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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
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 -- Mahatma Gandhi

From Slate magazine, an article by David Weigel and a response to Ben Crair of “The Daily Beast” , why my work is important and why I cannot be compared to Alvin Greene

Posted on | November 23, 2010 | 1 Comment

…”But let’s suspend the rule and spend a couple more minutes on Taitz/Greene to suss out just how lazy Crair’s criticism is. Why are Orly Taitz and Alvin Greene comparable at all? Taitz is not really a politician. She’s a judicial activist who has traveled the country to raise awareness of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy and recruit legislators who want to investigate it. I’ve watched her do this in Nashville, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C. And she’s actually had some success. In March 2009, Missouri state representative Tim Jones signed onto one of Taitz’s first civil suits over the birth certificate conspiracy. This month, Jones became speaker of the state House. Taitz is easy to mock, but in the new year, we’re going to get a sense of how influential she was in pushing this stuff into the agendas of state legislators.

There is really no reason to compare Greene to Taitz. Greene is an unemployed manwho left a career in the military over questions about his competence. He has no coherent thoughts on politics, and behaves strangely in interviews and media appearances. He’s been indicted on obscenity charges for allegedly showing pornography to a young college student. As far as I can tell he gets media coverage for the same reason that TV reporters travel to Punxsutawney, Penn. on February 2, or the reason you used to be able to pay a nickel at the fairground to watch the World’s Fattest Woman wrestle the Dog-Faced Boy.

So Taitz has played a role in a weird and interesting story; she has pushed a fringe cause, with some minor implications on the 2012 presidential race, into the mainstream. Her cause will continue to get attention even if she fades; she knows what she’s doing. Greene doesn’t know what it he’s doing, and it’s disgusting that such an obviously disturbed person would be egged on by the media to do more self-destructive and embarrassing things.”

Response from Orly

I would like to respond to this controversy:

1. In the CA primary for Secretary of State in spite of  horrific slander, back stabbing, voter fraud, only 3 months of campaigning and limited funding I got 508,455 votes. Over half a million Ca Republicans voted for me. Even NBC hosts pointed out, that with all the attacks I got more votes, than most U.S. Congressmen and many U.S. Senators.

2. I never ran for any office before and I am not a professional politician.

3. this race is not over. There are 2 law suits, that are proceeding: against my opponent in the Republican primary for voter fraud and elections fraud and against the secretary of State Debra Bowen. Honorable Jeffrey Glass, presiding over my case scheduled the case management conference for January 10 and stated that if fraud is proven at trial, there is a remedy of the special election. It is in the transcript and it is in the court record. Dunn’s attorney Brian Hildredth stipulated to this at the hearing. While I’ve seen a lot in the Judiciary in the last 2 years, and anything can happen, if  the rule of law will be upheld, we will have a special election next year, in time to clean massive elections fraud in CA  before  2012 election.  

4. The number of doonors was not correctly reported by the Orange County Register. During the campaign I spent $40,000 of my own money, but there were $10,000 donated within a short period of  3 months mostly  in small donations of $20-25. that  makes more than 21 donors. At the same time another $10,000 was donated to my foundation to cover $20,000 sanctions, that were assessed in GA by judge Clay D.Land in order to keep me silent about Obama’s eligibility.  I simply cannot co-mingle those accounts, but the support s there. Money is not everything. As an example, billionaire Steve Poisner spent some $40 million dollars in his race against Meg Whitman for Governor and he got roughly the same number of votes as I did.  Meg Whitman spent $150 million in her race for governor and lost in the general election  to Jerry Brown with more than 10%

5. during the last election the old CA party leadership pushed for all RINO team, believing that it is a winning formula. At the end it wasn’t. They refused to address the issue of the voter fraud and I believe, I know the reason. They wanted to have a diverse and a non-controversial ticket. They were promoting Damon Dunn, they placed him on slates for free, just to show that there is an African-American on the Republican state ticket, even though they had all the evidence, that Damon Dunn was committing elections fraud by not providing mandatory disclosure of the fact that he registered in 2 other states, where he registered as a Democrat. Not only I could not get my name on the most popular slates, they intimidated other candidates and told them not to be on the same slate with me, because I was considered controversial.

6.  Some Republican party operatives like Attorney Jim Lacy, business partner of Attorney Gary Kreep in US Justice foundation and member of the Board of CA Bar, attacked me, calling my legal actions “cockamamie”. Lacy did it on the election day, to sway voters, even though he previously gave an interview to O.C register, stating that Obama was never Constitutionally vetted and needs to be vetted and even though he and Kreep were making thousands of dollars pushing this issue. It was a clear back stabbing by CA Republican party operative, done to destroy me as a candidate aand possibly as a competitor, as anything donated to me, did not go to the pockets of Kreep and Lacy, who until now had a a de-facto monopoly on conservative donations for legal actions, while bring very limited number of legal challenges. There was a lot of dirt on both sides.

7. The issue of illegal voter registrations and ballots in CA was not resolved yet. Secretary of State Debra Bowen is a poster child of George Soros’s Secretary of States project, which made a total mockery of  elections in the state of CA and the U.S. Bowen allowed voting and voter registration without any verification. For all we know, we can have  a million of illegal voter registrations in CA. This is not a far fetched number, considering the fact that it is estimated that U.S. has some 42 million illegals and majority of them reside in Southern border states, CA being the largest and the most populated by the illegals. The city of Los Angeles alone has estimated 4 million illegals. The whole state of CA with it’s 58 counties can have as many as 10 million illegals. world Net Daily published articles, showing illegals getting letters from Bill Clinton, urging them to vote.

8.The issue of Sequoia ballot counting software, which was purchased in 2005 by Smartmatic, a front shell co for Hugo Chavez was never resolved. While officially in 2007 Smartmatic  sold Sequoia to U.S. citizens, those citizens were the insiders of the company and Smatmatic still holds intellectual rights for Sequoia, which means that Hugo Chavez, Communist dictator of Venezuela has access to our ballot counting software, while U.S. citizens do not have such access. For all we know, the elections results were pre-programed  and the winners determined before any ballots were ever  cast. As a matter of fact, Bowen was able to become the Secretary of state of CA in 2006 only after Smartmatic got the contract for ballot counting io Los Angeles County.

I have to continue fighting those battles, as voting today does not represent the will of the U.S. citizens, at least not in the states, where the Secretaries of State are beneficiaries of the Soros’s Sec of States project, such as Debra Bowen in CA, Jennifer Bruhner in OH, I believe also Ross Miller in NV and so on.

If any of you would like to assist me in this work, please call me 949-683-5411. I particularly need help in CA, NV, WA, CO, WV 




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