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Summary of the order of Judge England

Posted on | May 24, 2013 | No Comments

I am posting the quintessence of the order  There is more tampering with my web site and I am not able to post the PDF files. Every time I try to post it, it fails. Also, a number of people are reporting that they are unable to post their comments. I am hoping to solve this problem within hours. I believe someone injected some malware, which corrupted the source code for this function of PDF posting, but then again I am not a computer engineer, there might be some other reason. I believe I will be able to fix it shortly and I will post.

It was also puzzling that I did not get the order through the electronic court records, I had to go to PACER for it. I will get in touch with the attorney for Peta Lindsey and will try to have both cases   heard simultaneously. This is an embarrassment to the judiciary that in one case coming from the Eastern District of CA the court confirms the decision of the Sec of State to throw a candidate of the ballot  because she is constitutionally ineligible and a month later the same courts rules that the Sec of State and the court have no jurisdiction to rule on the constitutional eligibility of a candidate for President and only the Congress can decide. This is a flagrant case of a violation of the 14 th amendment right for equal protection, it shows that the courts are biased, act in  capricious manner, abuse their discretion and possibly engage in judicial misconduct. The judiciary is simply keeping the Kenyan-Indonesian criminal above the law and outside the law. This means that we so not have a rule of law.  Judges allow a foreign criminal with all forged and stolen IDs to usurp the position of of the U.S. President and simply cover up all evidence of forgery, fraud, identity theft, elections fraud, SSA fraud, IRS fraud and treason.They are simply passing the buck, kicking the can: they are kicking this to the U.S. Congress demand that the Judiciary committee of the U.S. Congress start hearings on complicity of judges in the cover up. They should start with Judge Clay D. Land. Major Cook died without being exonerated, this decorated war hero died being defamed and denigrated by a corrupt federal judge,  a judge without conscience, without one drop of any moral values, any decency and integrity. Major Cook lost his position as a defense contractor, when military pressured his employer to fire Major Cook for being my client and bring the case against Obama. He lost a large salary of some $10,ooo a month. He has a daughter, who was about 16 at the time I brought the case in 2009. She is about 20 now. She should know that her father was a hero and not a coward as defined by a corrupt Obama lackey judge Clay D. Land.

I believe that a corrupt military judge Denise Lind should be removed from the bench and criminally prosecuted for violation of civil rights of Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin. General McInerney, General Vallely and former U.N ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes requested to allow them to testify on his behalf and this corrupt judge refused to allow them to testify and she refused to even bring forward a line of defense that he refused to follow orders of illegitimate Commander in-Chief. A decorated hero LTC Dr. Lakin lost an estimated 2 million dollars worth of his military pension after 17 years of exemplary service and was sent to Ft. Leavenworth for 6 months. This judge should spend 6 months in Ft. Leavenworth and lose her pension for what she did.

The word angry and livid does not begin to describe the way I feel about corrupt judges, who just like corrupt IRS employees, corrupt SSA and Department of Justice (what a joke) employees targeted decent people, real heroes, people who stood up against the criminal in the White House and his junta. Some courts used corrupt court reporters as a part of a collateral attack. I provided Judge McKee, Chief Judge of the 3rd Circuit court of Appeals, evidence that a reporter Dona Anders removed 14 pages out of a certified court transcript in my case. She removed the whole cross examination of Lisa Ostella, which incriminated Berg and Liberi, her testimony showed that Berg and Liberi made up the most outrageous allegations attributed to Ostella. This court reporter removed 14 pages and neatly arranged the examination of the next witness in the middle of the page, as if the cross examination never existed. She was caught red handed falsifying, forging and official court record. This court reporter should be in prison for it, as well as individuals, who gave her some incentive ( I wonder, how much of an  incentive) to grossly falsify an official court record, as well as all the judges who covered it up. House Judiciary committee should investigate this as well, they should call to testify the judges, the police department employees, the DA and the U.S. Attorney who covered up flagrant falsification of court transcript of the federal court. I filed my official complaints with all of the agencies in January 2011, over 2 years ago and so far absolutely nothing was done either by the police or DA or AG or US. Attorney or Chief Judge of the District or Chief Judge of the Circuit. Imagine, how many innocent individuals could have been hurt and will be hurt by this reporter and by judges who are complicit in covering up her actions.   This shows yet again that many of our courts descended to the level of a criminal enterprise.

In my opinion the judges should be prosecuted together with Obama and the rest of the criminal enterprise as accomplices after the fact who are aiding and abetting in the cover up.

I am also appalled by the fact that this IRS executive, Lois Lerner,  is suspended with pay. IRS commissioner should hold an emergency hearing. Demand written declarations under the penalty of perjury from her employees, to ascertain whether she gave orders to target conservative, T-Party, Christian and Jewish organizations. If more than one employee declares  that she did, she should be fired immediately and all the information should be forwarded to the police, FBI, U.S. attorney and AG for further investigation and prosecution of her.

Here is the quintessence of “kicking the can” order of Judge England.  I will post the PDF of the  full order, when the tampering with my site is alleviated and the site is fixed.

Judge Englans: “However, as set forth above, federal
courts cannot grant Plaintiffs the relief sought because the issues which Plaintiffs raise in
their pleadings are constitutionally committed to the jurisdiction of another branch of the
federal government. If Plaintiffs believe that President Obama has violated the law, their
remedy is to alert Congress to the alleged wrongdoing. Congress could then initiate
impeachment proceedings with the aid of an independent and special prosecutor. See
U.S. Const. art. I, § 2, cl. 5; U.S. Const. art. I, § 3, cl. 6; U.S. Const. art. I, § 3, cl. 7.
Plaintiffs could also lobby Congress or the states to pass a Constitutional amendment
defining the phrase “natural born citizen” as used in Article II of the Constitution or pass
laws requiring presidential candidates to prove their citizenship before taking office. U.S.
Const. art. V.”


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