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From my plaintiff MSgt USMC Jeff Schwilk

Posted on | September 9, 2009 | 12 Comments

Gary Kreep’s Involvement in the Obama Lawsuit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 10:48 AM

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“Jerome Corsi” <jrlc@optonline.net>
“Orly Taitz, Atty OC” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com>, “Jan Herron, CO” <janherron@comcast.net>
Mr. Corsi, sorry I missed your call yesterday.  My phone went nuts after the hearing.
I want to set the record straight about Mr. Drake, Mr. Robinson, and their attorney Mr. Creep being granted permission to adjoin their case to ours.
Yes, I am one of 48 plaintiffs in this case and I was one of the first to sign on.  So far 46 of us have supported Ms. Taitz in her lawsuit.  Only 2 plaintiffs have withdrawn and have been causing trouble and distraction by trying to hire a new attorney and sneak back into OUR case.  They should have filed their own lawsuit, but they chose to selfishly make waves along with Kreep and his associates.  Yesterday’s antics at the hearing by Kreep were disgusting and documented well in this media post:
7 of us plaintiff witnesses were there to support Orly and we all rejected Kreep coming into the case during the break to “work it out”.  But Kreep refused to back down of course.  The judge let him back in ONLY in the name of time and expediency otherwise Kreep and his clients would have been told to take a hike and file their own suit.  We all witnessed it and the transcripts would clearly show it.  Kreep and his clients got very lucky, but no they just need to let this move forward.
So, here’s where we are (and your future reporting needs to reflect these REALITIES if you keep mentioning Gary Kreep)
1.  Yes, Kreep has technically been allowed to enter the case as “co-counsel”, but –
2.  Kreep only represents 2 plaintiffs out of 48.  Most of the rest of us have retained Ms. Taitz as our attorney and do not recognize Kreep as lead counsel or even co-counsel.  He’s just a secondary or sub attorney on the case.  Orly is lead counsel and will make all final, binding decisions on behalf of us plaintiffs.  Any further attempts to delay these proceedings by Mr. Kreep (he delayed a hearing yesterday from Sept. 11 to Oct. 5), will not be tolerated and we will take all necessary legal action to stop any more of his antics.
3.  Ms. Taitz has a large team of experienced attorneys assisting her now.  If Mr. Kreep remains on this case he will be expected to give his professional input, but defer to OUR lead attorney, Ms. Taitz and not argue with her in open court.
4.  As you may or may not be aware, Mr. Kreep has a horrible reputation in Southern California among grass-roots activists and Patriot groups.  His latest court gimmick yesterday was just another in a long string of selfish games that Kreep has been playing.  Everyone is on to him here and watching his every move from now on.  He will be tarred and feathered if he in any way hurts our case.
His days of damaging Ms. Taitz’ efforts to get to the truth are OVER! 
Just a friendly warning to those who continue to support and promote Gary Kreep in this case.
On behalf of the veteran plaintiffs,

Jeff Schwilk

MSgt, USMC (Retired)
Bcc:  Plaintiffs


12 Responses to “From my plaintiff MSgt USMC Jeff Schwilk”

  1. truthbetold11
    September 9th, 2009 @ 2:17 pm

    Wow! He is a tail gater and needs to be brought down to size. Those 2 plaintiffs should be ashamed of themselves. unity is what is needed

  2. DR AL
    September 9th, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

    Kreep should be referred to henceforth with the more appropriate name “Creep” because it best describes this vulture. He has extorted money on his website from unweary citizens for his supposed pursuit of “justice” when he was just another diversion in bringing the impostor to trail and arrest. His goal has been to be a thorn in the side of the true American hero in this battle, Dr.Taitz.

    The fact that the judge allowed him to join the case at this late hour and disrupt the process and delay the next hearing, I believe was improper. he should have forced him to file his own case before him and therefore expedite Orly’s case and that of her plaintiffs. There are tens of millions of American patriots, to include military, law enforcement and vets at the boiling point and set to explode if justice is not meted post haste.

  3. NewEnglandPatriot
    September 9th, 2009 @ 4:07 pm

    I never understood what had happened with Gary Kreep. I get mailings from him but wasn’t sure what part he played in any eligibility lawsuit since the state case was dismissed. That is unfortunate that he has forced his way into the case.

    I am, however, very glad to hear that Dr. Orly has a team of good lawyers assisting her.

