Barack Obama-a wasted opportunity to improve life in black communities

It is really sad that such a golden opportunity to improve lives in the black community was wasted under Obama. Fact sheet below shows that employment in black community is dismal and poverty is rampant. Less than half of young black men are holding full time jobs and median family worth is only $18,000. Do you […]

Lubbock, Texas Avlanche Journal, LubbockOnLine.com, NewsGoogle.com and others carry an article by Attorney and Dr. Orly Taitz regarding Loretta Lynch-Sharon Malone connection. Was Loretta Lynch Picked to Keep Eric Holder Out of Jail?

Was Loretta Lynch Picked to Keep Eric Holder Out of Jail? LubbockOnline.com (blog)  – ‎53 minutes ago‎ It is important the Senate have adequate time to evaluate Lynch, as allegations have quickly emerged. Attorney Orly Taitz posted the following on Sunday,. Blogs / Mr. Conservative Eric Holder’s wife and Loretta Lynch old Harvard buddies … dinarvets.com › Dinar Vets Message Board › General Topics16 […]

Was Loretta Lynch picked to be a gate keeper and cover up criminal investigation of Eric Holder, who is married to Lynch’s friend, Sharon Malone?

I started investigating Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick for Attorney General and immediately could see an interesting connection. I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell. The name of the wife of […]