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Is Obama’s decision to destroy 80% of our nuclear arsenal, a payoff to an Iranian Muslim judge, who had Obama cornered with no identification papers and let Obama got scot-free???

Posted on | February 15, 2012 | 14 Comments

Farrar corrected proposed summary of law and fact

Farrar v Obama Transcript of the 01.26.2012 hearing

Farrar v Obama Exhibits in case file

Appeal to Secretary of State Kemp

Farrar appeal to Fulton county

As you know, Barack Obama was cornered in the state of Georgia on January 26, 2012. I issued a subpoena for Obama to appear at trial and produce valid certified copies of his long form birth certificate, redacted application for the Ct SSN 042-68-4425, which he is using, his passport and immigration records. Obama did not appear, did not produce any documents. According to GA law the candidate had to produce documents. Even if I were to produce nothing, the judge had to rule in my favor, as Obama did not produce anything to prove his eligibility. I went further and produced 208 pages of evidence and at my own expense of over $11,000 flew 7 witnesses from all over the nation. I flew in another attorney and computer/projector tech support person, we conducted a mock trial a day before the hearing (some witnesses arrived late due to airport delays and did not participate in mock trial).  I brought a senior deportation officer, who testified, that with anybody else, he would be seeking a warrant for an arrest and deportation considering fraud in use of identification papers, such as observed with Obama.    See the documents and transcripts attached, showing Obama using a stolen CT Social Security number, which was issued to a resident of CT born in 1890, as well as using a computer generated forgery instead of a valid birth certificate. Obama not only was supposed to be removed from the ballot, he was supposed to be sent to prison at the very minimum. When I am saying prison, I am being very generous.

Suddenly this corrupt judge decided that Obama can be on the ballot. I researched the background of this judge and found out that he is an Iranian Muslim, who live in Boston and went to Boston University law school the same time as Obama went to Harvard. There is a good possibility that judge Michael Malihi and Barack Obama knew each other for some time. While there ae bios of every judge in the administrative court of GA, there is no bio for Malihi. There is no evidence of him working for any firms. There is a serious concern, serious question,  whether former governor of GA, Democrat Zell Miller got some type of consideration to put Malihi in the position of an administrative judge without Malihi having sufficient experience. More importantly, there is a bigger question, what consideration did Obama give to Malihi, in order to keep Obama on the ballot without any valid identification papers, and not forward all of this information to the DA and AG for criminal prosecution of Obama.

Yesterday, only a few days after the trial, as I just filed an appeal of Malihi’s decision, Obama announced, that he plans destruction of 80% of the US nuclear weapons arsenal. This unilateral insane disarmament will make U.S. less armed, than China. The question is, who is judge Michael Malihi, does he still have ties with the radical Muslim government of Iran? Did Obama make a deal to destroy 80% of the U.S. nuclear weapons in exchange for Malihi keeping him on the ballot as a Presidential candidate and not sending him to prison for use of forged Social Security card, forged long form birth certificate, elections fraud, wire fraud, Social Secuity fraud and other related crimes?

Please, call each and every member of Congress, each govertnor, Attorney General, go with this evidence to grand juries, to each and every radio and TV station and news paper. This nationb is being destroyed from within. We have to act now, before it is too late.

Download this evidence and personally take to your county , state and federal grand juries. Schedule meetings with your election board members and appear at the meetings, go to your sheriffs, DA and AG and hand deliver the documents and demand a time and date stamp on the front page of the pleadings. What is being done to this nation, is the highest level of treason, this has to be prosecuted ASAP.


14 Responses to “Is Obama’s decision to destroy 80% of our nuclear arsenal, a payoff to an Iranian Muslim judge, who had Obama cornered with no identification papers and let Obama got scot-free???”

  1. A. Nalingus
    February 15th, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    Are you saying that, after ALL that, Judge Malihi found your arguments to be un-pursuasive?

    Never may that happen!!!

    You should contact him, Orly, and tell him that on the advice of YOUR attorney, you find his ruling to be UN-reliable.

    Then WE the PEOPLE can force Obama’s name off of the ballot by scribbling it out when WE go to the polls next Nov. 12.

  2. Bloodless Coup
    February 15th, 2012 @ 10:13 am

    I don’t think it’s pay off to the judge Orly.

    I believe that it has always been Obama’s mission to destroy our country from within.

    He is the Manichurian President.

  3. Morton
    February 15th, 2012 @ 11:06 am

    Orly, even if the judge sided with you, he was only in a position to recommend Obama’s removal of the ballot, he was not in a position to send him to prison. It was a hearing, not a trial.

  4. Tony Curl
    February 15th, 2012 @ 11:34 am

    This is just fucking crazy. How much alcohol do you drink for breakfast?

  5. orly taitz
    February 15th, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

    very funny

  6. Bloodless Coup
    February 15th, 2012 @ 12:23 pm

    Orly, Obama has been trying to disarm us since the first day he got elected.

