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My yesterday’s presentation to CCIR and update on article2SuperPAC-Larry Klayman $25,000 fundraising for non-existent law suit affair

Posted on | February 23, 2012 | 6 Comments

Article2superpac $25000 solicitation for Larry Klayman

Screen shot $25,000 solicitation for Larry Klayman lawsuits, February 10, 2012

Yesterday I gave a 2hour presentation of my platform as a candidate for the US Senate. The presentationwas given to some 100 CA voters  in the Women’s club of  Garden Grove.  I was told, that a representative of the Judicial Watch drove for over an hour from San Marino to hear me speak and talk to me. I got a very warm reception, after my presentation people stood up and applauded. This member of the judicial watch approached me and gave me her card. Her name is Constance Ruffley and she is an office administrator for the Judicial  Watch in their Western Regional Headquarters at 2540 Huntington  Dr., San Marino. She told me, that she used to work for the FBI and that she worked for the Judicial Watch for many years.  She actually initiated the discussion about Larry Klayman and told me that she heard that he is involved in birther cases. I told her that this group, article2superpac was soliciting money, that they sent an e-mail and posted on their site an advertisement on February 10, asking for $25,000, claiming that they need to raise $25,000 in 96 hours, as the cases in Florida and California need to be filed within a week. I told her, that it was a hard sell, they wrote it is now or never, saying finally Obama’s team met their match, dissing 4 years of my tireless work in the process, and in the end nothing was filed by Larry Klayman. It is not clear what happened to all of the money that was raised, who got it.

Ms. Ruffley actually advised me that Larry Klayman is not licensed in California, she told me that he no longer works with the Judicial Watch and that donors should know about litigation in Ohio, where he was convicted just recentlty of not paying large amount in child support. She provided a lot of other information. I will publish only, what is a public record. I am not publishing anything, that is not in public record.

A number of  individuals sent me this information:

Larry Klayman, 60, of Los Angeles, California, was indicted on two (2) counts of criminal non-support. He owes $78,861.76 for his two children ages 11 and 14. Two hearings were held in Domestic Relations Court between 2009 and 2010. The last voluntary payment was made on August 30, 2011, in the amount of $1,014.26. Arraignment is scheduled for February 7, 2012.


FWIW, you might want to read this suit (below) filed against Kayman…from the time this suit was filed against Klayman (2007), he has not honored his promise to pay back what the court ordered, even though it was nowhere near the $25,000 he was trusted with. I would be worried too, if I had donated money to this man.

THE FLORIDA BAR, Supreme Court Case
Complainant,vs. No. 2011-70,621(11A)


3. On or about November 11, 2007, Natalia Humm (“Humm”) filed a grievance against Respondent (Larry Klayman) alleging that he had had failed to provide services in her criminal case after she paid him a $25,000 retainer.


Yesterday I got an e-mail from Pamela Barnett titled: “Larry Klayman did not get nearly his retainer”. When Barnett wrote that Klayman did not get nearly his retainer, it means, that he got something. Barnett did not disclose, what did he get. What does it mean? According to the solicitation by a pack of bloggers in this article2Superpac, all of these bloggers were heavily soliciting a total of $25,000. Nobody knows, how much did they actually raise.  Additionally, Barnett claims, that she and George Miller are no longer connected with the article2superpac, however the Article2superpac and solicitation for donations for article2superpac is located at the top of the blog, ObamaBallotChallenge which is administered by Barnett and Miller.   The link

http://www.art2superpac.com/floridaballot.html  shows the actual article. The PDF and screenshot are at the top of the page.

“Not nearly his retainer”  can be $15,000 out of $25,000, it can be$10,000. Bottom line, nobody knows, how much Klayman actually got. The question is, why was he paid anything, if he did not file the law suits, as he was supposed to?

Later I got an e-mail from Tony Dolz, who is not on the board of the Article2Superpac, but who is in contact with a number of the board members of this PAC, who stated, that he had a discussion with George Miller, who is on the board of the Article2superpac, who runs a blog ObamaBallotChallenge together with Barnett. According to Dolz, Miller stated, that Klayman was not paid anything.

The question is: who is lying? Was Klayman paid or not? If he was paid, than he needs to refund the donors, as he did not file law suits as he was supposed to. If the bloggers raised money and did not pay Klayman, the bloggers need to refund the money to the donors.  The press release, that was issued by Article2Superpac on February 10, 2012 clearly stated, that  the donors are asked to donate $25,000 to pay Larry Klayman, that they have 96 hours to raise this large sum of money. The article also stated that the law suits are supposed to be filed within 1 week. It is now or never(see the article above). So, there were clear parameters: this pack of bloggers was soliciting from the public a large sum of money specifically to pay attorney Larry Klayman: $25,000 to file 2 law suits in FL and CA within a week, by February 17,2012. Those law suits were never filed and the public should be refunded all of the money that was donated for this specific purpose. All of the bloggers, who ran this solicitation, need to provide accounting for the public, how much money did they raise in total and where did this money go. Actually, donors can report this  to their District Attorneys. If the public donated for specific purpose and did not get the benefit, the public was defrauded and this is a criminal matter. People went to prison for things like that.

There are 5 board members of this Article2superpac:

1. Helen Tansey-blogger, president of the Article2SuperPAC

2. Garry Wilmott, blogger GiveUSLiberty1776

3. Bob Nelson-blogger, runs ORYR (ObamaReleaseYourRecords) or BirtherReport (I got information, that Bob nelson might be a pseudonym for richard Garoutte, but I am not sure).

4. George Miller runs blog ObamaBallotChallenge together with Pamela Barnett (another supporter stated, that Pamela Barnett is on the board instead of George Miller, I am not sure about that)

5. Kevin Powell, a cameraman, I don’t know, what blog does he run

Additionally several other bloggers were running solicitation of this Article@superpac on their blogs, among them

Dean Haskins, blogger “BirtherSummit”

Sam Sewell blogger ‘steady drip”, Charles Kerchner and a few others.

All of these people are supposed to refund the public all of the money, that they raised for these law suits that were supposed to be filed by Larry Klayman by the February 17, 2012 deadline, as those law suits were never filed. The public never got the benefit of the what they paid for.

This is the reason, why I stated before, that if you want to donate to the work of a specific attorney, donate directly and you know, where the money is going. When you donate to a gang of bloggers, claiming that the money is going to attorneys for legal expenses, you have  no idea where the donations are going. 


6 Responses to “My yesterday’s presentation to CCIR and update on article2SuperPAC-Larry Klayman $25,000 fundraising for non-existent law suit affair”

  1. Bloodless Coup
    February 23rd, 2012 @ 7:20 am

    I was intially excited about Larry Klayman, and helped the news about him to go viral. Now I am wondering about him and what his true motives might be.

  2. Florence Stone
    February 23rd, 2012 @ 2:51 pm

    I smelled a rat from the get-go. Asking for $25,000 for 2 lawsuits sounded way out of the ballpark to me, so I did not bite. Seemed like an attempt to scam money on the backs of people wanting to expose Obama, and nothing more. Glad Orly stays on top of things like this for us. WHERE DOES SHE FIND THE TIME?? Talk about multi-tasking, I think Orly is the Queen of that as well!

  3. Phillip E. Pennington
    February 27th, 2012 @ 6:54 am

    Obama’s administration is doing the same to Orly as they did (and are still doing) to Dr Judy Wood regarding “Where did the Towers Go”. They slide a shil into “leading honest intention” down a hill and into the forrest and away from the main target. Dr Orly Taitz is the finest there is!

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    April 9th, 2012 @ 11:48 pm

    I have read some excellent stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. Thanks!

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