    On Monday night on BlogTalk Radio, Wiley Drake called in to the show and said that he and Markham Robinson were going to be represented by Phil Berg. Everyone in the radio control room expressed complete surprise and questioned why Phil Berg would be involved. Then it turned out to be Gary Kreep. The show is archived in case anyone wants to hear it. It was on Patriots’ Heart Network on Monday, September 7 and the host was “AnnieGetYourGun.”

    If Gary Kreep sabotages this case, we might never get to the truth.

    Perhaps this explains why WorldNetDaily has been pushing their idea that Orly’s and Lucas Smith’s documents are “forgeries.” Rather than present the opinion of experts, they are declaring that THEY have decided the documents are not authentic. The evidence they have presented to support their statements is flimsy at best. I know that WND has been represented by Gary Kreep and his organization in the past and perhaps is loyal to them. Apparently even an outstanding news organization such as WND has a bias in this matter.

  4. FollowTheConstitution
    September 9th, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

    Why did and would these other two plaintiffs switch attorney and get this Kreep guy involved???

  5. Joe The Blogger
    September 9th, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

    Gary Kreep is incapable of dealing with the dual citizenship issue. Mr Obama is not eligible to be POTUS because he was born a subject of the UK to a Kenyan/British Father who was NEVER a US citizen. Gary Kreep can’t grasp this issue – or maybe he is deliberately trying to wreck this case. I remember listening to him on Plains Radio. He is useless.

  6. jenny
    September 10th, 2009 @ 11:24 am

    Dear Mr. Schwilk,

    Thank you for maintaining your oath and send my thanks to the others. Kreep, Corzi and Berg have only displayed severe interference with our NBC requirement. To me their credentials are mere dust on the desk that which Orly prepares and argues our case. The blessing is our Honorable Judge Carter who has been in more than one civil and military battle. His record is exemplulary. He’lll keep the watch. I’m not worried.

  7. jenny
    September 10th, 2009 @ 11:26 am

    Keep the blessing.

  8. George B
    September 12th, 2009 @ 12:01 am

    I did not completely read the article cited above. However, with regard to the difference between Dr. Taitz and Mr. Kreep. That is if one can believe the author, Dr. Orly’s approach is the correct one. It matters not WHERE Obama was born, the fact is he does not meet the Constitutional requirements to be POUS, PERIOD. He has gained this position with lies and with the help of conspirators. He is NOT an honorable man and has no place leading our country. The Democratic Party has an agenda and will stoop to any means to force that agenda on the American populace. I ask this of any politician in Congress. Have you no DECENCY? Is there not a man among you who will stand up for what is right? Our Constitution, the ‘United States Constitution’ is our most sacred document and our entire leadership allows it to be splat upon. The DISGUST I feel for our elected official’s cannot be expressed in words. The filth of our leadership threatens to infect our entire Nation. The ‘Apples’ are rotten in Washington, I beg of you all please do not let spoil Our Country! Toss out the barrel for there are NO apples left to save. God Bless America and Damnation to those that would destroy Her!

    G B

  9. Kevan Corkill
    September 14th, 2009 @ 4:34 pm

    God Bless YOU! Dr. Orly! 🙂 YOU are a wonderful Patriot! 🙂 Prayers for strength for YOU! 🙂

  10. Jay Are
    September 15th, 2009 @ 1:55 pm

    One thing is for certain, everyone has to get along here, if division is shown we will most assuredly be shut down. Dr. Taitz has shown great courage along with her clients in pursuing this matter, I do not deny Gary Kreep his right to represent his clients too, but some ground rules need to be established between Mr. Kreep and Dr. Taitz in order to present this case in a unified manner. Otherwise it will be doomed from the spot when Obots attorneys see a crack in the foundation they will attack it.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  11. Frank May
    September 15th, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

    Admission ad-nauseum that Kreeps has a horrible reputation…etc.,, yet he is on the team????? Does it take a rocket scientist to ascertain.. somebody[?].., dropped the ball on hiring him as co-counsel….Forgive me…but… Is anybody in charge or am I missing something???????? In my humble opinion.. not a very good evaluation to garner financial support for this cause…..

  12. Monsieur TGM
    September 15th, 2009 @ 8:34 pm

    That attorney’s name, Gary Kreep, really creeps me out (laughs). This entire Obama phenomenon and now this latest case being purposely sabotaged by such a creep of a man (Gary Kreep) many years ago would have been more likely seen in some funky comics book. I know that Esq. Dr. Taitz is being sung as the “Night in Shining Honor”, but what I find troubling concerning her is her husband’s deep connection via his software company’s usefulness to Big Pharma and the rapid industrialization of the 2009 pig flu vaccine. The deeper one studies current events the weirder this world seems to become.