TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET. Note from Orly: Trump should use 25 bln of this money to build a wall as it is crucial for our defense

TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET Our defense budget dwarfs defense budgets of other nations and 25bln of it should go to pay for the security wall on our Southern border. In comparison, the country with the second largest military budget, China, spends only about a third of what we spend. They spend around $220 bln. […]

European Stocks, Bonds, Euro Drop After Shutdown of Greek Banks. The debt of Puerto Rico is more than double the debt of Greece. Puerto Rico debt crisis is likely to trigger US debt crisis

European Stocks, Bonds, Euro Drop After Shutdown of Greek Banks Wall Street Journal  – ‎16 minutes ago‎ A sudden deterioration in Greece’s debt crisis shook global markets Monday. Stocks around the world tumbled after a series of moves over the past few days, including a shutdown of Greece’s banking system, pushed the country closer to […]

Every year Obama incurs deficit (additional debt), which is more than double of the national reserves

US reported gold reserves are 8,133 tons of gold (that is if the gold is really there). This translated to 338,875 billion dollars. we can round it to approximately 339 billion. Gold represents 72% of the US National reserve. So by multiplying by a 100 and dividing by 72, we get the total US National […]

Europeans are rising against “benefit tourism”, time for Americans to rise: tell Congress and judges: Enough is enough, stop robbing us to give free education, health-care and benefits to non-citizens at our expense

  Today, anyone from anywhere around the world can show up in the US and will receive free education, health-care and all benefits robbing us of tax payer dollars and causing higher taxes for us. Our corrupt presidents, members of congress and judges allowed this to go on years. Europeans are rising against similar grand […]