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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
becomes a revolutionary act.
 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

Read, who Marxist Liberal Democrats are endorsing. Did you notice who are they afraid of? Who do they call “genuinely terrifying person”?

Posted on | May 30, 2010 | 8 Comments

on May 29, 2010

in Endorsements.

I’m offering my endorsements for the California primary election on June 8. I endorse candidates from both major parties. Often these endorsements are offered less in enthusiasm than in a sense of supporting the “least-worst option”.

State and Federal Offices

Governor: Jerry Brown (Democratic), Meg Whitman (Republican). Whitman is slightly better than Poizner on women’s issues and slightly less toxic on immigration.

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom (Democratic) Abel Maldonado (Republican)

Attorney General: Pedro Nava (Democratic), Steve Cooley (Republican). This was a hard call. Nava narrowly gets the nod over San Francisco’s fine DA, Kamala Harris, because of his particularly vociferous commitment to environmental protection and animal rights. The Democrats have an embarrassment of riches in this primary, however, as Facebook exec Chris Kelly is also a solid choice. Cooley is vastly preferable to his two GOP rivals.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen (Democratic), Damon Dunn (Republican). Dunn’s primary opponent, Orly Taitz, is the self-proclaimed leader of the “birther” movement. A genuinely terrifying person.

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones (Democratic), Mike Villines (Republican). Jones won the Sierra Club endorsement.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer (Democratic), Mimi Walters (Republican).

Controller: John Chiang (Democratic), Tony Strickland (Republican)

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Gloria Romero

US Senator: Barbara Boxer (Democratic), Tom Campbell (Republican)


Proposition 13 (property tax reassessments, seismic retrofits): YES
Proposition 14 (open primaries): YES
Proposition 15: (campaign funding): YES
Proposition 16: (the “let PG&E block municipalities from competing with it” initiative, shamelessly mislabeled): NO
Proposition 17: (good driver policy, another clever mislabeling): NO

3 Responses to “California Primary Endorsements”

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  1. 1mythago May 29th, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Whitman? Really? She doesn’t give a shit about social issues because all she wants is to buy herself the office. If it means banning all abortions, letting in immigrants vs. keeping them out whatevs, dudes. I could probably wallpaper my house with all the dumbed-down, dishonest, scare-tactic-infested flyers I’ve received from her.

  • 2 Hugo Schwyzer May 29th, 2010 at 6:03 pmMythago, I could make a case for no endorsement here. But I think that on the issues she is slightly to the left of Poizner, even if the difference is infinitesimal. And I’ll be voting for Jerry anyway in the fall.
  • 3mythago May 30th, 2010 at 7:36 amAn infinitesimal difference, coupled with complete ignorance of government. And the flyers her campaign is sending out (almost daily) are only slightly more complex than “POIZNER KILLS THE UNBORN! POIZNER WANTS ILLEGAL MEXICANS TO STEAL YOUR DAUGHTERS!”
  • Response from Orly:

    You know a person by his enemies. Look at this voter guide compiled by a Marxist, Liberal Democrat Hugo Schweitzer. Did you notice that he is endorsing Damon Dunn and he is calling me “genuinely terrifying person”. Why? Because they know that Dunn is a lifelong Dem. They are terrified of me, because they know that I put my money where my mouth is. They know that I am a constitutional attorney, that the moment I will get in that office, I will start digging and I will not stop digging until I produce answers to all the unanswered questions. That is why they call me “genuinely terrifying person”. I hope it answers your question, who you should vote for. please, send it to all your contacts, my newsletters seem to be blocked. Ask all your friends to send it to all their contacts, make it go viral.


    8 Responses to “Read, who Marxist Liberal Democrats are endorsing. Did you notice who are they afraid of? Who do they call “genuinely terrifying person”?”

    1. Sharon Sussner
      May 30th, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

      Orly, I’m confused. Do you want us to send Hugo Schwyzer’s California Primary Endorsements to all our friends? Why should I do that? My friends aren’t Marxists.

    2. Jim
      May 30th, 2010 @ 10:23 pm

      “Terrifying person ” ? What makes her terrifying ? Is it her stance on Obama and the fact that she wants to make sure that a candidate that runs for office is legally qualified to do so ? If that makes her “terrifying ” to you, Hugo, then why wouldn’t Debra Bowen be “terrifying” to you also ? After all, that is the duty of the Secretary of State – to certify and establish the validity of the election process, meaning that you do not let ineligible individuals on the ballot.

