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Posted on | June 4, 2009 | 10 Comments


I am in Phoenix visiting my family…we all sent this letter to Senator Kyl and will be following up with a call to his office.

Senator Kyl,

It is my understanding from Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, and the Defend Your Freedoms Foundation, that you, your aide Tom Homphrey, and your office received copies of dossiers she and her associates prepared outlining criminal activity on the part of Barack Obama. You not only received these once, but twice, and have failed to do your Constitutional duty.

You need to honor your oath to protect and preserve our Constitution and submit these dossiers to the Judicial Committee and start a proper investigation. If you do not comply, the Common Law Citizens Grand Jury of Arizona will have no choice but to indict you for fraud and treason together with Barack Obama.

I suggest you take time to read our Constitution and the definition of “Natural Born”. Under its statutes, neither he nor fellow Arizonan Senator John McCain are Natural Born.

Please do the right thing. Remember, it took one small patriot with a small stone to bring down the giant Goliath.


10 Responses to “lETTER FROM AZ”

  1. Jack Ryan
    June 4th, 2009 @ 11:11 pm

    I’m sure that nice letter will make the good senator want to jump up and honor your request right away.

  2. redd
    June 4th, 2009 @ 11:23 pm

    obama/genealogy from salt lake city

  3. Steve in Texas
    June 5th, 2009 @ 12:52 am

    Subject to Blackmail
    scyrier a few seconds ago Revise Flag

    Vote Accepted
    1Obama in trying to get his Middle East peace plan implemented has left himself wide open to international blackmail.

    Either the Arabs or the Israelis or both simultaneously are going to sit back for the BEST offer and then play the USURPER OF THE PRESIDENCY card on Obama unless he makes the deal sweeter. Barry won’t know what to do. This is how our international diplomacy will be hijacked for the remaining time he sits as President. All the countries in the world will play him like a Deuce while they hold Aces. Obviously Barry wasn’t counting on that scenario. Israel already knows and is just waiting.

    Thanks for taking my call today Orly, I hope the Israeli government contacts you shortly and as you remarked “A foreign nation is a 4th method to get this to the Supreme Court for hearing”

  4. ccc
    June 5th, 2009 @ 7:35 am


    I think foreign nations are already playing their blackmail cards. What else could explain his bizarre speeches that are so anti-american?

  5. Ernest Serano
    June 5th, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

    The Constitution does not specify what a natural born citizen is, it comes from the code of law dealing with that and the previous Supreme Court rulings.

    The other mistake you made is that John McCain was vetted by Congress, at least by the Senate, six months before the Presidential election and he was declared to be a Natural born citizen by the passing of an amendment because both of his parents were U.S. citizens when he was born on U.S. territory which was then the Panama Canal zone. Supposedly Obama as a Senator voted for that amendment. Most people do not know this but it also brings up the question: why was McCain vetted by Congress but not Obama?

  6. Ginger
    June 5th, 2009 @ 1:54 pm

    When Barry comes out with the fake COLB I hope and pray that all of a sudden the real one pops up!

  7. Monica C.
    June 5th, 2009 @ 2:36 pm


    i think his bizarre anti-american speeches are reflective of the fact that he owes america no allegiance. after all, for the “first time in his adult life” he’s proud of his muslim heritage and middle name of hussein? where was his pride during the election? had it been brought up, perhaps they (the media) would have had to pursue his actual citizenship.

    particular attention needs to be paid to what his actual agenda w/ all this is: dissing Great Britain and England, yet addressing and embracing muslim countries and islamic ideologies. hopefully soon the TOTUS will break down and he will slip up; but, even then it won’t matter, it’ll just be a hiccup. (after all, no one will remove him, he has job security. #1 in line is biden; #2 is pelosi; i’m sure he’s viewed as a lesser threat.)

    what really astounds me is how blatant this all is, and the newspapers and congress (democrats AND republicans) let it slide. it just blows me away that ALL of them are sitting there on the sidelines witnessing this devastation and allowing it to continue! for what purpose? so they can remain career politicians?

  8. Miriam Mata
    June 5th, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing.”
    18th century parliamentarian, Edmund Burke

    Dr. Taitz. lady liberty

    I’m not a lawyer, I’m a naturalized citizen, but I have a question if electoral votes certified the election votes, who certified the elected candidates? Who confirmed, who assured, who guaranteed the candidates met special qualifications like our founders fathers said in the Constitution in Article two, Section one.?