    It really has nothing to do with Judge Malihi.

    It has always been a part of Obama’s plan to try to destroy our country from within.

  7. Larry
    February 15th, 2012 @ 2:22 pm

    Orly…there is a man in Missouri that has the best chance of getting him off the ballot…because Hector Maldonado who ran for office and had to prove his eligibility to be on the ballot in 2010 and he is wanting Obama to have to do the same.I seen on the internet the letter saying for him to prove himself fro the state of Missour.
    He also brings up the saying by the POTUS…of every body playing by ther same rules.

  8. Where Do They Find These Traitors???
    February 15th, 2012 @ 3:53 pm

    It’s a payoff to China, I believe. Financial backing for bankrupting America with his and the GOP’s Socialist insane policies piad for with funny money backed by Chinese buying our junk bond treasury notes (DEBT) in exchange for giving China military superiority. Obama’s paving the way for the eventual military overthrow of this nation by a joint exercise of the Chinese and Russian military, as countless Christian prophets have foretold.

  9. Veritas
    February 15th, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

    And could it be Islamic Triumphalism?

    Get into office under the guise of “eligible,” subverting the system and knowing that by the time people rediscover the Constitution, he will have been able to disarm America.

    When the United States stops being a beacon of liberty and justice, he can say he did a “good job” even if was all a ruse right under the noses of an incompetent Congress, self promoters in public office, and a complicit press.

  10. janita f.
    February 15th, 2012 @ 11:19 pm

    This is truly insane ………….how is Obama still in office after acting like a dictator? He is a full blown communist we need the military to physically throw his skinny ass out and thrown in prison!

  11. john
    February 16th, 2012 @ 4:43 am

    Judge Malihi is an American; his religious practices are none of your business.
    FYI, the Presidential budget will not “destroy 80% of our nuclear arsenal”; it does present the option to reduce our nuclear arsenal to less than the maximum allowed by the START treaty. That’s a little harder to understand, isn’t it? The facts often are.

  12. Veritas
    February 16th, 2012 @ 5:45 am

    Oh, “john,” how “fahrblunget” you are. No one cares if Malihi is Muslim, a Scientologist or an Amish. But one MUST ask, given his deficient understanding of the case, and his Obama-centric ruling (which smacks of DHIMMITIZATION)WHAT his AFFILIATIONS are…


  13. MinutemanCDC_SC
    February 17th, 2012 @ 7:02 pm

    The rich rules over the poor,
    And the borrower is servant to the lender.
    – Proverbs 22:7

    1. Sun Tzu said: In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. . .
    2. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
    – The Art of War by Sun Tzu, section III.

    Elsewhere, Chinese strategists discussed the use of debt and intrigue and China’s huge population to wage financial warfare to topple nations without firing a shot. The Chinese hold close to a trillion dollars in T-bills alone, so China has the U.S. in a deep hole financially. China can crash the U.S. economy – the idol of most Americans – by dumping T-bills in a financial act of war.

    Thus, it behooves the dupes and useful idiots in charge in Washington to hew to the line that the Chinese mark,

    whether to facilitate and encourage the relocation of U.S. manufacturing to China,

    whether to restrain the rise of the debt ceiling to accommodate Chinese investment rather than the needs of the American people,

    and whether to reduce – even unilaterally – military might, in the form of U.S. air superiority, aircraft carriers and guided missile frigates, satellites and computer technology, nuclear submarines and nuclear warheads, and the retention of the best and brightest and most experienced in the heat of battle.

    It should be obvious to everyone that the United States is run today for the benefit of the moneyed interests, whether they be the Chinese capitalists, the Saudi royals, the Eurocentric globalist financiers and religious hierarchy, and yes, even the financial pressure that keeps the border open, whether from the U.S. employers of illegal aliens or from organizations which act as proxies for the drug cartels.

    And it should come as no surprise that the government, even the judicial branch, serves the moneyed interests rather than We the People, whose only clout is restricted to the month before the elections. So don’t suspect a conspiracy between the U.S. Dept. of Energy and Georgia Judge Malihi. It’s just the way things work in the earthly realm where the dollar is king, where he who has the gold makes the rules.

  14. Priscilla
    February 21st, 2012 @ 10:29 am

    Since the Federal Reserve is based on fraud…any debt this country has is on the heads of the Private Bankers..
    Obama is protected and encouraged by the Banking Cartel..George Soros leads them. Saudi is part of the Banking Cartel..so is the Vatican.

    The FBI won’t do their job anymore and haven’t for eons now.

    Exposing Obama and his Kenyan statis is helpful in waking up the citizens..but they don’t know how to fight this abuse since you are having the same trouble with the courts.

    Go ORLY!! YOu ROCK!! and I will forward all your information to my friends and family to wake them up!! Hell is coming! The years of tribulation are just ahead..but it says the BAD GUYS will be the ones uprooted..but lots of good guys will die by fire in the effort of it all.

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