      There is precedence for this in California. In 1968, the Peace and Freedom Party submitted the name of Eldridge Cleaver as a qualified candidate for President of the United States. The then Sec of State, Frank Jordan, found that, according to Mr. Cleaver’s birth certificate, he was only 34 years old, one year shy of the 35 years of age needed to be on the ballot as a candidate for President. Using his administrative powers, Mr. Jordan removed Mr. Cleaver from the ballot. Mr. Jordan was upholding the requirement under Article II of the Constitution.

      Maybe that is why Debra Bowen isn’t “terrifying” to you. She failed to uphold her sworn duty as Sec of State to certify and establish the validity of the election process.
      In the paperwork submitted to her ( and she accepted ) was the Official Certification of Nomination from the Democratic National Committee. This is what it said:

      “This is to certify that at the National Convention of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado, on August 25 through 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively”

      Nowhere on that form does it say that the candidates were constitutionally qualified. However, on the form sent to the State of Hawaii, there was this one extra sentence:

      “and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution”

      So how did Debra Bowen determine he was “qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution” when she had no document presented to her attesting that he was ? Obviously, she ignored it thus violating her sworn duty as Sec of State. If she were competent and had integrity, she would have rejected that certification as inadequate, citing no declaration of Constitutional eligibility.

      It must be a bizarre world you live in , Hugo, when someone who wants to uphold the rule of law ( Ms. Taitz) is “more terrifying” to you than someone in a position of authority ( Ms. Bowen ) who actively subverts the law.

    3. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
      May 31st, 2010 @ 7:01 am

      You know, that if a Marxist is endorsing Damon Dunn and considers me terrifying, it means that you should do the opposite

    4. Arthur J. Plourde
      May 31st, 2010 @ 3:45 pm

      It appears to me from what I have been able to read and study, that the Secretary of State of CA has been deficient in carrying out her responisibilities of office for the people of the State of CA. Further, it appears from all information that is public knowledge that one candidate seeking office in this election has conducted themselves in a very suspicious and unethical manner in an attempt to gain control of a very powerful State Office Chair. The Superior Court will have to evaluate the evidence, and make a decision on the elgibility of that candidate prior to the election. If it is determined that there is in fact credible reason for dismissing the candidacy of this party the court should do that immediately, and the Secretary of State should immediately execute the Courts order with all the County Registrars, so that any votes taken in the election for this candidate appearing on the ballot, be discounted as not valid.
      The time has come to make sure that CA law means something and is enforced without hesitation or reservation. Any candidate who willfully violates the laws in filing a candidates paperwork should be held criminally accountable. They should be further banned from holding any office in this state, or any state, for life.
      Dr. Orly Taitz, is above Reproach, and is the most dignified, qualified, & experienced person to be the next Secreatary of State of CA. Those reading this, please make sure you vote for ORLY TAITZ for Secretary of State on your ballot on June 8th.

    5. MICHAEL
      June 1st, 2010 @ 4:44 am

      I’m not voting for ANY “D”. PERIOD

      And I’m not too sure about the “R’s” running.

      But after the Bravo Sierra that the Socialist Democrat Party pulled with Obamacare, I will NEVER vote for a “D”.

      We have two parties in America now.

      Liberal Republican & Socialist Democrat.

      The Gelding Old Party better get a testicle & spine implant before November or they won’t get my vote.

      Semper Fi,

    6. bill
      June 1st, 2010 @ 7:10 am

      Just my opinion,but I am not quite sure if ALL
      world citizens realize that the U.S. is NOT the only player on this world stage,if truth and freedom dies in America,then it will die all over the world.I believe you can take this to the bank ! What legacy will we leave,to those,who follow ?

    7. Henry Tisdale
      June 2nd, 2010 @ 11:59 am

      In the vernacular of the weak feeble minded person:

      Genuinely terrifying person = any conservative who is ahead in the polls.

      Resorting to harsh name calling is a sure sign that person’s literary talents have been used up.

      Things are looking good to me, but I am waiting to hear from Michael Steele re the CA republicans who have crossed over to the liberal line-up but still have control over the republican party. Please, Mr. Steele, where are you?

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