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John Clark show tonight 7pm

Posted on | December 15, 2009 | Comments Off on John Clark show tonight 7pm


Date: Tues. 12/15/09
Time: 7:00 pm PT     10:00 pm ET

Outpacing our air time competitors …..

check it out during show at:  http://www.talkstreamlive.com/


Program Location: www.THEAMERICANVOICE.com



PO BOX 740831 32774  


EXCLUSIVE!!!: Our Guests Tonight:

Orly Taitz,Esq.




And: Bill Frees



Bill Frees is an instrument rated pilot and internet radio pioneer
founded Talk Stream Live, LLC a dynamic directory of internet radio in
2006.  He is presently President of Frees Media, Inc., a media buying
service he founded in 1995. Frees graduated of Villanova University
and began his career in sales at WOR Radio. He also worked at WABC
Radio just prior to opening his own media buying service.

With Co-Host Paul Le Mat

American Graffiti Paul Le Mat © 1973 Universal

Star of “American Graffiti
The Burning Bed
andMelvin and Howard

 Americans for Immigration Control


JOHN CLARK – Show Host and Author





Check out John Clark’s latest book “Pozan”

Pozan is a true story about the ten years of sheer terror John experienced, after his wife, children, friends, and John had an extra-terrestial encounter while vacationing near the Mojave Desert.  http://www.filamentbooks.com/scripts/WebObjects.exe/eBookstore.woa/wa/find?assetID=1814

 For archival podcasts of past
America Betrayed netcasts
go to



America Betrayed presents “Lunch with the stars” 

For an American Graffiti Reunion

Saturday January 23 rd, 2010 the cast of American Graffiti

Will hold a reunion @ Mel’s Drive In on Sunset Blvd Hollywood California

Stars invited

Paul Le Mat – Candy Clark– Cindy Williams-Ron Howard- Harrison FordRichard DreyfussMackenzie PhillipsSuzanne Somers– Bo Hopkins-Kathleen Quinlan-Charles Martin Smith 

One lucky couple will join us for lunch

To  enter drawing for lunch with the stars send post card with name address and phone # to America Betrayed PO Box 740831 Orange City Florida 32774 



or go to www.nationalwriterssyndicate.com


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the Radio show, you will get AIC new video “Broken borders” FREE, 
a $35 Value for just $20 per year.  You will also get the AIC  newsletter. 
Contact AIC at 1.540.468.2023 or www.immigrationcontrol.com



Toll free number to call 1.800.596.8191

Toll free from Mexico 01-800-681-1852





Orly Taitz, Esq.

With important updates

Presents “America Betrayed”


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