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Is there a witch hunt aimed at JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon? Isn’t JP Morgan doing the same in China as many did in the U.S. by hiring Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son as a lobbyist?

Posted on | August 17, 2013 | 3 Comments

Is there a witch hunt aimed at JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon? Isn’t JP Morgan doing the same in China as many did in the U.S. by hiring Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son as a lobbyist?

I am seeing more and more reports of attacks on JP Morgan and I am getting more and more curious and suspicious whether there is another bank or a group of banks behind those attacks.

First, let me make it perfectly clear. I do not bank with JP Morgan, have no connection to JP Morgan and do not have a dog in the fight. Just as it is with other aspects of economy, I simply observe and write about my observations.

We are seeing a consolidation in most industries going towards the new world order.

Banking industry is a great example of such consolidation. Let’s remember the 2008 crisis.   All major investment banks engaged in derivatives sales. All of them were pushing garbage NINJA loans (NoIncome, No Job, No Assets ) loans given to minorities and others. Maybe Lehman had a bit different accounting system, which was considered funky by some, but at the core everyone was doing the same “luft geshefts”, all of the big banks were peddling the same NINJA loans, packaging and repackaging them, bundling and rebundling them and selling as bonds all over the world. All of the banks were bailed out aside from Lehman brothers, major competitor of Goldman Sacks. Who decided to bail out everyone else but Lehman Brothers? Of Course the Goldman Sacks man, Secretary of Treasury during Bush administration Hank Paulson.

Now it is very tight at the top. There are only very few competitors left: JP Morgan, Citibank, Bof A, Wells Fargo, Goldman. JP considered to be the largest based on its’ assets. Could it be that a behind the scenes attack was launched by others in the group?

Yet again, all of these banks are doing pretty much the same, however all hell brakes lose and multiple investigations are conducted by the feds and Senate Banking committee of JP Morgan.

One thing is worth noting: the Pres of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon was critical of Obama administration and its’ witch hunt of successful entrepreneurs. In 2012 Dimon stated that he is barely a Democrat. Not so long ago Dimon published an article, where he stated that if a man steals from a bank, he goes to prison. If a bank steals from the people, it gets a stimulus with the taxpayer money. The regime removed this article immediately. Even Drudge removed it within a day, which pretty much confirmed my suspicion that Drudge is also controlled and censored.

Going back to JP Morgan.   It is accused of hiring children of high ranking Chinese officials in order to drum up business in China. Not to say that I support it, but let’s be realistic. Everybody is doing exactly the same in China and everywhere else for that matter.

Why did companies pay Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, millions upon millions for his lobbying business? Was it because Hunter Biden was a genius? Please, give me a brake. The only reason Hunter Biden was paid millions, was so he will talk to his dad and his dad’s buddies.

Nearly every senator and many congressmen and governmental officials have same types of deals, same lobbying positions for their friends and families and board positions upon retirement.

Former director of Selective Service William Chatfield, who covered up Obama’s fabricated Selective Service certificate, got a golden parachute sitting on a board of some biotech company. What connection does he have to biotech? Pretty much the same connection as I do to space travel.

After Obama as a state senator secured a million for a year loan for the Chicago university hospital, Michelle Obama got a $340,000 a year position of the board of the same hospital? How much knowledge does Michelle have in medicine? Probably as much as she does in Chinese philosophy of the 11 th century. Yet she sat on the board and got a third of a mil salary.

Corruption is more widespread in the third world countries and one party regimes. If you recall Occidental Petroleum had a de facto monopoly in trade with the Soviet Union. Its’ chair, Armand Hammer was a communist or claimed to be a communist, was a personal friend of Lenin.

Noteworthy is the fact that Hammer was also tight with Al Gore senior and pretty much underwritten Al Gore’s junior’s career.

Sadly U.S. is becoming a de facto one party system. Elections fraud is widespread. On top of that leading republicans in Congress are indistinguishable from Democrats, they are de facto the Dems in drag, so corruption is rampant.

So why is JP Morgan targeted and singled out. My nagging suspicion is  that one of the banks at the top or a group of them figured that things quieted down after the fall of Lehman Brothers and it might be time to get rid of another competitor and they are using the feds as a tool.

Of course I might be wrong. Maybe the JP’s London headquarters building   at 25 Bank street is just cursed. By a weird coincidence the building headquartered Enron an and later Lehman Brothers. we all know what happened to them. Maybe there is  a wrong feng shui in the building or maybe they simply need a mezuza on the front door…

JPMorgan hiring in China under U.S. scrutiny – report

REUTERS – U.S. authorities have opened an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase & Co(NYS:JPM) hired the children of powerful Chinese officials to help it win business in China, the New York Times said …


3 Responses to “Is there a witch hunt aimed at JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon? Isn’t JP Morgan doing the same in China as many did in the U.S. by hiring Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son as a lobbyist?”

  1. Davey Crockett
    August 17th, 2013 @ 11:53 pm

    Geez-us…this is very strange! How is it that anyone would have the guts to go after Morgan & (Chase-which is Rockefeller, even though he’s retired)?

    And Orly: Feng shui??? LOL! I do have my apt. arranged that way, somewhat?! And…

    okay, I’ll bite: what’s a mezuza? Is that like hanging garlic on a door, to keep the bank vampires away??? LOL! 🙂

  2. Thomas
    August 18th, 2013 @ 5:36 am

    Many of the Financial Institutions you mentioned BofA,Wells Fargo,Citi Bank ect.) were caught GIVING Home Loans to Illegals…I read a while back about Wells LAUNDERING Money for The Mexican Drug Cartel. The wife and I changed banks after this came to light. We found a LOCAL Bank, No connection to the Big Criminal Enterprise.

  3. Ed.O
    August 18th, 2013 @ 6:16 pm

    Orly, I was about to ask the same questions as Davey Crocket above asks?—–Also as I posted elsewhere I learn much on your site. I had no idea about JP Morgan being investigated. Your bringing this up on your site taught me something I consider important to know. And Yes, your explanation sounds very reasonable plus it correlates with the One World Order.

    Ed O.

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