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Trump’s budget proposes making part of the food-stamp program a meal-delivery service with boxed grocery deliveries

Posted on | February 13, 2018 | 6 Comments

Trump’s budget proposes making part of the food-stamp program a meal-delivery service with boxed grocery deliveries

Business Insider 12h ago


6 Responses to “Trump’s budget proposes making part of the food-stamp program a meal-delivery service with boxed grocery deliveries”

  1. Danny Stewart
    February 13th, 2018 @ 7:27 am

    Very good idea. Give them food, instead of money to buy drugs.

  2. Virginia W.
    February 13th, 2018 @ 9:17 am

    Yes, great idea. 50% of the illegals who are getting benefits could drop off as they won’t want to be located or can’t be located due to fake addresses. Maybe they’ll even self-deport when they have no food.

  3. lucy
    February 13th, 2018 @ 10:48 am

    yes, real food. Beans, peanut butter potatoes rice, oatmeal, vegetables.
    With drawings on how to boil potatoes.

    February 13th, 2018 @ 6:27 pm

    Are we talking about cutting this for the illegals?????

    Someone post back here…?

    As I already posted his item above categories, and everyone needs to know a couple of things about this…

    1. Where I live, the food stamp programe is distributed with a {food stamp Debit Card}! not cash!
    2. Not all people who are on this programe are lazy, not all of them are young people, and some of them have circumstances that make it imparitive that they receive this help!
    3. They already have restrictions in what they can’t buy: tobacco and alcohol and they can’t buy “cooked” food…

    They have to cook it themselves at home!

    Also, the items on Yahoo that I saw discuss how the amount is going to be cut further than they already have now.

    And that box of canned food isn’t going to be filled with any kind of nutrition to be of help to them…

    So they’ll need more nutritious food to keep themselves healthy, so they won’t have to go to a doctor, to regain their health!

    Wealthy people don’t care what happens to those people who need assistance…!

    And the items I saw one Yahoo also discussed how the item called “energy assistance” will be cut, too!

    And that means they won’t be able to pay their heating bills in the winter time, if it gets real cold!

    But, boy, they can help all those rich people even if they don’t need it! And the budget also continues to help…

    The humanities-? The endowment for the arts-?

    And so I’m hoping that everyone who reads my posts here and one of the closer to the top of this site, will fully understand just how serious this can become for a lot of people!

    And when we see what the Fed might be going to try…along with the reboot…

    We need a safety net for others that don’t have as much…after all, isn’t this what Christianity is all about?

    And I want everyone here to know something…

    I am a former teacher now retired…but due to circumstances, I’m having to participate in receiving social services, in several areas!

    And … other circumstances enter the picture, as well.

    But we will never see any super $$ people be of help to anyone who really need their help.

    No…all they think about it trying to beat other people to the punch to invest in something hot, so they can make more money, that they DON’T need!

    We need to keep praying, so that All Americans that need help will not be left behind!

    And … I am a politcal conservative…but I’ve learned in my life…that sometimes, certain things need to be examined, so we don’t become the NWO…BY ACCIDENT…or BY COMING through the back door!

  5. Ken Layton
    February 13th, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

    Yes, real food. Beans, peanut butter potatoes rice, oatmeal, vegetables.
    With drawings on how to boil potatoes.

    And includes instructions written in English only.

    February 14th, 2018 @ 3:56 am


    Real food?

    Do they think that anyone on food stamps can’t prepare a meal?

    Do they think that people on food stamps can’t cook?

    I buy very healthy foods: fruits and veggies; cans of beans that have very little salt and no sugar! No sugar!

    And I’m diabetic. Do you think they are going to load up the box with all the healthy cans of anything?

    I can tell the guys that I found out a long time ago, that tomatoes will help to keep the Prostate healthy!!!!

    And my psi readings when I have blood test workup in a lab, is very low psi: like between .9 to 2.0…It depends upon how much salad I eat!

    And keep a low end of sugar intake most all the time.

    I know how to buy and what to buy!

    And I don’t need anyone stepping in to play

    “big brother!”

    I can say more, but you get the picture.

    Most canned foods are too doctored up with garbage, so one has to become very discreet in what one buys to consume!

    These people know nothing about what they are doing with this.

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