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It’s too late to vote

Posted on | November 12, 2009 | 10 Comments

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Carl F. Worden
November 11, 2009
I realize I could get arrested for this or be “disappeared”, but somebody needs to write these words and get it over with:  It is way too late to vote or exercise your right to free speech if the goal is to restore our government to its constitutional intent.  We will have to resort to war and force of arms if that goal is to be realized, and I know that is something a lot of you don’t want to read, but unfortunately that is the only remaining option left to the American people unless, of course, they are willing to simply lay back and let this government continue to do what it will. 
I’m sure most of my readers will be familiar with the inspiring words of the Declaration of Independence, but they cannot fully understand the bravery of the men who penned that sacred document unless they delve into the everyday life of the American Colonists.  Signing the Declaration of Independence in that day was tantamount to placing a noose around one’s own neck to make it easier for the Red Coats to hang you.  In addition, many of those who signed the Declaration of Independence knew they were placing their closest loved ones and their personal fortunes in jeopardy, yet they willingly did it.  Why?  Because unlike us present day fools, they knew when to say when and they did indeed suffer extreme hardship and loss of both loved ones and personal fortunes in the process.  Believe me, they knew full well what they were getting into and they chose to do it anyway.
At least they presented the Brits with a document declaring the situation as untenable — like true gentlemen of the day would.  By doing so, they at least gave King George the opportunity to mend his ways if war was to be avoided.  Of course, the Colonists fully expected King George would tell them to go pack sand, but hey, at least they were more polite than the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, right? 
Just stop reading my words for a moment and try to place yourself in the Colonists’ boots at that time.  They had so much to lose by signing the Declaration of Independence that by today’s standards, almost any American on the street would call you a fool for placing yourself in that position — and what about your family, friends and personal property?  Wouldn’t you be placing all of them in jeopardy if you signed that declaration?  Don’t you love them?  Do you want to see them laid bare and homeless by your stubborness, arrogance and damned foolishness?  What kind of a father, husband and friend are you to place everything and everyone who trusts you in extreme danger if you sign that piece of paper?
“Don’t do it”, today’s average American will counsel you.  There are peaceful means the Founding Fathers and Framers left us, right?  We can vote the bad ones out of office and we can tell everyone how we feel by writing a blog or a letter to the editor of the local paper, right? Yeah right, maybe 50 or so years ago that had an effect, but it is way too late now, and I will explain why.
President Bill Clinton is the worst traitor to the American people who ever existed in United States history, and he did it without firing a shot or by giving our enemies important state defense secrets.  He did it by allowing the massive American and international corporations to take over the United States Government through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs, otherwise known as GATT.
Once those free trade agreements were signed into law by Clinton, the United States was no longer governed by our Constitution — by default.  Ever since 1994, multi-national corporations have called the shots in the U.S. including controling which candidates get to run for office, let alone win that office.  The corporations have so much more money and influence compared to the average American or even a political group or party, that there is no longer a balance of power anywhere to be found.
Let’s look at how impotent a national election really is nowadays.  First, you must remember that a member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election every two years, and Senators are re-elected every six years.  They have NO job security, which is what the Framers intended, but we now have vastly wealthy international corporations (thanks to those trade agreements) that make our elections a moot point and an honest-to-God waste of time.  It takes money to get a candidate elected, and corporate money is far more reliable than that of the average citizen or citizens’ group on the street, so any candidate can be sold via corporate influence and money to the local constituency.  Years ago it was true that all politics is local, but at best, that only applies to a candidate looking to get elected the first time.  After that first election, all politics is corporate, and you will soon understand why.
Now, what about that candidate voting for something his constituents will never forgive this year, like a “Public Option” health care reform bill?  Isn’t that kind of betrayal something the voters can do something about next election?  No, not anymore.
In today’s world, and after Clinton signed those free trade agreements, a single vote by a congressman or senator can be worth BILLIONS of dollars in profits to an international (formerly American) corporation, so if a congressman or senator balks at voting for a bill he knows his constuents will be furious about, the corporation can easily afford to offer that politician lifetime security and benefits if he loses office, and that promise usually comes in the form of a lifetime job at the corporation, a judgeship or maybe even being appointed Ambassador to some non-controversial nation like Sweden.  The bottom line is this:  You cannot control the way your elected representative votes anymore because you don’t have anything comparable to offer, get it??  You can ALWAYS be outbid if the issue is important enough to a multi-national corporation, and not only will that corporation keep its promises to the former representative who betrayed his constituents, but they will also fund the next candidate’s election to replace that guy!
But what about free speech; we still have that, don’t we?  Yessiree, we sure do, and our government is going to encourage keeping that free speech open and generally unopposed because using it makes people think they’ve accomplished something when in fact it is now as useless as a broken leg.  Sure, open up your e-mail every morning and free speech is up and running strong.  Open up your newspaper and you will find people urgently presenting their case to the editor, but does that accomplish what it did 50 years ago?  If you think so, I did a really bad job of writing the previous paragraph.  No, the politicians will give lip service to such free speech, even if it is massively against the politician’s stated position, but when it comes down to the wire, the multi-national corporations hold all the cards, including lifetime security for just one little vote.  Under the circumstances, how would you vote??  Only the most disciplined and principled people like Texas Representative Ron Paul will stick to their guns, and he is what; one out of 435 people, not including 100 senators?
If you do not fully understand the cause and development of a given problem, you cannot possibly be effective trying to fix that problem, and if you still think voting and free speech are a viable means of restoring the original intent of our Framers and the Constitution they created for us, then you are refusing to recognize the obvious because you know what it means to you and your loved ones if you do.
It means war.
Look, I’m a very practical guy with an uncanny grasp for the obvious, and if you take the time to carefully read the Declaration of Independence you will realize it is an accurate assessment of the situation facing the Colonists.  The Declaration of Independence is not a threatening or even inflammatory piece of writing at all.  It is a detailed account of the history between the King of England and the Colonists, the problems that existed, the efforts to correct those problems and the conclusion that, since it takes two to Tango and your partner doesn’t want to dance, it’s time to send him home.
And that is my assessment of this current state of affairs.  Right now our unconstitutional government is using the taxes we’ve been paying to keep the masses at bay through unemployment benefit extensions, because they KNOW that 20% real unemployment is a direct threat to them.  They know that if enough people lose their homes and cannot feed their children that the masses will probably rise up against them with arms, so as long as they can keep those unemployement checks trickling in until they can figure out a way to partially restore the American economy, so much the better.
The problem is that as long as the free trade agreements remain in force, the U.S. economy will NEVER regain the same numbers or the same quality of the jobs lost after those free trade agreements were signed into law by Clinton.  There is simply no other possible outcome, because the free trade agreements allowed our corporations to move offshore with our highest-paying working class manufacturing jobs — and they won’t be coming back unless the free trade agreements are abandoned and the corporations are told that if they want to sell to American consumers, they have to manufacture those goods in the United States.
Does that sound unreasonable, like maybe that revised aweful word called, “Protectionism“?  Well, let me explain to you that it was that policy of protectionism that allowed the U.S. to rise to the level of the highest standard of living in the world since we sent the Brits packing, and that since those free trade agreements were signed, our standard of living has been decreasing steadily.
The only remaining question is this:  Do we bother presenting our unconstitutional government with a Declaration of Independence of sorts, or do we just cut to the chase?
Carl F. Worden      


