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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
becomes a revolutionary act.
 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Posted on | January 24, 2014 | 8 Comments

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Is there a way that I can stop the side bar advertising from popping up into the text that I’m trying to read?


8 Responses to “there is intensified tampering with this website. If you are having problems reading or you noticed tampering, please report to hosting@networksolutions.com”

  1. Anonymous
    January 24th, 2014 @ 9:40 am

    Complete History and Timeline of RNC Rules Fight Since Tampa

    This week RNC representatives from across the Country will once again convene to make some course-changing decisions on the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominating process.

    These new rule changes, which were released in a vague email to RNC members are possible due to the illegitimate passing of Rule 12 at the 2012 Republican National Convention and will ensure that voting Republicans will have no choice outside of the establishment backed Presidential candidate in 2016.


  2. Kaduku
    January 24th, 2014 @ 10:02 am

    Just in case you have forgotten, here are nearly two dozen of Obama’s most disgusting frauds to refresh your memory…

    • Forged birth certificate issued by the White House
    • Multiple Social Security numbers
    • Sealed college records
    • Surrendered license to practice law
    • Missing birth records in Hawaii
    • Sealed selective service records
    • Obama uses foreign passports
    • Association with known communists and subversives
    • Sworn testimonies proving Obama was not born in America
    • America’s top sheriff threatened if he continues investigating Obama frauds
    • Michelle Obama’s disbarment…her license to practice law revoked
    • Obama’s own mother said her son, Barry Santoro (Barack Hussein Obama), received foreign aid to pay for college
    • Obama wants to rewrite the national anthem. Remember, I just told you a few minutes ago. Obama’s Campaign Promise: “…the National Anthem should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing.” If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our national anthem as well as redesign our flag to better offer our enemies hope and love….” Utter heresy!!!
    • Obama publicly stated he was not born in America
    • Created ObamaCare and put the I.R.S. in charge
    • Approved the Fast and Furious plan to arm dangerous Mexican drug lords
    • Our Obomination of a president praised Occupy Wall Street thugs and hoodlums—the very scum of the earth just arrested for planning to blow up a bridge in Ohio, taking innocent men, women and children right along with it
    • Approves of the TSA groping and of nudity scans at airports—and now on public buses, too!
    • Held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Obama terminated America’s ability to put a man in space-defunded NASA
    • Obama signed a law by an auto-pen without being present
    • Obama arbitrarily declared an existing law unconstitutional and refused to enforce it
    • Obama threatened insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases
    • Obama told a major manufacturing company (Boeing) in which state they’re allowed to locate a factory
    • Obama was the first president to say America was not a Christian nation
    • Obama approved 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) just for his wife
    • Filed lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN)
    • …and the list goes on!


    Obama- “The only people, who do not want to expose the truth, are the ones who have something to HIDE”!!! AND THAT’S OBAMA HIMSELF…WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!

  3. Veritas
    January 24th, 2014 @ 10:05 am

    Tampering may soon come to an end. Beforeitsnews.com reporting: Former Congressman Bob Barr has announced that he himself will deliver the indictment of Barack Obama to the House floor. Barr also lambasts the House of Representatives, saying that their own INACTION on Obama’s crimes have helped Obama to consolidate his power while announcing that it must be stopped immediately. 

  4. Rod Riddle
    January 24th, 2014 @ 10:52 am

    Smithfield Foods who is a major food supplier in this country is now owned by China.

  5. A Patriot Senior
    January 24th, 2014 @ 11:28 am

    Veritas: YES! And I hope he/they follow through with bringing down this nwo, ASAP!

  6. Concerned Citizen
    January 24th, 2014 @ 6:57 pm


    You can rest assured that Congress will give former Congressman Bar’s indictment against Obama all of the attention that it deserves.

  7. Francisco
    January 25th, 2014 @ 11:02 am

    What power ex-Rep.Barr has at this point, to commence Articles of Impeachment? None
    The sad part is to listen to Republican Representatives complain about Obama’s illegal actions, but the in fact they do nothing at all to Impeach him.

  8. Hanky
    January 25th, 2014 @ 2:07 pm

    How independent solutions down cause of many tampering.

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