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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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Jay Leno agrees with me

Posted on | August 30, 2013 | No Comments

As you recall, when I filed FOIA requests for information on National Debt, the FOIA officer responded that they searched and could not find any documents. I wanted to know, how much money they took from the retirement and disability accounts of federal employees to cover up their excessive spending and in order to create an impression that they did not surpass the debt limit. They claimed that they searched and could not find any documents responsive to my complaint. Don’t they have any accountants in the Department of Treasury who could add up numbers for 3 months and figure out how much did they take from the federal employees: soldiers, airmen, FBI, CIA officers in order to keep showing that the debt did not change by 1 cent since May 17? Unbelievable!

A couple of days ago Jay Leno was saying that Obama wants to hold Assad accountable. Leno asked: how in the world Obama will hold anyone accountable as they never employed any accountants in Obama administration   🙂

No wonder this NBC pro-Obama mafia is trying to get rid of Leno.

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Wait…..the US treasury doesn’t, “does not” have any records on the national debt? That’s pure genius. I’m going to add a note to my credit card payment saying “no record of this debt exists, and no cash exists to pay it, either”. Why haven’t I heard a SINGLE word of this on MSM?



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