    We need a certified document after election, why not a certified document to qualify? Could it be possible when Hamilton said : “Tried” could be done at courts or Grand Juries and not by Congress, since they impeach? The Usurper have been tried by Grand Jury already who will remove him?

    It’s very clear to me, that the Usurper is not a Natural Born, even with my broken English because of his father birth place, why the custodians of our Constitution at the Supreme Court, Congress or Courts, do not want to see it? I know the answer like former senator Helms used to say: ” they look for next election instead of next generation” or fear.

    Why the Supreme Court don’t check into In Minor v. Happersett (1874), and resolve the question who is a Natural Born Citizen when they said it was in doubt ?

    I believe this questions should be resolved, some day we will have a person born in Puerto Rico, they are citizens at birth, will they be considered natural born, if he wants to be president?

    I admire you, and understand you since I lost my freedom in Cuba when I was 15 years old.

    Miriam Mata


    In Minor v. Happersett (1874), the Supreme Court said that, if you were born in the United States and both of your parents were U.S. citizens at the time of your birth, you are, without doubt, a natural born citizen. In the same case, the Supreme Court also said that, if you were born in the United States and one of your parents was not a U.S. citizen when you were born, your natural born citizenship is in doubt. So far, the Supreme Court has not resolved this doubt because, until now, there has never been any need to do so.



    Federalist No. 69 ||
    The Real Character of the Executive
    From the New York Packet
    Friday, March 14, 1788.

    Author: Alexander Hamilton

    To the People of the State of New York:

    ….The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and, upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors, removed from office; and would afterwards be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law…….


    The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 [Farrand’s Records, Volume 3]
    LXVIII. John Jay to George Washington.3
    Page 61 | Page image

    [Note 3: 3 Documentary History of the Constitution, IV, 237.]

    New York 25 July 1787

    Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.



    Federalist No. 69 ||
    The Real Character of the Executive
    From the New York Packet
    Friday, March 14, 1788.

    Author: Alexander Hamilton

    To the People of the State of New York:

    ….The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and, upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors, removed from office; and would afterwards be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law…….



    The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution [Elliot’s Debates, Volume 1]
    The affairs of the corporation were ordinarily to be managed by the common council. It was further declared, that all persons born in the province should enjoy all the privileges and immunities of natural-born subjects in Great Britain. Liberty of conscience was allowed to all inhabitants in the worship of God, and a free exercise of religion to all persons except Papists……

    The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution [Elliot’s Debates, Volume 4]

    In treating of the executive power, the Constitution defines the qualifications of the President. It declares that he should be a natural-born citizen, or a citizen at the adoption of the Constitution. This article is unquestionably no limitation of the power of Congress upon the subject of naturalization. It was impossible to abridge a specific grant of power without a specific limitation, and the article alluded to could not be tortured, by the most ingenious mind, to diminish, even by implication, the authority of Congress upon a subject to which it was totally irrelevant



    Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789
    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1777

    the Citizens of every State, going to reside in another State, Shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the natural born free Citizens of the State to which they go to reside; and the people of each State Shall have free egress and regress for their persons and property to and from every other State, without hinderance, molestation or imposition of any kind. …..


    [Note 1: 1 Inserted by James Duane.]

    friendship and intercourse between the people of the different States in this Union, the Inhabitants of every State [Paupers Vagabonds and fugitives from Justice excepted]2 going to reside in another State shall be entitled to all the rights and priviledges of the natural born free Citizens of the State to which they go to reside:


  9. Whoopie Coushie
    June 5th, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

    There once was a temple to Diana. It was destroyed by an earthquake. At one time the people believed in the power of this pagan goddess and spent hours and much effort to build her temple. Along came Christianity and by the time the temple had been destroyed the people had lost interest. Now this one of the seven wonders is a mere archeological footnote. Why? Because the people did not return with the same effort to rebuild it. Now, America has been a great nation. The world has benefited from her hard work and innovations. Are we to let her lay in ruins? She’s not a goddess, but was built on a belief system. Is she not worth the effort to rebuild? I say she is! Snide remarks like Jack here are what should be left in the trash heep of history, not our foundations of this nation.

  10. Jezzie
    June 6th, 2009 @ 12:19 pm