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My response to Bloomberg.com article published in News.Google.com regarding tariffs on Mexican products until they stop illegal invasion

Posted on | May 31, 2019 | 3 Comments

The price on goods is dictated by the market and people’s ability and willingness to pay, biggest part of the price is a profit, not cost. The profit for manufacturers in Mexico will go down, the revenues of the Mexican government will go down and rightfully so until they stop this invasion. Tariffs on Mexico is the best move yet to stop this invasion of illegal aliens. The prices will not go up much as they are dictated by the market. The net result will be a dramatic reduction in illegal immigration and more companies sending manufacturing back to the US to avoid paying tariffs. This means more American jobs, better wages for American workers. We are currently paying some 300 billion on social services for illegals and their US born anchor babies: their free education, health care, public housing, food stamps and so much more. Stopping illegal immigration will free this money to pay for social needs of Americans: public housing for veterans sleeping on the streets, drug rehabs and mental health care for homeless, building roads and bridges and developing infrastructure. Trump 2020!


response from Bloomberg reader:


You do realize the amount of time and effort necessary to move manufacturing plants from one country to another greatly outweigh the short-term cost increases from tariffs. You are sorely mistaken on what the outcome of these tariffs will be.

10:05 a.m., Friday May 31 | Other comments by Bobbinapples


We have multiple abandoned factories in the Rust Belt, in the American heartland. We can reopen those factories rather quickly. It will give necessary jobs to American manufacturing workers and will revitalize the whole communities: more business for local stores, restaurants, barbers, doctors, dentists and so on. This is a great thing for the Rust Belt and for the American heartland. Anti-American globalist policies destroyed the whole communities and gave us 22 trillion debt.We did not have such debt when we had sensible tariffs on imports. Trump is the first American patriot president after decades of globalist puppets. He is the best thing that could happen to this country in decades. Only complete morons or bought and paid for globalist puppets do not see that or do not acknowledge that.


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    Mexico will retaliate in kind by increasing tariffs on American goods and services, but in a carefully directed manner that costs them the minimum amount of money. Mexican people (100m and growing market) will feel less inclined to buy anything made in the USA. Fewer jobs for Americans, and lower profits.

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      From economic standpoint Mexico is a pip-squeak next to the US.The GDP (gross domestic product) of the US is around 20 trillion a year. The GDP of Mexico is only 1 trillion. Most people in Mexico are poor with very little buying potential. US is a very wealthy market and every nation on earth is dying to sell here. The negative impact on the US with it’s 20 trillion economy is minimal. The impact on Mexico, which has only 1 trillion economy will be huge. Additionally, it Trump will tax the money that is being sent by Mexicans back to Mexico, it will completely annihilate their economy, as the money sent from the US is their second largest source of income.
      Additionally, closing the border will help end drug epidemic. 90% of drugs come from Mexico and some 70,000 young Americans due from drug overdose every year. Another 40,000 commit suicide and drugs might be a factor in those suicides as well.
      This open border with Mexico cost us lives and billions of dollars. Trump is correct 100%. If Andres Obrador does not want his nation’s economy to go under, he will stop those caravans of Central Americans moving through Mexico to the US and will deport them back to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

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      Will they tariff their illegal drugs to the US ?


3 Responses to “My response to Bloomberg.com article published in News.Google.com regarding tariffs on Mexican products until they stop illegal invasion”

  1. Great Category, Orly...
    May 31st, 2019 @ 9:46 am

    …Boy, I agree with this…

    Fine them till the taco sauce turns green…


    And I love the words “pip squeak” nation…lolol…

    You are VERY American-wise! 🙂

  2. Davey Crockett...
    June 10th, 2019 @ 9:44 am

    …well if Bobin(for)apples…

    Had taken the time to prank us off…(let alone himself)…

    He’s see that WE (America) should NOT be making American products in any foreign nation!!!!

    We should be making them in the Good, Ol’ USA!

    We should NOT also be helping any 3rd world nation stay afloat, financially!

    Why not keep the outsourcing products in America…so the American worker will get paid and NOT the foreign worker…usually make cheap and lousy products…that are so bad that I (and maybe others) have to either throw them away or take them back to the store we buy them at!

    I say: Go, President Trump, Go…

    Hit them with so many tarrifs that they will want to ship all of their “leftovers” back to be made in America!

  3. To: Baley...
    June 10th, 2019 @ 10:36 am

    …Well, who cares what Mexico wants?

    I don’t and there is probably a lot of others (Patriots) out there that don’t care either!

    What do they have that we want?

    We don’t need any more illegals messing with us!

    America has the bulk of the “pie” and so…

    The 3rd world can either cooperate or malfunction…

    We are tired of all these 3rd world nations taking advantage of our helpfulness to others.

    Now…We have a President that IS doing everything he can to protect America and keep us strong!

    No dim has done that since…”when?”

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