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Meet Steve Frank- a man who elevated the word “dirty stupid politician” to a whole new level

Posted on | April 22, 2012 | 3 Comments

It was a long weekend.

On Friday I had 96 points on my to do list.

One of them was  was a speech at the Glenn Beck 9/12 club, where I got a standing ovation from members for my work on bringing Obama to justice. Because I promised 9/12 to speak for them I missed the CRA dinner, but I was there on Saturday and Sunday and gave a speech at the convention.9/12 group actually made a slate advertisement, which is being delivered to homes. Even though corrupt party bosses are saying that having me as a an anchor on the slate, as a senatorial candidate would hurt other candidates, in reality when those candidates counted positive or negative comments from the public,they found out that twice more voters, who got the slate fliers,  said that having me on  the slate makes the slate candidates more likely to win, than the opposite. It is a really good statistics.

For people who are not familiar with CA politics, I will explain what is going on. California Republican party got sort of divided into 2 factions. It happened during Reagan time. There is a CRP- California Republican Party and CRA-California Republican assembly. To a great extend the organizations themselves have less and less importance for the daily lives of the citizens of the state. Today more and more people vote as independents. Membership in both parties declined drastically. CRA has something like 7,000 paying members. CRP has  more, but still a negligible number of paying members for a state with 40 million people. I believe the same goes with the official membership in the Democratic party. People are simply becoming disenchanted with corrupt party bosses and corrupt politicians on both sides.

Going back to CRP and CRA, the party bosses running the show in both organizations are largely dependent on the marching orders from the “Architect”, Karl Rove.

Rove typically speaks from both sides of his mouth. While he encouraged me, when I saw him last time at the Jewish -Republican coalition meeting, he is giving directives to the party bosses to promote different candidates: more obedient, non-controversial women and Hispanics. Following those directives CRP 24 member board decided to support another woman, who is unknown, but non controversial.

In CRA after the speeches by the candidates, the board invited the candidates to speak to the fact finding committee.

Today they announced their recommendations. As you know, today in CA there are 24 candidates running in total, 14 among them are Republican candidates. CRA is a more conservative fraction, predominantly conservative Christian group. Their board recommended to their members 4 candidates:

1. Orly Taitz,

2. Elizabeth Emken

3. Al Ramirez

4. Dan Hughes

Following the paradigm of the “Architect” it seemed the board and particularly Steve Frank wwere pushing for a Hispanic Al Ramirez. It did not matter, whether my Spanish was as good as his. They wanted a Spanish name on the ballot. There is probably a smart way of doing things and a stupid way. Steve Frank is an embodiment of a stupid way.

Two years ago I got e-mails that were sent by Steve Frank. At that time the Republican party was pushing another minority candidate, a black candidate, the only black candidate running for the state wide office, Damon Dunn, who ran against me for the Secretary of State. Never mind that Dunn knew about the work of Sec of State and elections as much as I know about the Space travel, the party wanted one black face on their slate in order to attract minority votes. So, Steve Frank wrote e-mails to everybody, telling people not to vote for Orly Taitz because she will be in prison in a few months because she is going after Obama. I remember seeing chains of e-mails going between my supporters and Frank. I asked, why do they even care what some idiot says. They told me he was a substitute for Mark Sussman, a talk show host up North.

Yesterday before  the CRA dinner I just finished giving a media interview and was ready to go to my seat, when  I saw at the table of the speakers a funny looking older guy with a badly mismatched toupee. I felt like laughing, so I quickly looked down to hide a smile, and I saw a name card on the table  next to him and I saw a name Steve Frank. Someone told me that he used to be the President of this organization.  So I approached him and said, are you the guy who was writing those nasty e-mails about me. He said, yes it is me and I will do it again. If he had some brains, he would have apologized, but what’s missing, is missing.

I tried to explain to him that it made no sense. A person does not go  to prison for questioning someones papers, particularly since now a sheriff confirmed the findings. E-mails like this make him look really stupid.  I also explained to him that statements like those expose him and the organization to liability, as I am a licensed attorney and he is defaming me. I was talking to the wall, there was no nothing there, no light , not even a wind.

At the end of the day I am not sure, how much importance is there in a very conservative group of 7,000 members in all  in a state with 40 million people, in a very blue sate. I have more people reading this blog in one day, than CRA members in the whole state. Oh, well.

Frankly speaking I wonder what will be the importance not only of the CRA, but also of the  CRP (CA Republican party) endorsement in this new style open primary, where anyone can vote for anyone. Today in CA Democrats can open in the Republican primary.

CRP endorsement carried zero importance today, as the delegates were really balking at every mention of  the Washington Lobbyist Emken, who is the official CRP puppet.

After 2010 election, when Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina spent a record 170 and 120 million respectively and lost by 10%, most Republicans and conservatives concluded that CA elections are too badly rigged to spend money on the state wide elections in CA. Consequently today there are no big donors, last I heard CRP closed its headquarters in LA. I am not sure what the party endorsement even means or does aside from sending an e-mail to the members. An endorsed candidate can send advertisement, slates, do robocalls, but it is extremely expensive in a state with 40 million people. From what I understand neither Ramirez nor Emken have any significant financial resources of their own and there are no big donors either to pay thousands of dollars for the advertisement.

Last time around somebody like Damon Dunn could catch a  free ride on someone else’s slate just to show diversity. Today there are no rich candidates, who can give such a free ride.

So, what is left? There is a voting pamphlet, however the pamphlet does not state any endorsements. People look at the voting pamphlet, what do they see? Let’s take Ramirez, who was pushed by Frank. Is there anything there?

In terms of education Ramirez has the most minimal education: a BA in political science from some school in TX. In his speech he mentioned that he was a C student. He later became a salesman for AT&T and later went to work in sales for some other company. There is nothing else there. He is about 40 and has no family:  no wife, no children.

I was thinking that it is peculiar that an organization,which is pushing family values,  time after time is supporting  candidates, who have no family. This was the case with Damon Dunn and this is the case with Ramirez. A party, which is pushing entrepreneurship and job creation, is supporting someone, who never was an entrepreneur, who never created one single job, who all his life was an employee of a company and depended on his bosses, on his employer. Bottom line, people are told: we need a Hispanic, a minority and that is it. No achievements are important. I was thinking that I could understand it and possibly even accept this, if someone like Rove or Del Becarro or some other party official were to tell me: we all know that we benefit from your work, we appreciate it, we want to push  for some minority candidate, but we want you as part of the organization and future Republican administration. But using an idiot like Steve Frank to send e-mails: don’t vote for Orly Taitz, she goes after Obama and will be in prison in a few months is really stupid, it infuriates many of my supporters and ultimately hurts GOP and it hurts whatever puppets they are promoting.



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