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“If you are fined, I and all other decent Americans are fined

Posted on | October 16, 2009 | 9 Comments

Judge Land’s sanction may entitle you discovery

Friday, October 16, 2009 5:02 AM From:Dear Orly,


There was an eligibility case in which Judge James Robertson threatened to impose sanctions on attorney John D. Hemenway.


In this WND article:


it says:

John D. Hemenway also had suggested that if there were to be sanctions, court rules would allow him to require the release of Obama’s birth information.

“If the court persists in pressing Rule 11 procedures against Hemenway, then Hemenway should be allowed all of the discovery pertinent to the procedures as court precedents have permitted in the past,” he wrote to the judge.

“The court has referred to a number of facts outsideof the record of this particular case and, therefore, the undersigned is particularly entitled to a hearing to get the truth of those matters into the record. This may require the court to authorize some discovery,” Hemenway said.

Orly , are there any technicalities that will entitle you to discovery, due to Judge Land ’s sanction?


Anyway, I will be sending you a check today. If you are fined, I and all other decent Americans are fined too.


God bless you!


Carlos Vazquez


Dear Mr. Vasquez,

I will clearly appeal this mockery of justice. Judge Land was totally dishonest and misstated and misrepresented 99% of what was written in the pleadings and what transpired during the hearings. He broke and violated each and every rule in the book: his own local rules, clear precedents, rule of law and Constitution in order to appease this Kenyan dictator and his regime. Will the Circuit Court of Appeals be less corrupt, remains to be seen. We have seen total dereliction of duties by so many in the Federal government, nothing will surprise me. Normally I would be entitled to file a motion before the trial judge to Alter the Judgment, in this matter of sanctions, however I believe it might be futile to go to the same judge and it might be better to go directly to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.    Land has contradicted himself time and again. On one hand he is stating that punishment would require another judge to look at the record, however he refuses to recuse himself while imposing $20,000 sanctions without giving me sufficient time to respond, to request a hearing, to show that rule 11 sanctions are not only not warranted but constitute complete travesty of justice. Rule 11 sanctions are applied when an attorney didn’t do sufficient inquiry, sufficient investigation prior to filing a case. Readers of this website know that nobody on this planet did as much inquiry as I did, prior to filing this case.   This is appalling. What is more appalling, is that Land is saying that he will give this $20,000 to some private charity that supposedly benefits the military.  What does he think? Does he think that each and every member of US military is a complete idiot and cannot see through this thinly veiled attempt to appease the military. Land is de facto telling each and every member of US military: “I will take all your constitutional rights away from you. You have no right to question any unlawful order. You  have to act as a dumb robot obeying each and every order coming from this Kenyan dictator, however I will throw you a bone, I will take $20,000 from your attorney and will give it to some foundation. Take a bone and be a good and obedient dogie, be quiet.”

Thank you Mr. Vasquez for your support. I hope that this attempt to silence me backfires against this corrupt regime. I hope people wake up and demonstrate and demand an immediate court hearing, immediate release of all of Obama’s records, demand to uphold their 1, 4, 5, 9 Amendment rights .   I hope more members of US military and civilians sign up as additional plaintiffs. I am doing this pro bono. There is no set fee to join the legal action. We need more people with standing: people who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan since January the 20th, people who were wounded after January the 20th, people who lost their car dealerships, people who lost their homes in foreclosure or paying mortgages while the banks are triple dipping by collecting mortgages, selling the notes and getting money in stimulus packages; while returning members of the military come home and have no jobs, no homes and no savings, while half a million Americans lose their jobs every month, while according to estimates  we have more foreclosures then during the Great Depression, while all American jobs are shipped to China, India and Philippines, while most of our energy   comes from the Middle East and we are just fed the slogans of Hope and Change.



9 Responses to ““If you are fined, I and all other decent Americans are fined”

  1. Denise Hoagland
    October 16th, 2009 @ 9:59 am

    Wonderful response Orly. What’s going on in this country is absurd. The illegal in office sits on his hands while our brave military puts their lives on the line each and every day. I’ve simply had it. I’ve had it with the judicial system passing the buck or simply pulling crap in order to not hear any eligibility case. I’ve had it with elected officials ignoring the peoples voices and trying to cram government run health care down our throats and with the government run media feeding us lies. I’m tired of paying taxes so the government can apply them to pork barrel spending and I’m tired of the radicals in this administration ignoring our Constitution. I now know why you and your family left Russia. THIS SUCKS! I’d rather be called a right wing extremist, a teabagger or a nut job “birther” than be considered a part of the corrupt piece of crap we call government. Where are the descent people? There have to more than what we saw 9/12 converge on Washington D.C. I would think each and every citizen being screwed by this admin. would speak out and loudly. I guess they will wait until something is taken away from them or a freedom they have enjoyed for years is gone.

