21,000 people were evacuated close to my office due to fire allegedly started by a mentally disturbed person. Time to amend IMD laws and allow for more beds in psych hospitals for mentally disturbed and it is time for federal government to mandate clearing of dead trees and brush in states to prevent massive fires in the future

Time to lobby the federal government to pass fire protection laws to allow clearing of forests of dead trees and to pass IMD amendment to allow for more federal funding for mentally ill, as some of them have started fires. By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, President of Defend our Freedoms foundation When I come to […]

Drudge poll. Walker leads GOP candidates, Cruz second, Paul third. Bush far behind. Cruz is the only one who stood up against amnesty for millions of illegals. Neither one of other candidates stood up for American people against Obama -amnesty

YOUR VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Bush 4.74%  (14,630 votes)    Carson 7.24%  (22,367 votes)    Christie 1.47%  (4,550 votes)    Cruz 13.58%  (41,948 votes)    Fiorina 0.55%  (1,690 votes)    Huckabee 1.50%  (4,622 votes)    Palin 3.79%  (11,702 votes)    Paul 12.56%  (38,814 votes)    Perry 1.58%  (4,893 votes)    Rubio 3.78%  (11,684 votes)    Santorum 0.74%  (2,282 votes)    Trump 1.46%  (4,501 votes)    Walker 47%  […]

No, we don’t want job outsourcing proponent, Carly Fiorina, as a US president

No, we don’t want job outsourcing proponent, Carly Fiorina, as a US president By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ Recently, FOX news started promoting Carly Fiorina, inviting her to appear on different shows, at which time she stated that she might run for president. Tea Party nation ran an article below arguing that Fiorina would be […]