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from Judson Phillips, founder of the tea Party nation on the situation in Egypt- it is right on

Posted on | January 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

Judson Phillips


It seems like it was only thirty-two years ago…

In 1979, I was twenty.  I watched the gas prices continue to rise.   We had an inept, incompetent and impotent President back then. Sorry, it is hard to use the word Carter and President in the same sentence.  It was somewhat like the situation we have with the narcissist in chief.

As gas prices rose, as inflation rose, the peanut farmer told us to put sweaters on, get used to it, and in July he announced there was a crisis of confidence.  As if we did not know it, on November 4th, Iran seized our embassy and took American diplomats hostage.

Prior to 1979, America and Iran had close ties.  That was until the peanut farmer came to Washington.  If you were a pro-American government, Carter hated them.  Back then Iran was a pro-American state.

When the revolution came, the peanut farmer had no clear policy.  As someone wise once said, you should be careful if you don’t know where you are going, you might get there.   Carter had no clue as to where he was going and where he got us was a hostile, militant, Islamist Iran.

Now, thirty-two years later, it is a shocking déjà vu. 

Gas prices are rising.   We have someone in the White House who may actually be more clueless than Carter and we have a crisis in the Middle East.  This time, it is Egypt. 

Egypt is in flames.  Reformers want democracy in Egypt.  Reformers wanted democracy in Iran too.  Just because part of the population wants something does not mean they get it.   In Egypt, the Muslim brotherhood wants to take over and set up an Islamic state in Egypt. 

Now, Hosni Mubarak has fired his government and ordered the creation of a new government.  Many openly say he will have to flee. And Obama has no clear idea of what is coming next. 

Mubarak is no saint.   Calling him autocratic might be a little generous.  He may well go, but a couple of things are clear.  First, if he is going to go, we had better use every tool at our disposal to make sure a friendly regime takes his place.  There is a little thing called the Suez Canal, which is very important, not only for commerce, but for our Navy, which transits the Suez all the time. 

The second reason we need to make certain a friendly regime takes over is Israel.   Egypt has been at peace, more or less, with Israel since 1979.   Obama dislikes Israel and sides with the Muslims.  There is no doubt about that.  But hopefully, even he realizes that a war in the Middle East is to no one’s advantage and Israel is a member of the nuclear club. 

There is also a lesson for the Tea Party here.  In 2011, the groundwork will be laid for the 2012 presidential election.  Some candidates will see their campaigns die before the New Year.  In 2008, we had a miserable choice between a liberal and a radical socialist.  Elections matter and we need to make certain that when the big crisis in 2013 hits, we have some one competent in office.

That excludes Barack Obama.


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Replies to This Discussion

orly taitz Permalink Reply by orly taitz 1 hour ago

Judson, I agree with your assessment, but there are 2 problems:

1. we have a massive elections fraud. Big part of it “Project secretaries of state” by George Soros. We have one company, “Dominion”, which owns mos of the software, that controlls our ballot counting scanners. Until we clean up elections fraud, all our effors are futile

2. no Repub candiste addressess the issue of the usurper in the WH. Nobody addressess the issue of the unbridles free trade. with the third World Countries. The oly one who started talking about it is Donald Trump. We can’t improve our economy without addressing this issue 

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham Permalink Reply by Colonel Robert F. Cunningham 1 hour ago

Ms. Taitz,

BINGO!  Right on both counts.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham


al hanamay Permalink Reply by al hanamay 53 minutes ago

Yes ,but Orly Taittz. One exception. Donald Trump needs to be trumped.He’s as big a RINO as you’ll see.

The Democrats he’s contributed to are …legion.He’s the 2nd coming of Meg whitman(w/all her Van jones loyalties et al) He not only contributes to numerous Dems ,but to the Senatorial & congressional coffers of Dems.

However, I must admit ,he sounds good on foreign policy.

The denouement is his loyalty to Hillary Clinton.He & friends of his were very involved in her presidential campaign in 08 and were very down-trodden when she lost.Let’s face it.Not too many conservatives run ,because the elites ,like David keene give em no support.Keene supported …,ready,…ARLEN SPECTACLE… McClintock shoulda been a landslider in Calif,but w/ the head of that Repub party(Ron Nehring) saying “both Calif. parties are moderate” ( he said it w/ a straight face!) what can you expect by way of support for Maclintock?Didn’t ya just love Schwarrzennegger,who Ron was faithful to ,until the end?

Ann Coulter is supporting Chris Christie, but talk host Tom marr has shown that Christie supports global warming (capn trade) the N Y Mosque, appointed a Hamas sympathizer as judge,.Christie supports illegal immigration. I’m sorry to keep being the bearer of bad news, but just look at our history of of Republican presidents. Nixon was the father of affirmative action,EPA,wage-price controls,off-the -gold  standard, devaluation of the dollar. Ford was a classic “go-along-and -you’ll get-along” and even w/ Reagan’s “conservative credentials”an analysis of his social and fiscal positions show he wasn’t …that..conservative, and he unquestionably…. started the illegal alien landslide here in California .

Bob Dole was nicknamed “let’s make a deal-Dole” and he abstained on votes on nearly all illegal immigration issues to make his record “appear” good

Jerry Corsi of WND sent me a resp to my email last week,stating “Al, the republican party is not now, nor has it ever been..a conservative party.” Dr Corsi ain’t a stupid guy


Judson Phillips Permalink Reply by Judson Phillips 39 minutes ago

We are going to have to go back to some form of paper ballots where we can have an audit trail.  Those electronic machines are nice but they can be hacked an no one may be able to tell.  

We do need to hit the free trade issue.  How many AMericans are unemployed thanks to nafta?  It pains me to say this but Ross Perot was right.

al hanamay Permalink Reply by al hanamay 23 minutes ago

Well -said ,Judson. It’s ironic that at a time when voter fraud by unions,Soros, and ACORN is rampant…we’ve nevertheless relaxed  our conservative controls on the ballot box.When an operative like Pelosi has the nerve to tell us “You’ll see what’s in the bill …after we pass it”(after Obama had told us the opposite  during his campaign (yes another basketball head-fake) do you have any doubt that she’s a believer in the dominant leftist slogan of the 60’s…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ?

Al  lG


2 Responses to “from Judson Phillips, founder of the tea Party nation on the situation in Egypt- it is right on”

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    January 30th, 2011 @ 4:13 pm

    Hosni Mubarak se apunta a las consignas de Zapatero y quiere ampliar su edad de jubilación. Y este no negocia con sindicatos.

  2. Cheap Laptop Batteries
    January 30th, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

    why what happens in Egypt concerns u other than democracy- Egypt controls the Suez Canal – pls Rt

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