10 Responses to “It’s too late to vote”

  1. Ken B. (Fort Mill, SC)
    November 12th, 2009 @ 11:28 am

    Very good points. Especially the correlation between money and electability.

  2. Susan Carroll
    November 12th, 2009 @ 7:33 pm

    Excellent points made, could the documents being prepared by CC2009, be just those docs that throw down the gauntlet?

  3. Judith Bailey
    November 12th, 2009 @ 8:53 pm

    Senator Byrd made a speech on the Senate floor opposing this Free Trade Agreement. If I am not mistaken he made the statement in his speech that it would be the downfall of this country. I would love to get my hands on that speech. Looks like he was right.

  4. Martin Pinsky
    November 12th, 2009 @ 9:38 pm

    I don’t think Carl would get arrested for the above rant, it is actually quite innocuous and consists of twice told tales.

    If yoiu read the recent WND book Muslim mafia you will understand the essence and core of obama’s support. Obama is the sharp edge of a fifth column Muslim infiltration spear pushing its way into the heart of America and taking advantage of the PC mania and our laws that protect islamist jihadist scum.

    Obama is an islamist make no mistake and he is also a jihadist puppet for the ARAB oil interests and shariah banking network. The will back him with billions to avoid Alaska drilling of off shore drilling–yet this president gave $200 billion to Brazil to drill for oil and they struck a mother load and who is a primary stockeholder? America hater Soros–unfortunately still alive.

    After the Ft Hood tragedy Obama is avoiding answering questions on Afghanistan and is off the orient where he will surely meet with Arab agents in private to forge an understanding as to what is more useful to the taliban and al queda. That is the problem, he is a non citizen liar and traitor on the saudi payroll as was his step father soetoro.

    This felon liar in chief has to go–this sub rosa vampire sucking our blood needs good ole yankee light shined on his rapacious teeth.

    There is unlimited money here–and it can buy many in the media like reilly and Hannity –I think Rev Manning has a point. It was referred to as Wrath of God money offered to those who are for sale, the whores in our society

    Obama is a muslim first and last–his first interview was with a muslim TV station–he bowed and might as well have been kissing King Abdullah’s arse instead of his hand. And poor isreal? The immediate object of attack–our only reliable periscope in the mid east and he is breaking and assaulting her righteous stand after the 67 war.

    This cannot go on too much longer certainly has to be resolved before nov. 2010.

    Another thing stop worrying about federal agents coming to your door if you discuss various ways of treating this political infection and viral intrusion. You are NOT saying you will shoot him. You are not saying that you asre encouraging others to do that, but what is being said is that this is a violent country and a cursory examination of current history will reveal that Ford was the victim of two assassination attempts in one month. But for a half an inch Reagan would have been dead. This can be a violent country and it is surely a well armed country in the event a militia has to be formed to throw out UN or foreign troops on our soil in violation of US law0–as a matter of fact US law prohibits the USA from even being a member of the UN–another story.