    No one could ever thank you enough for the work you have done and continue doing. I hope you don’t ever get overwhelmed and decide to quit. We would all be doomed. One can only pray that Judge Carter keeps up to date on the happenings in our beloved country and feels as disgusted as I. He has the power to help restore our nation to it’s greatness…if he will only use it.

    Thanks for letting me blow off some steam today. My family prays for you and all involved in attempting to salvage our country on a daily basis. I have supported you financially when I can and will continue doing so but is getting harder as the feds take more of our money. My 7 year olds wish for Christmas is to see mommy happy by removing obozo from office. How sad is that?

    We appreciate what you are doing so greatly. When our country is free again, we shall have a victory party in your honor. Personally, it will be my very own Independence Day.

    God be with you.
    Denise Hoagland

  2. Mrs. L
    October 16th, 2009 @ 11:04 am

    Dr. Orly,
    PLEASE LISTEN to the recording of OCT 7th at-


    It talks about “inland piracy”. If a judge is committing piracy, the sentence is life in prison for that judge.

    I came across recordings that someone posted in the comments of repubx.com. Not sure if this will help you or not. All the recordings at


    God bless you

  3. Bob
    October 16th, 2009 @ 12:41 pm

    “What is more appalling, is that Land is saying that he will give this $20,000 to some private charity that supposedly benefits the military.”

    Since when does a fine imposed by a judge becomes the judges private money to distribute as he sees fit ?

  4. will
    October 16th, 2009 @ 1:37 pm

    FINED? who is this idiot who thinks he can hide the truth behind a fine and hopefully stop others from persuing the truth… and what the **** gives this idiot the right to say what happens to the fines… wouldnt that be against the law for him to dictate how fines are spent?

    having said that what is $20,000 anyhow? tell this *&^%&^% who calls himself a judge that people who follow and believe you number a whole lots more than that and each of us could well afford ONE DOLLAR plus the cost of a stamp to mail it to you… that would be really cheap a fine to me if you can make this idiot prove why you are being fined.. make him produce evidence of you being wrong …



  5. Harry H
    October 16th, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

    Thanks for the explanation, Orly. Sensible citizens know it is Judge Land, not you, who is guilty of misconduct. Since the law under which he holds tenure specifies that his tenure is limited to his own “good conduct,” he should be defrocked, disrobed, and cast on the dung-heap of history.

  6. Jack Eggmann
    October 16th, 2009 @ 3:11 pm


  7. Regina
    October 16th, 2009 @ 6:10 pm

    The best charitable gift Judge Land could do for the military is to prosecute BHO for fraud and treason and put him in jail for life. I’m afraid if this man is left to go free, he will become an even more threat to America if he is sent back to either Kenya or Indonesia. Judge Land, your generous charity contribution to our miliary…by prosecuting BHO…would, also, give our troops a legal commander-in-chief who loves, respects and protects them and who would shout to the world about America’s ‘Christian’ goodness and greatness.

    Besides getting BHO ousted from office, there is another problem which America needs to address. All you would have to do is follow the trails of the Bilderberg Group members and the elite bankers, which all lead back to BHO. They got BHO elected and control him, Congress and our judical system. If you don’t take care of that problem, they could elect another BHO puppet and we are back in the same situation we are in now, unfortunately.

  8. janita florez
    October 16th, 2009 @ 6:11 pm

    Orly is our messiah and I say stand behind her and fight america every day I call my representives and the whitehouse congressmen write letters and voice my opionions loud and clear!!!

    the latina who is never afriad of this idiot in cheif!!

  9. Adate
    October 17th, 2009 @ 12:12 am

    Man, Orly you really stuck it to them!
    Obama better run and hide
    Or else he will find himself thrown out!
    Never before have I been so ashamed of the U.S..
    But I believe in great Americans.
    America is better than this.
    Time to stand up against the impostor.