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Please, come to support me on August8, 10 am Indianapolis Indiana Judge Reid, August 10, 9am LA Judge Gee. Please donate to my legal work

Posted on | July 23, 2012 | No Comments

Dear State Representative Jean Leising and State Senator Mike Delph,

It would mean so much for you and Mike to appear at this hearing on August 8 @ 10 AM.  I think that much of this case’s merits might be looked at more fairly, if you and State Senator Mike Delph were present in the court room.  I know by your tireless service to Indiana that you do really care.  I am also hoping State Rep. Sean Eberhart would also have interest in the Obama case and would also like to attend.

Thank you,

Billy Stein
I do not know if you have seen Arizona’s Sherriff Arpaio’s latest news conference on the Obama investigation and fraudulent birth certificate, but thought you would be interested in this, since this is Indiana!
Just Released:  
For the first time after 230 cases filed all over the nation by some 40 attorneys and hundreds of pro se litigants, a chief law enforcement officer of a state, Attorney General of Indiana Gregory F. Zoeller admits: “Respondents (here respondents are Secretary of State and Elections Commission) are willing to stipulate (it means admit, agree with the plaintiff) that the other claims (breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and fraud) that were never before the court are not dismissed with prejudice, but reserve all defenses including those related to statute of limitations”.

This is a milestone. It means that they agree that plaintiffs can proceed on the merits of the Obama case. Statute of limitations will not be a problem, as this was all submitted timely.
To anyonewho still gives a hoot about this Country and getting the impostor out of the White House:

We have an Indiana court hearing with Judge Reid on August 8th @ 10 am in court room 542 in City County Building in downtown Indy.
Orly Taitz will be there to testify (along with some brave Hoosier plaintiffs) that Obama needs to be removed from our Indiana ballot due to the obvious discussed previously on Orly’s website. (Can not pass E-verify, Social Sec.# 042-68-4425 of someone born in CT in 1890, fraudulent Selective Service card, not a Natural born(Having 2 parents that are citizens of US citizen) as the Constitution requires, etc.

Her website is:  www.orlytaitzesq.com

We need people to be there to show their support!!!!!  Take the day off, come and support this case and watch important game-changing history before your eyes!!  The American people deserve to know the truth once and for all!


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