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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
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One of my supporters tried to post truthful info on Wiki. The answer can be seen first. Help me find out who is James M. Lane. We need to identify all responsible.

Posted on | March 21, 2010 | No Comments

Answer to Magnus

Judge Robreno’s order can be seen at o9-01898. Liberi et al v Taitz et al.

There is a footage of the demonstration against O’Reilly on conservative monster, where you can see at least 60 people, not 15-20. Eyewitnesses can make statements.

During the demonstration O’Reilly’s producer has recorded me on video where I repeatedly asked to be allowed to refute all the slander that O’Reilly stated about me on the air. Producer, first name Joe, don’t remember the last name, stated that he will relate it to O’Reilly, but I was not allowed to go on the air and refute the slander. It was a clear journalistic malpractice and an attempt to defraud the public and slander me.

This criminal Lane, who is colluding with Obama, has included all the negative remarks about me, but intentionally committed Journalistic malpractice, slander and defamation of character in that he included only the worst slander but not numerous positive remarks and positive interviews. For example Rush Limbaugh has written in Free Republic that he is appalled by the brazen way Obama administration is treating eligibility attorneys like Orly Taitz. Hannity has stated that this is legitimate issue, as well as Lou Dobbs, Peter Boyles, Mike Savage, Liz Mundy from Wash Post, Rick Roberts, Steve Malzberg, Adam McManis and many others.

This Marxist thug Lane has instigated hate crimes against me and my whole family by intentionally deleting all positive comments about me, not even allowing my picture and publishing the worst slander.

Additionally he posted an unsubstiated complaint about me, written by some Muslim lawyer (I don’t remember his name) as part of my bio. There were thousands of criminal complaints about Obama, numerous citizen grand jury indictments. Why don’t they publish it in his bio? If people running wikipedia are writing about unsubstantiated complaints about decedents fighting abuse of Constitutional freedoms under Obama regime, they should write in Obama’s bio all of the complaints as well. If that is done, they will have a great job security, as they will be writing till the end of their lives and then some.    

 That is why I filed my complaint with the UN. It is important for the whole world to know that Wikipedia, Snops, fact check.org and most “main stream media” are overtaken by Communist-Marxists thugs with no respect for truth and journalistic integrity, and they need to be criminally prosecuted for instigating hate crimes against Constitutional attorneys and their families by their dishonest reporting.     



much of my editing of the Wikipedia article has been erased by a James M Lane (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:JamesMLane). In his editing comments he said, among other things, that the sentence “Judge Robreno denied all Berg’s requests for temporary restraining order against Taitz and ordered the case closed pending interlocutory appeal”, which I used in my editing, does not make sense. Is that correct or is he wrong? A source to judge Robreno’s decision is also asked for by James M Lane.


From what I have understood you asked Fox News Channel to give you a broadcast opportunity to respond to Bill O’Reilly’s name-calling of you. Is that correct and what sources could show that it is so?


At the protest meeting outside Fox News headquarters together with pastor Manning, Lane uses a source that is keen on emphasizing that you were only 15-20 attendees. Is that a correct number span?





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