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Obstruction of justice and destruction of records by a judge of the CA bar.

Posted on | June 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

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Concerns Mount Over Systemic Abuse of Ronald Gottschalk as Preparations for Adversarial Proceedings Against Patrice McElroy Move into High Gear

Saturday, June 18, 2011 4:40 PM
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“Leslie Brodie”
There’s a lot going on in California this week in terms of preparation by various parties and law firms for fast approaching adversarial legal proceedings relating to California State Bar Court Judge Patrice McElroy’s malfeasance in office.

Confidential sources have informed TLR of at least five (5) planned seriatim adversarial proceedings relating to Judge McElroy’s misconduct.

State Bar Court Patrice McElroy
Pictured above is Judge McElroy, who is either unwilling or unable to recognize the seriousness of her anti-social behaviour. Her involvement in the “Bribing Pat” saga alerted TLR, McElroy’s integrity is amiss. (Photo: Courtesy of Bar Journal.)

According to the sources, Judge McElroy’s misconduct as it relates to Ronald Gottschalk – Thomas Girardi’s former co-counsel in class-action litigation and current nemesis – will be addressed in a Kastigar evidentiary hearing, as well as separate proceedings before the California Supreme Court.

Also before the California Supreme Court is the case of William G. Wells, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp who is represented by a Century City firm, which accuses Judge McElroy of misconduct.

Additionally, and pursuant to an order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, “David” (who also sued Judge McElroy in a civil action) plans to call Judge McElroy to the stand during a special hearing before a federal magistrate to determine whether his due process rights were violated. Finally, in connection with the saga known as “Bribing Pat”, Judge McElroy’s misconduct will be addressed with the California Supreme Court.

Specifically, and as was previously reported here, Mr. Ronald Gottschalk and Girardi & Keese’s Thomas Girardi were co-counsel representing plaintiffs in various actions. Once a dispute erupted between Gottschalk and Girardi, the State Bar of California came knocking on Gottschalk’s door.

Patrice McElroy's Misconduct
Gottschalk’s lawyer– Mr. Stanley Arouty– submitted a sworn statement to the California Supreme Court accusing McElroy of intentionally destroying an audio tape which serves as the official court record.
(See excerpts from Arouty’s declaration above)

The State Bar of California, realizing that the evidence against Gottschalk is weak and not credible at the extreme, obtained a default judgment against Gottschalk during a time period which the State Bar knew Mr. Gottschalk was unavailable. Participating in the scheme against Gottschalk were Mr. Paul O’Brien from the Office of Chief Trial Counsel and Judge Patrice McElroy.

In another instance, during a hearing presided over by Judge McElroy, she disclosed that Peter G. Keane — who was then Dean of Golden Gate University School of Law and was representing an adverse witness (Ms. Sara E. Raymond) — had been her supervisor when she was previously employed as an assistant Public Defender.

Clipboa - Copy

However, Judge McElroy failed to disclose that at or about the time the hearing in question was taking place, she accepted as a gift from Mr. Keane an overseas trip.

Clip - Copy

Cl - Copy
Even more troubling is the fact that at or about the time the trip took place, Golden Gate University and the student in question were in the midst of litigating a civil case the student had filed in San Francisco Superior Court.

In yet another instance, McElroy’s penchant for destroying the official records of her own courtroom also manifested itself during the proceedings against Respondent Khanna.

Feeling victimized, Mr. Khanna advanced an action against McElroy in federal court. Below is part of an order authored by Magistrate Judge Edward M. Chen. The order alluded to the alleged destruction of the court official record.


In yet another instance of McElroy’s misconduct is the case of William G. Wells. In addition to McElroy’s complete disregard to a specific and detailed order issued by Judge JoAnn Remke– the presiding judge of the court.

McElroy’s was accused of being biased and hostile. Below is an excerpt of pleadings prepared by attorneys from the firm of Christa & Jackson which represents Mr. Wells

McElroy's Hostility toward Wells

“The coming weeks are a crucial time for completion of the work,” said a source from California. “We will continue to expose the massive corruption which infected the State Bar.”


2 Responses to “Obstruction of justice and destruction of records by a judge of the CA bar.”

  1. Redd
    June 19th, 2011 @ 12:28 am

    List of congressional idiots and commie usurper defenders…

  2. Barb
    June 19th, 2011 @ 3:29 am

    the length of term of any judge is that of “good behavior”according to the founders and the constitution…..that means they can be impeached during their term in office if in violation of good behavior. A judge, who has a permanent appointment, can be impeached in the absence of “good behavior.”

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