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More are joining

Posted on | July 20, 2009 | 9 Comments


Hi Orly,
I am blogging in hopes that more active military will join the cause against the Usurper.  Sarah told me that you needed more bloggers.  I just wanted to email you to encourage you to keep perservering Orly!   This thing is about to reach a tipping point and Obama will be on a slow boat back to Kenya.
Sparkling    (Mary Ann)
I have been blogging here today for Orly and Maj. Cook:
sent email to webmaster here on site that is discussing Maj. Cook:
sent email here to Military Wives website:
here is my post today:

‘Get out of war free’ card
Posted: July 20, 2009
The case of the missing birth certificate grows more and more curious.

While numerous attempts to clarify the historical record have been successfully fought by the administration’s lawyers, the issue became much more serious when Maj. Stefan Cook, a U.S. Army reservist with deployment orders to Afghanistan, filed a lawsuit based on his questions about the legality of a deployment order based on the command of a potentially illegitimate commander in chief. But rather than contesting the suit, the Army took the highly peculiar step of revoking the major’s deployment order, suggesting that the Pentagon generals are not entirely confident that they can demonstrate the legitimacy of their purported commander in chief.

The doubts this action raised about Obama’s legitimacy were further increased when Maj. Cook was almost immediately fired from his civilian job at a private defense contractor, reportedly due to pressure from a federal agency under the Department of Defense, the Defense Security Services Agency. Although the obvious purpose of revoking the deployment order was to render the lawsuit moot, the firing only provides Maj. Cook with additional ammunition for broadening the scope of his lawsuit now that he has suffered demonstrable material damages.
Maj. Cook has already been joined in his lawsuit by two other soldiers, a retired Army two-star general and an active reserve Air Force lieutenant colonel. But the potential consequences of the major’s revoked deployment go far beyond the number of American soldiers with doubts about the legitimacy of orders from their nominal commander in chief. The Pentagon’s decision to back down rather than risk exposing Obama’s birth records to the public means that every single American soldier, sailor, pilot and Marine now holds a “get out of war free” card. Not only every deployment order, but every order issued from an officer in the line of command can now be challenged in the knowledge that the top brass are afraid to respond for fear that their commander could be exposed for a fraud.
Given the number of sea and barracks lawyers in the various branches of the U.S. military, it seems unlikely that it will take very long for servicemen who are disinclined to accept an unpalatable or dangerous order to figure out how to best make use of this useful little veto. If even a small number of soldiers elect to do so, the effect on military discipline could rapidly become catastrophic.

It is one thing for Obama to deny the curiosity of the American public by hiding behind the courts. It is very much another for him to deny the right of the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, who are sworn to risk their lives upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, to be certain their orders are legitimate.
Where is the birth certificate?
YOU TUBE VIDEO of Major Cook who questions Obama Eligibility: http://www.youtube.com/watch…
Contact Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz. Attorney who is representing Major Cook and several U.S. Military Members who have filed lawsuits regarding President Obama demanding proof of his citizenship:
email: dr_taitz@yahoo.com Dr. Taitz website: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/


9 Responses to “More are joining”

  1. Alice Lowrey
    July 20th, 2009 @ 9:45 pm

    Went to the youtube site to see Major Cook and it is not on there, I guess it was pulled. I pray that more service people get involved. I also pray that our representatives would get the nerve (using that word for lack of a better one that is acceptable) to get involved with this lawsuit for the proof we all need to see that Obama is taken out of the White House. They know he has never proved he is eligible and he has violated the Constitution more than once since he has been in office. What are they afraid of? Why do they just go along with his lies? Keep the pressure on Dr. Taitz, we are behind you. Word is getting around. Hopefully we will not have to wait much longer. The others who are involved will hopefully be brought to justice too. Who ever is left in 2010 we must vote out and hopefully vote in HONEST, people who will truly defend our Constitution the way our founding fathers expected them to. May God Bless us and Bless the United States of America.

  2. bob strauss
    July 20th, 2009 @ 10:57 pm

    Doesn’t the government, have to revoke the orders, for everyone, going to Afghanistan, other wise, Major Cook, is getting particularized treatment, that the other soldiers are not getting?

