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sent to a reporter Devvy Kyd

Posted on | December 5, 2012 | No Comments

Sibley asked me to get a local subpoena for him, as his is from DC  and you need a local subpoena to serve on a CA entity.
I am about an hour and a half from Occidental, in a different county. After I posted the subpoena, he sent to me an e-mail where he said that someone in LA county, close to Occidental might help him, he will let me know.
Also, as you know, usually it is not a problem to get a subpoena. Subpoena is just stamped by the clerk of the court, the problem is to overcome an opposition to subpoena, motion to quash the subpoena.
I had multiple subpoenas issued in my cases that I got from multiple courts in DC, HI, CA and so on. The problem is further on.
In GA, only once in 4 years of litigation and after 200 cases filed by some 40 licensed attorneys and hundreds of pro se litigants like Mr. Sibley, I was able to get an order from a judge, which denied a motion to quash the subpoenas submitted by Obama’s attorney. Obama had to appear in court and provide all his documents. He simply boycotted the hearing and a corrupt judge stated that the sworn testimony of a senior deportation officer and 6 experts was not persuasive enough and allowed Obama on the ballot in GA, even though Obama did not provide any evidence in rebuttle.
The biggest problem, is to overcome the corruption and treason by judges. Sibley’s case was just filed, there were no decisions by a judge there yet. It is in the DC court and from there will have to go through the court of Appeals.
Below is the info on my case in the Supreme Court of CA. Right   now it is the highest court, where the issue of Obama’s forged IDs is being heard. Devvy, I Hope you are reporting on it.


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