Please come to my court hearing on Obama’s bogus IDs, October 20, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 95 7th str. San Francisco. Please, forward to other media outlets for publication

Press Release Law Offices of Orly Taitz On October 20, 2015, 9th Circuit court of Appeals will hold a hearing in Grinols et al v Electoral College, US Congress, Obama, Biden, Governor of CA, Secretary of State of CA. The case brought by Attorney Orly Taitz on behalf of multiple plaintiffs. One of the plaintiffs, […]

Now Bloomberg reports, what Taitz reported yesterday: Boehner was elected with less than half of the members of Congress, 216, not 220 as Drudge and other media outlets reported yesterday. 30 Republicans, not 25 did not vote for him. Democrats put him into speakership by not showing up for vote. With only 216 votes of support he is vulnerable and can be thrown out on a simple motion from the floor to remove speaker

Anti-corruption (anti ruling mafia) fraction of the House of Representatives did, what they set out to do. 28 Republicans were supposed not to vote for Boehner in order to force the re-vote. Anti-corruption caucus gathered 30 Republicans: 25 voted for others and 5 did not vote at all. Boehner got a total of 216 votes, […]

18 states file with the same judge similar arguments to stop Obama’s lawless treasonous amnesty. Call your governors, demand that they join the law suit. We need all 50 states suing Americans hating charlatan, Obama, for his massive theft of US jobs and benefits

Immigration debates rise in Brownsville Brownsville Herald  – ‎11 hours ago‎ Next came a lawsuit brought by Texas and 16 other states challenging President Barack Obama’s executive actions. Both lawsuits were filed in federal court in Brownsville.   Taitz v Johnson order by Judge Hanen for Obama, Johnson,Burwell to provide information to the court Taitz […]

Press release: Second high ranking Obama official involved in the cover up of Obama’s fabricated IDs, resigns, third official had her confirmation hearing postponed by Senate after Taitz filed a criminal complaint with the FBI

Press release: Second high ranking Obama official involved in the cover up of Obama’s fabricated IDs, resigns, third official had her confirmation hearing postponed by Senate after Taitz filed a criminal complaint with the FBI Law Offices of Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ After Attorney Orly Taitz filed a complained with the FBI relating to acting […]

Examiner joins other publications and reports on Taitz case seeking to stop trafficking of illegals and ban travel from Ebola hot zone

 Decision on Ebola ban and quarantine coming soon from Texas Federal judge   Decision on Ebola ban and quarantine coming soon from … www.examiner.com/…/decision-on-ebola-ban-and-quarantine-coming-so… 1 hour ago – A Texas immigration case, which was filed in July, 2014, by Dr. Orly Taitz, Attorney, is becoming increasingly important for the safety of citizens. A decision from … orly taitz […]

Preliminary Injunction Filed in Taitz vs. Obama

Click the icon below to view a PDF version of the Application For Preliminary Injunctionfiled February 12, 2010 in Taitz vs. Obama. HomeTopics Photo . All ContentArticlesQuotesPhotosTopics… Reuters Pictures 6 days ago

New line of attack

I thought of a new line of attack: zero donations to both parties, until they bring Obama’s ineligibility to the Judicial committees of state and US houses of representatives and senates and issue subpoenas for all his vital records or in the alternative become additional plaintiffs in eligibility action. Let them know, that not only we […]

G Gordon Liddy Show

The G. Gordon Liddy Show 5-10-02 H3 … And the fight over Obama’s birth certificate is not going away. Some truth-seekers are still out there fighting for your right to know. Gordon talks to one woman in the thick of the eligibility fight, Dr. Orly Taitz of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation. http://www.radioamerica.org/POD_ggl.htm

G Gordon Liddy show

http://feeds.radioamerica.org/podcast/GGL/audio/Liddy_tue_19-05-09_H3.mp3 http://feeds.radioamerica.org/podcast/GGL/audio/Liddy_tue_19-05-09_H3.mp3 0

A letter from a TX veteran and a response

morgan ward Submitted on 2009/05/19 at 6:43am Bravo Orly! The statements you made above are the ones from the Orly I have come to know and truly admire! You are absolutely correct. You are a Leader who is busy at work for the people of America. Even for the idiotic ones who try to destroy […]

Follow up in SCOTUS

I called the Supreme court and asked about the Easterling et al v Obama et al, that was hand delivered Friday morning. I was told that it went through the anthrax scan and an analyst is reviewing it. I was not told who is the analyst. Bottom line, I asked for a Stay pending receipt of the vital […]

Evil Conservative Radio

  Wednesday, March 25, 2009 My Day with Orly Taitz: Adventures from the American Underground As some of you may already know, ECR and NMATV have teamed up to produce a documentary about Obama’s eligibility issues and some of the people pursuing it. Tentatively titled “Barack Hussein Obama vs. the Law,” the film will include […]

From New Yorker magazine

From IL Grand Jury

Orly,   I posted these comments at Sentinel Radio because it is preposterous that those folks have nothing better to do than seek attention by filing a lawsuit against you, when this is a golden opportunity to show they are true patriots by coming together for the good of America.  Sadly, their dissidence leads people to the belief […]

Visiting CA FBI, address to Hollywood


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