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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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-- Thomas Jefferson

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Huge! 99% of the Tea Party members doubt Obama’s identification papers and feell HI should release the original BC and the original microfilm. I hope all of these people will vote for me on June 5th in CA primary

Posted on | May 29, 2012 | 2 Comments


3:50 AM (7 hours ago)



May 29, 2012 TPATH


May 29, 2012 TPATH – Before you scroll down and read the astounding and ultimately devastating poll results, here is a bit of background on its structure and why it was taken.  It will be quite clear too, why the mainstream media will not take a poll like this, as it will show they are losing the battle of secrecy they have been waging against our people.

A few weeks ago TPATH posted an open letter to Glenn Beck in response to his openly condescending remarks concerning the on going birth and forgery issues of one, Barack Hussein Obama.  Typical of the mainstream news media, Beck belittled, in pure Alinsky fashion, the patriots of this country who  care about the complete Constitution, and not just selective, convenient sections.

Our point in writing the letter was to ask Glenn to post questions to his viewers and readers of the Blaze, which would let him see the large percentage of his “people” which have not been convinced that the Usurper, is in fact, not an usurper.

As one who has spent almost 4 years investigating this fraud they call the President, even I was flabbergasted at the outcome of this poll.

Of course this  was not scientific.  Far from it.  For certain most of the participants are regular readers of TPATH or were sent the link by them.  This group is comprised of hardworking Americans who consider themselves, for the most part, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Capitalists, Republicans and even a few Libertarians.  Very few Marxists and forgers visit TPATH.

This was an on line poll with no restrictions except the participant had to supply an email address so as to prevent multiple votes by one person. Two votes per email were permitted to allow for those who only have one email.  Votes which did not have a viable email address were rejected and not counted.

The poll was up for one week.

From May 19 ~ May 27, 2012




1- Are you convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii?

Total votes -2536

NO:  2,510            98.9% YES:      26              1.0%

2- Do you think Hawaii should release the microfilm record of  Obama’s birth?

Total votes 2539

NO:          37         1.49% YES:    2,502        98.50%

3- Do you think such microfilm exists?

Total votes 2534

NO:             1,781    70.2% NOT SURE :     190     7.5% YES:                563    22.2%

4- Do you think Obama is hiding facts concerning his birth?

Total votes 2535

NO:         25        1.01% YES:   2,510       98.9%

5- Do you think Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be president?  Total votes 2535

NO:    2,497     98.4% YES:        38       1.5%



2 Responses to “Huge! 99% of the Tea Party members doubt Obama’s identification papers and feell HI should release the original BC and the original microfilm. I hope all of these people will vote for me on June 5th in CA primary”

  1. Veritas
    May 29th, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

    Who would not doubt Obama?

    Look how merrily his evil elves prance upon the Constitution!

    What happened to the Establisment Clause?

    from Drudge:

    Holder to brief black pastors on campaigning for Obama…

  2. Martin Pinsky
    May 30th, 2012 @ 6:45 am

    Beside destroying this country he is destroying his party and turning it into the communist party USA. The Dumbacrats now completely relise he is a loose cannon and a distinct liabilty to their party with absolutely no hope of winning—they will lose the presidency and both houses this next election-SOOOO., they have to either dump him or abandon ship–as in his administration inevitably sinking. I hope Arpaio arrests him for felony fraud with his SS card. The thing to remember and keep focused on– because he cannot answer this–is why on his first day in office and as his first official act he sealed all his records and his wife’s–don’t recall voting for her. She was as you disbarred and involved in fraud in psycho thugland Chicago where Obama’s boyfriend Donald Young as executed gangstyle a day before Obama got started campaigning. Young was an avowed homosexual. One month before he was killed another Trinity church attendee–a black homosexual was executed. And there was a third– entire black homo community was in an uproar in chicago–espcially at the old established homo bathhouse rahn and Obama attended. The Secret Service–like watergate burglars scrubed the bath house records of obama and rahn info. Obama is such a hypocrite — like Newt said a bad combo to have an incompetent and radical in office. I think he will promote a race riot, declare martial law and call out the troops. He has overridden the state control of the national guard essentially federalizing them. He will probably cancel the election. His own party wants to find a way to dump him and install–who else?-Hillary. Why this country tolerates this man is something to punder. No protests outside the white house–or as close as you can get lately with new directives. Really a brain dead america. No bastille day, -How did mussolini fare? Ther was a stampede to get him. Here we have a president who has his own Brownshirt SA in this bogus Homeland security–always meddling and looking for a reason to justify their existance—many of who will present Naval ID but say they are civilian employees–their boss? The Military. A word to the wise–short of an invasion and foreign acts of war direct on US territory, if you see an armed uniformed soldier on your property without permission–tell him to leave or go in your hoiuse and get your weapon to further encourage him to vacate your PRIVATE property. Watch this traitor Obama, this guy -this maniacal egotist is not going to walk quietly into the night of oblivion. Maybe he was will away Key Largo to the Ruissians before he leaves–if he ever leaves. A dangerous man bearing close observation.He has all the ingredients of a treacherous usurper. Al, he was and has been was a puppet for Soros and Saudi oil interets whose wrath of God recycled gas monies have just about bought and sold every vital position and news media– Was not as bad with Pravda and izvestia in Stalin wildman days. Soros is the enemy of the USA and most parts of the world– the bastard sold out his own jews in a concentration camp–keeps good company this Obama wouldn’t you say?

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