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Typesetting expert Paul Irey: Sheriff Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, WND buried evidence provided to them, while they continue asking for money for the investigation.

Posted on | October 8, 2012 | 4 Comments

page …

Paul Irey
6:02 AM (1 hour ago)

to me, doug
     Attached find our page for the Washington Times that Doug and I just finished:
     I was copied on the recent e-mail and see that Doug some times unintentionally tends to sound a little blunt.  As you replied … you are at the top of the list of persons who have gone to the limit to fight the greatest fraud this country has ever experienced … and we fully appreciate how hard you have worked during the past few years.
     Since the idea for and production of the attached page is mine … I am the one sending it to you … but Doug has participated in advising and proofreading the content.  We prepared it for the Washington Times because they have run a few birther pages that did not actually put the evidence on the page but refer to other places for the reader to go to for the truth. (name redacted) has been paying for these ads and I made this up after discussing it with him.
     I suspect that faced with actually publishing the direct proof of forgery in their paper … they will balk at running this … but we are hopeful.
     I focus on the typewriter evidence because I had a lot of experience with that as a clerk typist for the U.S. Air Force filling out forms for NSA on a Royal typewriter during 1957 and 1959 and also during 1956 at Goose Bay, Labrador. Following that was 50 years experience in advertising, typography and lots of page production like 10,000 pages for Montgomery Ward and difficult work like the Hearst Auto Repair Blue Books that all the garages use and countless other types of page production.
     I mention this because I have so much history examining Zerox copies of serious documentation … and never found a problem because we did not send the customer the original for examination.  We satisfied NYC art directors with Zerox copies and I never heard a complaint that the Zerox did not display exactly what was printed.  I mention this because it is a common excuse that certified forensic document examiners like Sandra Lyons … a certified examiner in Arizona have offered as to why they refuse to examine a copy of the Obama birth certificate.  I challenged her to describe why that is her claim and she replied … “I can’t get into that now.”
     You might not be aware that Mike Zullo did not present any of the evidence that Doug and I had prepared for them. This in spite of the fact that the detectives in Phoenix and even Mike Zullo declared that it was solid “old school” evidence.  Then Mike Zullo went to visit Sandra Lyons and she offered her view that only the original could be examined.  He threw that at me claiming “We must be very, very careful when examining copies of a document”.
     I had asked him to visit a nearby typewriter repair facility that I had located in Mesa, Arizona … to see if there was any possibility that a flawed typewriter could cause letter spacing to vary.  He said the repairman showed him a typewriter that had that problem and as a result Mike said that he was not going to use that evidenced.  This ex-detective from Bergen County tried to tell me that I was wrong in what I considered an insulting manner.  Then apparently he decided not to use any of our forensic evidence … even though he had nothing to disprove or suspect with the other evidence.  I sent him to the repairman in the first place only because I thought that if he saw the possibility of the mechanical problem being a reasonable cause for poor letter spacing … he would use his offices authority to attempt to get other birth certificates from Kapiolani Hospital for us to verify that the typewriter used for the birth certificates at that hospital in that era was not flawed.  This is something I had always wanted from the beginning but was unable to get a quality scan.
     You may recall that sheriff Arpaio had said that they had “Tons of evidence of forgery”.  This was because of all that Doug and I had given them.  Doug flew to Phoenix for a day of conferences.  I was supposed to go but had to cancel the flight they paid for because of an ear infection … but I fedexed a portfolio of evidence.  Then suddenly at the last news conference … “tons” turned into a few pounds.
     We had a story written and prepared for WND … but Jerry said they did not want to publish it until Arpaio presented it first.  This story in WND still has not been published.  I think If they had their way … the extensive evidence that Doug and I had prepared … 19 hard proofs of forgery … would never be exposed to the public.  When we ask Jerry to publish it he said we had to get Mike Zullo’s permission first.  I refused to do that.  Later he agreed to publish it but nothing has happened yet.
     Then suddenly the federal gov. … shortly after the last press conference by the Arpaio people … dropped the charges in the case they were pressing against sheriff Arpaio … can we guess what’s going on here?  Was a deal made?
     This debacle with the Arpaio group delayed our getting the evidence in front of the public before the election.  We are writing a highly detailed book … but it won’t be published before the election which is why I prepared this ad and now will send it to Joe Farah and see if he will publish it.  Then I am sending it to Larry Klayman … Jerry Corsi … Kerchner … etc.
     We will also send it to many major media outlets … both TV and newspapers.  Maybe someone will see the obvious truth and publish it.  I will also try the tabloids like the Globe and Enquirer and of course Alex Jones,  Rev. Manning … etc.
     My guess is that the main stream media … the forensic examiners … the judges … and Arpaio’s group are all coerced by the gov. with physical threats … just like my editor friend told me in 2002 … and then left the country.
     If you need a notorized copy for any legal purpose … I will send it.  I don’t see how anyone can look at this page and say they just don’t believe it’s a forgery.  Way too much is wrong with the Obama birth certificate.
Paul Irey
Washington times ad proof.jpg


4 Responses to “Typesetting expert Paul Irey: Sheriff Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, WND buried evidence provided to them, while they continue asking for money for the investigation.”

  1. Authenticator
    October 8th, 2012 @ 6:40 am

    “My guess is that the main stream media …”

    He forgot alternative media. American Family Radio president Tim Wildmon is friends with Joseph Farah, from what I can tell as was indicated in an interview earlier this year:
    “Jerry Corsi” was doing this and that…just wait boys and girls!

    More seriously, until people are immune from prosecution, this investigation will be a suicide walk for many involved. There also needs to be a military contingent protectorate.
    Forget the police, sheriffs, attorneys, Governors, House(s), Senate(s), AGs, SOSs, FBI and whatever else.

  2. Authenticator
    October 8th, 2012 @ 6:43 am

    “Jerry Corsi” was a Farah quote, not Wildmon’s quote.

  3. Vincent Jappi
    October 8th, 2012 @ 7:36 am

    What does it change legally that all the evidence of the forgery has not been published in the same place?
    It is overwhelming anyway, and has been from the start.
    The evidence from the different typed letters and kerning is indeed well-known, as it has been published many times elsewhere.

  4. Looking for Evidence
    October 8th, 2012 @ 8:51 am

    Evidence? What evidence? You don’t have any evidence.

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