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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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 -- Mahatma Gandhi

I demanded answers to these questions from Dawn Wiggins, FOIA officer with SSA, no answer from SSA, no answer from judge Royce Lamberth for 2 months.

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That 7/55 on the Hamilton is not a 55, but a 65. It is a result of a bad scan. If it were a 55, both 5’s would be the same height and width. The first “5″ is wider and longer than the second “5″. They are clearly not the same numbers. If you go to the bottom of the page at this site :


it shows that it is actually a 6.

This leaves us with another form in the 50’s that has Revised 7-65 written on it ( though the provenance of this form is not known) . One thing interesting about the “Hamilton” SS-5 form. If you look the number up on the SS Death Index, the name is listed as Harrison, not Hamilton.

It could be the 7-65 was just a misprint on some of the forms that were printed up, or this “Hamilton” form is a fake used to support the Revised 55 theory ( which has already been shown is not a 55, but a 65 )


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