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This came from retired airforce officer Neil Turner. Please demand FCC investigation of Jeff Zucker-president of FCC and Rachel Maddow for aiding and abetting voting and elections fraud

Posted on | March 21, 2010 | 1 Comment

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Rachel Maddow video: Taitz seeks public office. O RLY?

Sunday, March 21, 2010 11:08 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Neil Turner” View contact details To: “Citizens for the CONSTITUTION” <nbturner@earthlink.net>

and with basically the SAME AUDIENCE!

The inimitable, irrepressible and unbelievable Rachel Maddow covers her unseeing eyes (like the ‘see no evil’ chimp, below) – to visualize a campaign video of Orly Taitz stating her case concerning:

  • The treasonous act of Obama occupying our White House while ‘transparently’ pretending not to be a ‘Radical-Islamic-Communist-Kenyan-Indonesian-Chicago Mafiosi!’;
  • An ineligible candidate opponent running for (R) CA Secretary of State (he’s not a Republican, he is ineligible because he has not been registered for a year as an ‘R’, as required by CA laws, and his so-called public accomplishments are as bogus as Obama’s);
  • Why Orly will make the best CA Secretary of State ever – as the ‘elections gatekeeper’ she will expose the fraud of putting fraudulent and ineligible candidates (like Obama) on the ballot;
  • The blatantly fraudulent and laughable HI Certification of Live Birth that Obama had posted to try to explain that he might just have been born in Hawaii – despite overwhelming evidence otherwise, and despite BHO’s admittance that he is NOT Natural Born (of two U.S. Citizen parents), and thus INELIGIBLE for POTUS!;

The only other blatant lie by Ms. Madoff uh-Maddow is when she says:

‘Some people don’t know the meaning of the word STOP, or of the word PARANOID, or of the word CUCOO – and that person is Orly Taitz.’

I would contend that it is obviously Rachel Maddow who doesn’t know when to STOP (she created a great video campaign ad for Orly), she is obviously PARANOID (that the truth about BHO’s ineligibility and criminal proclivities might just reach the public), and she is undoubtedly as CUCOO as a BLIND CHIMP!

So watch it while you can – before Orly sues Rachel (and PMS-NBC) for attempted defamation of character, for blatant political campaigning for ineligible political candidates (without giving equal time to opponents), and for being a blatantly IDIOTIC PUBLIC NUSIANCE.

Please record it if you can – and extract the mock TV ad, so that Orly can use the truthful parts in her campaign.  Here it is (with my comments in blue italics):

RACHEL MADDOW: Taitz seeks public office. O RLY? 

March 19: Orly Taitz, mother of the (Article II, NOT Natural Born INELIGIBILITY) Birther conspiracy (PROOFS), wants to be California Secretary of State and is challenging the legitimacy of her challenger’s eligibility in court. The Rachel Maddow Show imagines what her campaign commercials will be like.




Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution



American Grand Jury is actively trying to force the Judiciary to criminally prosecute Obama, who is not a ‘natural born’ citizen
and therefore not eligible to hold the office of President & Commander in Chief.  Start here at our Home Page!

Neil Turner
Veteran, Patriot, and Juror with the AmericanGrandJury.org


One Response to “This came from retired airforce officer Neil Turner. Please demand FCC investigation of Jeff Zucker-president of FCC and Rachel Maddow for aiding and abetting voting and elections fraud”

  1. Phil
    March 23rd, 2010 @ 6:26 pm

    Dear Lady Liberty:…
    Just had my post wiped out as the establishment here just can’t stand the words PATRIOTISM AND TRUTH!

    It was the support for the retired military gentleman, Neil Turner! Thank God for him and you! These people wiped out a couple of sites that may help you in court?


    Try these 2 and see if they can be of help? They show treason in 2 different situations!

    Thanks…and stay strong!

    Your loyal friend, Phil
    Davey C.

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