 pm

    Don B,

    What a good idea: a film depicting all of the cases, the judges, the dismissals, the evidence, the witnesses, the research, etc. etc.

    I did not see the movie “Obama 2012” (I think that was the title), because I don’t personally like movie theatres, but the rest of America flocks to the cinema in droves.

    Maybe the director/producer of that film would show some interest in the corruption facing us in the court system and in government.

    I am aghast, as are we all, at the flagrant actions of not only Judge Reid, Judge Carter, Judge Lambert? and the guy in New Hampshire, who didn’t even mind that Obama thumbed his nose at a subpoena.

    Perhaps there is a reader here who has some connection to the film industry.

    Pat Boone is a staunch Christian, but he may feel he is too old to fight this war.

    Chuck Norris is probably on the side of

    Donald Trump, who says the election was a sham, could, if he would, finance it.

    I know, I know.. it is all a fantasy.

    It could work, though, if someone had the
    inside contacts to pull it off.

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