  3. Eric
    July 20th, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

    Is it a legal defense for an officer to say he thought the orders he followed were legal even given the fact that no legitimate documents proving eligibility are known to exist even a year after the original question arose and as long since John McCain was vetted extensively even getting a senate statement of acceptance of his eligibility?

    Considering it doesn’t take a genius to read from Obamas’ own book that his father was not a citizen of the US and it being shown that a senator could be just a citizen while the president must be….natural born (of two citizens) which can be researched through any number of sources to derive the legal meaning of let alone intent.

  4. Civis naturaliter natus
    July 21st, 2009 @ 4:38 am

    Dear Orly,

    Am an ardent fan.

    Ask you to address on your blog the accusation brought by the Ledger paper in GA which claims to have received an unverified email from Maj. Gen. Childers saying he does not want to be a further plaintiff in your actions; Obots are spreading this round the net to defame you.

    Also, they are spreading accusations against Charles Lincoln, who they claim is a disbarred lawyer from TX, who they claim is doing work for you as a law clerk in contravention of CA Bar regulations, and without knowledge of the Court that he is disbarred. Please rebut these on your blog, …they seem to be moving to get your disbarred over this man.

    Yes, the Obots are rabid..but you need to defend yourself too against rabid dogs…

  5. icecream
    July 21st, 2009 @ 4:42 am

    My father was a Marine during WWII. He’s in a nursing home now, but his patriotism has never waivered one time his whole life, or my mother’s as well. My husband’s father was an Army WWII veteran, and was buried with the full military honors that he deserved, as a humble yet Great man. I’ve got relatives serving right now, in Arabian deserts…

    This ‘president’ needs to show eligibility to be the commander of these brave military members…our family members…and the future of our Nation.

    And that young man from Idaho who’s fate is in the hands of those barbarians…he’s only 23.

    I really like what this lady had to say…


    Thank you, Dr. Taitz…for being our Lady Liberty.

  6. Mandy
    July 21st, 2009 @ 5:34 am

    Does anyone realize that the revocation of Cooks deployment order is essentially an admission that the military is not even sure that BO is eligible to be president? There’s also another, more ominous and dangerous implication: That the Pentagons’ top brass is willing to disobey the Constitution rather than confront BO on this issue. Why? What are they afraid of? How powerful is Obama really anyway?

    If the military is afraid to confront BO what hope is there for the American people that the military would join them should they decided to take up their Constitutional right to revolt? The way it looks now the military would turn their guns on the American people. Don’t think it can happen? It happened before in the 30s when McArthur had troops open fire on WWI veterans protesting in Washington for back pay they were promised. Again, this also happened during another Communists’ administration – F.D.R., the man who allowed shameful concentration camps in the US (of which this present administration is again planning under the guise of Disaster Preparedness). This is a very scary sign of bad things to come. I am very, very seriously considering a move to Honduras. At least the military there had enough gonads to protect their Constitution from a Communist who sought to illegally change it. God help the American people from this organized crime syndicate masquerading as a presidential administration.

  7. RJJ
    July 21st, 2009 @ 4:07 pm

    Perhaps even those in the military who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now can file a lawsuit to question whether they are operating under illegal orders and request confirmation that their commander in chief is legitimate. If not, they must be sent home.

  8. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
    July 22nd, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

    Civis – My name is Vivian, assist to Dr. Taitz. I would like to say on her behalf, thank you. And, respond to your comment via my personally experiences – I was ‘middle-class’ homeless due to many circumstances out of my control. Dr. Taitz has put a roof over my head and provided me with a job. She did not know me very well, except for a few brief conversations during the time I was in the processes of loosing the roof over my head. I find her more trusting of other people, then not. Maybe, because she operates (herself) in a trusting/kind/legal mannor. I know from personal experience – that it’s difficult for people whom DON’T wake up every day and want to take advantage …to see that others do.

    To sum up, from my personal experience with Dr. Taitz: I truly beleive Dr. Taitz was ‘blind sided’ by the above actions of the others.

    I’ll bring your notes to her attention.

    Best regards,

  9. Civis naturaliter natus
    July 22nd, 2009 @ 4:10 pm

    Thanks Vivian,

    You confirm what I have noticed in all of Attorney Taitz’s actions: a truly, honest, upright, good woman: It will be a blessing, If I eve get the chance to meet her in person, one day.

    She is the greatest American citizen I know!