    Obama is deluded and self convinced that he is the second coming or a julius caeser who would think nothing of bringing troops into Rome. His strings are being pulled no doubt because he is nobody from nowhere suddenly with not distinction at all , catapulted into the presidency with well paid off media complicity–all about money and souls for sale.

    Well sensible traditional people have faith in the system and want to remove him properly through election of indictment–not the political circus of impeachment. The courts seem not receptive across the board. So Holder must be pressed to appoint a independent special prosecutor like ken Starr–the ball less wonder- in a civil action as was done with Clinton, i.e., probable cause for presentation to a federal criminal grand jury ( as done to Clinton–who by the weay paid for his own defenxe out of pocket instead of like Obama using taxpayer money. The President is civilly liable–and can be indicted and arrested and put in prison– for one thing for social security fraud among others.

    In the very least there should be a massive march on washington with the sole objective of forcing him out of the white house forever. Constant vigil as someone in here suggested-he must be pressured constantly with simple statements on signs–focused statements– you are a felon, arrest yurself” Step down felon, and so on
    and stay there in shifts 24/7

    Holder the rascist pig needs to be pressured to appoint an independent prosecutor to pursuethe investigation with full investigatory powers-

    The Man and his claque have to go and soon before he kills our traditonal heart and souil entirely. Let us exhaust all legal aveneues first before we are forced to do what has to be done.


  5. Jerry Brown
    November 12th, 2009 @ 9:46 pm

    I say… “cut to the chase”

    Jerry Brown

  6. Louis McCarten
    November 12th, 2009 @ 11:39 pm

    I have a suggestion for the American people on how to take back their government from the clutches of the corrupt lunatics that currently comprise the US Congress and Democratic party.

    It won’t (in all probablility) involve armed warfare. It won’t involve voting either.

    Here’s what I think we should do:

    Note if you will that at the 912 Tea Party gathering in DC on 912 we had a showing of at least 2 MILLION American citizens. With a little elbow grease we could get 4 million down there–EASY. The majority of the American people and the US Military vehemently OPPOSE the current political practices of the Obama Administration and ARE willing to take action to bring them to heel.

    So next time here’s what we SHOULD DO: Assemble approximately 4 million US citizens in DC when Congress is in full session and
    use 1.5 million to blockade Capitol Hill and 500,000 to blockade the White House. Use 2 million as support staff to perform such tasks as provide relief for those participating in the blockade, bring food, water and changes of clothes and some armed backup if necessary (which is actually not as likely as you might suppose since the US military strongly opposes the policies of the Obama Administration and has ALREADY discussed forcing this administration out of office).

    The assemblers would not leave until we have forced 1-)the Congress to repeal ALL of the destructive legislation it has been passing this past year and 2-) members of the Obama Administration and the Congress resign unconditionally. If the members of the government refuse, we would remain blockading Capitol Hill and the White House until they run out of food and water–or if they exist via secret passages underground these passages can be closed off and and the government officials who ran away would held liable for job abandonment and replaced. Any way you slice it we got ’em.

    Among America’s 15 million unemployed there are probably plenty of qualified persons who can do what these people have been doing and we can get some (who will be forced to pass a Secutity Clearance which Barack Obama could NOT DO!!!)

    For the next year or two we can use a direct democratic process until we have things back in order.

    And I am a very strong proponent of internationally-oriented free trade on all fronts. Corporations are private property and should never be bound by protectionist policies. Trade generates at least 5 trillion dollars annually in income for the United States. By cutting off free trade the United States would be locking itself out of lucrative markets which are blossoming all over the world. Why the hell would we want to shut ourselves off from these?? The economic opportunities of free trade far outweigh the disadvantages of it and the rest of the world knows it and is propsering as a result of free trade practices. DO NOT LEAVE THE USA BEHIND which is what you would be doing by shutting off America’s international trade policies. By the way free trade is not new…New England states such as Rhode island and Massachusetts were growing wealthy off trade with the orient since the 1600s!!!!!!!!!

  7. kw
    November 13th, 2009 @ 2:40 am

    We haven’t exchanged messages for quite a while, Carl. It’s good that you continue to be on top of things and I will write that, as always, we’re not far apart with our assessments of the severity of the problem.

    Best regards.

  8. Gary Morrow
    November 13th, 2009 @ 9:49 am

    Tryanny is a lot more frightening than Revoluton…let’s roll…local militias and minutemen–prepare.

  9. Rick g
    November 13th, 2009 @ 1:38 pm

    Yup I couldn’t have stated the facts better, who is going to mobilize us, we need to unify before we start any kind of war, that’s the problem right now, but I think the unification is happening.

  10. Oathkeeper
    November 16th, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

    Nah, let’s wait until amnesty is granted and they all join the civilian national security farce. It’s about too late to out-organize the anti-American organizers.