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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
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 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

More evidence of malicious sabotage and tampering by the regime as mounting evidence for my RICO case

Posted on | October 5, 2013 | No Comments

  • The public can see more evidence of malicious tampering, sabotage, disinformation of the public by the regime. tampering with my web sites, e-mail accounts, my mail, my phones, my car and now the you tube channel.
    1. I have reported previously that the regime had a lock on my videos and it was reported to me that no matter how many people watched those videos, it showed the same number. When I went public with this information, the regime unlocked a few video counter locks and allowed the numbers to go up somewhat.
    2. Now the put a lock on the total number of views of my videos at 61,512. No matter how many times the public watched my videos, for months they keep the total of DROrlyTV youtube channel at 61,512 views total in order for the public not to be aware how popular my videos truly are.  It is possible that now, after I expose the regime, and make no mistake, they monitor everything I do, they will be forced to unlock the total counter as well. Every day there are 40,000-60,000 visits on my web site orlytaitzesq.com. the numbers of the watched videos are clearly artificially kept down, kept depressed.
    3. They removed the recent video from DrOrlyTV channel.
    If you go to DrOrlyTV, you will not find this latest video
    Orly Taitz uploaded a video

    Now, if you go to the DrOrlyTV, it is simply not there.

    4. They used music track to sound over my videos and interviews, both on this channel and when posted at syndicatednews.net, which is heard around the world

    5. They tampered with my car and the car nearly caught on fire

    6. They tampered with both my yahoomail and gmail accounts, particularly with mail groups to be send to media, military, donors. they destroyed 3 of my previous web sites/blogs

    7. They use convicted criminals and unethical attorneys and some unethical judges to harass me with bogus complaints based on fraud, perjury and fabricated statutes. The judges are covering everything including the most outrageous criminal acts within the courts themselves, such as court reporter Donna Anders removing 14 pages out of a certified transcript, removing a whole cross examination of a party in order to aid and abet a convicted forger and an unethical attorney, and the judges, District Attorney and US attorney so far are covering it up. No criminal charges were filed yet against this court reporter, I can’t even get info, whether she was fired from her position as a court reporter with the Eastern District of PA.  If you can, please, contact this court, Chief Judge Bartle, as well as the chief judge of the Third Circuit Theodor McKee and demand information as to what action was taken against this court reporter, was she fired, an if not, why. Did they investigate, what incentive did she get in order to remove the whole cross examination of a party from a certified transcript and from whom?  Please, contact the special investigations unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney and demand a response, what is being done, why there were no criminal charges filed in 3 years.

    In one instance these thugs decided to leave their business cards. Not only they deleted all groups in my yahoomail account, they created a a group under the name “aliens” and entered the names of all of my family members, just to taunt me.


    There is so much more…

    Sadly, I haven’t encountered one single judge with honesty, strength of character and integrity, who would take on this mafia, however I am hopeful that as Obama’s approval ratings go down (currently they are at 41%,  the lowest   in 2 years), as more citizens wake up and realize how vindictive he is towards American people, how much pathological lying is there, among his statements, more judges will get the courage to do the right thing, to follow the law, the facts and the justice and will hold this Indo-Kenyan charlatan accountable for defrauding the whole nation, for using a stolen Social Security number of Harry Bounel (CT number 042-68-4425)  and fabricated IDs and for destroying the U.S. economy, families of U.S. citizens, US National security and US military.


    Below is the list of all the videos in DrOrlyTV channel, you can see that 10.03.2013 video was removed.

    Also, evil Google, which bought you-tube, and which is collaborating with the regime of usurper-conartist  Obama, is preventing me from monetizing my own videos

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