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TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET. Note from Orly: Trump should use 25 bln of this money to build a wall as it is crucial for our defense

Posted on | December 11, 2018 | 5 Comments


Our defense budget dwarfs defense budgets of other nations and 25bln of it should go to pay for the security wall on our Southern border.

In comparison, the country with the second largest military budget, China, spends only about a third of what we spend. They spend around $220 bln.

The third largest military power, Russia, spend about $90 bln, about 1/8 th of what we spend.

Time to use a part of this huge military budget to defend this country and not other countries around the world, time to allocate $25 bln for the wall at the Southern border.



5 Responses to “TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET. Note from Orly: Trump should use 25 bln of this money to build a wall as it is crucial for our defense”

  1. Danny H
    December 11th, 2018 @ 9:54 am

    I have written to Pres, Trump a few times and suggested he use defense money for the wall. Why? It IS a national defense issue.

  2. Orly Has Another Great Idea!!!!
    December 15th, 2018 @ 10:41 am

    The military can arrange to use at least $5-billion for the wall, and…

    Have two birds with one stone!

  3. steve wittlake
    December 17th, 2018 @ 8:51 am

    There is nothing that is more valuable than the wall except machine guns on top of the wall. What people do not understand is what all these people here illegally are doing to this country.
    There should be some figures on what 100 million
    illegally are doing to this country. One possibility that maybe President Trump might explore something like Foreign Aid.

  4. David
    December 17th, 2018 @ 11:53 pm

    If he’s going to let the democrats shut down the government, he might as well demand all 25 billion. Open government or open border. Make them choose one. Then tweet out a photo of someone murdered by an illegal alien every hour until Nancy and Chuck choose to fund our protection.

  5. Davey Crockett
    December 25th, 2018 @ 11:32 pm

    Can we not just take out $5-billion from the $750-billion Trump gave the military…

    To build the wall?

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