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 -- Mahatma Gandhi

It is not about the religion or race, it is about integrity. Judges who aided and abetted Obama came both from Iran and Israel and American born

Posted on | January 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

Recently Obama regime started spreading ugly and untrue rumors that there is a vendetta against Obama and somehow the state of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  are behind all the challenges against Obama.

1. Obama himself released the Social Security number that he is using. Maybe he did it due to his own stupidity, but nevertheless he did and E-verify showed him using a Connecticut number 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him. Each and every expert, who looked at Obama’s alleged BC wrote an affidavit that it is a cheap computer generated forgery. His Selective Service certificate is a forgery. There is not an expert that would attest that Obama has any valid IDs. So, no matter who says it, at the core of the issue is the evidence against Obama, which is damning and indisputable.

2. Several judges, who aided and abetted Obama, came from different backgrounds. One of these judges is Charles Marginis, who was born and raised in Israel. One of Obama’s advisers, Rahm Emanuel, lived in Israel. So, this is not a vendetta by the state of Israel against Obama, this is the truth against the usurper and squatter Obama. You can see the bio of Judge Marginis below. I do not care, where the judge came from: Judge Malihi is a Muslim and he came from Iran, Judge Marginis is Jewish  and came from Israel, Judge Clay D. Land is a WASP, Judge David O. Carter is a Catholic, Judge Lamberth is a WASP.

Bottom line, these judges aided and abetted treason, aided and abetted the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency    by a foreign national with all forged IDs. Neither one of them issued an order to compel production of the original IDs. Because of these judges a foreign usurper was able to sit at the helm of the U.S. government. I do not care  what is the religion of the judge. Regardless of his ethnic background or religion or race, if he violated his oath of office to support the U.S. Constitution, if he subverted the U.S. Presidency to a foreign usurper, he has to be held accountable. You can see the bio of judge Marginis, who aided and abetted Obama below, it shows him being born in Tel Aviv. It is not the land of Israel against Obama. It is the truth and justice against Obama and against the bureaucrats and  judges who aided and abetted him.



COUNTY. Succeeded to court upon majority vote of judges in county [pursuant to Prop.

220] to convert Municipal Courts to Superior Courts, effective August 10, 1998.  Appointed to Central Orange County Municipal Court (succeeding Judge Randell L. Wilkinson, elevated) by Governor Wilson May 25, 1993 (oath June 8, 1993), and elected in 1994.


: Prior to appointment, served several days a year as Judge pro tempore, Orange  County  Juvenile  Court,  1981-92.      Private  law  practice  (sole  practitioner, concentrating on criminal defense, but handling some personal injury cases); Santa Ana, CA, 1984-93; and Orange, CA, 1981-94. Deputy Public Defender, Orange County, 1975-

81.  Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, 1992.


J.D. (1974), University of California, Los Angeles (Westwood); B.A. (1970, English), University of California, Los Angeles (Westwood). Admitted to California Bar December 20, 1974.


California Judges Association, 1993- ; Federal Bar Association, 1991- ; Orange County Bar Association, since 1976; (co-chair Gender Equity Committee, 1977- present; member, Judiciary Committee, 1987-89); and Orange County Trial Lawyers’ Association, 1993- . Former member, Executive Board, TODOS Hospital Support Group,


Born: August 4, 1949; Tel Aviv, Israel, and immigrated with family to United States in 1961; Married (physician).   Three sons.   Enjoys exercising, jogging, bicycling and volleyball.  Republican.

Office: 700 Civic Center Drive West, P.O. Box 1994, Santa Ana, CA 92702-1994. Telephone (714) 834-3734 (general number).


2 Responses to “It is not about the religion or race, it is about integrity. Judges who aided and abetted Obama came both from Iran and Israel and American born”

  1. Redd E,Kilowatt
    January 13th, 2013 @ 6:12 am

    Judge England belongs on this wall of shame too.

  2. Usurper Facts
    January 13th, 2013 @ 10:59 am

    The facts of the White House Marxist and his entourage are explicitly demonstrated at this link. http://vimeo.com/couchmode/user2695043/videos/sort:date/52009124 .
    The link shows the organizational chart of the WH Marxist’s lineage in various socialist/communist organizations. The status of Bill Ayers is clearly evident in the communist agenda dating back to the early 1900s. Ayers, along with the communist history has aided the usurpation of American principles by lying in a book that he himself created for the Maxist puppet in the White House.
    If American principles are to be upheld then the defense of the American Republic is needed, to be able to keep American in conformity to the Judeo/Christian “Ten Commandments”.

    The first governor of the colonies, named Bradford, was apprehensive about creating a ‘capitalist’ system in America. Bradford believed that ‘capitalism’ would save the colonies only because of the “moral” inclinations of the colonist.

    Later on and after many years of colonist participating in the new self governing “Republic” a French diplomat arrived in America, so that he would be able to view and understand this new phenomenon of self governance by the colonist.
    De Toqueville stated that the new governing experience would only work if the colonist maintained their “moral” focus …. else capitalism would fail.

    See the story of how the WH Marxist is a tool of the communist to aid them in destroying American principles by destroying the ‘moral’ fabric of America. The WH Marxist is what he is … and by his words he is a MUSLIM/MARXIST aligned with his other Marxist Muslim “Odinga” of Kenya who is accused of initiating a civil war in Kenya where many ‘Christians were slaughtered by Kenyan Muslims.

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