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Exposing the Obots dressed as patriots

Posted on | September 15, 2009 | 12 Comments



I was very busy flying red eye 5 times in so many days: twice to GA, once to DC and back and didn’t have time to respond to all the slander and defamation on the Internet.

Arlene Williams, who has a web site InvestigatingObama.blogspot.com and Phil from TheRightSideofLife were defaming me, claiming that I lied about Judge Carter’s order. Please, look at the order page 2 line 3. It states”… Court encourages the parties to begin discovery before the scheduling conference” (scheduling conference is on October  the 5th).

why is judge Carter saying that- because I have to give Obama 30 days +3 days for mail and there is no reason to wait. On Sunday I submitted to the department of Justice  electronically a proposed schedule of discovery.  33 days fall on October 17, I proposed deposition for October 19th Monday and left 4 weeks open, when I am available every day :weekdays and weekends, I will come to DC if need to be, to accommodate Obama and other defendants and witnesses.

In response US attorneys representing the defendants have filed a motion to stay the discovery, meaning to stop it. The fact that they filed it, doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean thet judge Carter will grant it, that he will say yes. As a matter of fact  time and again in court, on the record judge Carter stated that he believes that this case needs to be heard in open court on the merits, that it should not be dismissed on technicality, that there is jurisdiction. So, they can ask to behead me, too and I am sure Obama and his sidekick Eric Holder will love it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that judge Carter is going to say: Yes guys, go for it.

Now, going to saboteurs, wolfs in sheep’s clothe, Obots dressed as patriots. You have those sites of investigating Obama by Arlene Williams, therightsideoflife by Phil, people having their little internet blogtalkradio shows and going by names    Chalice, Hannen, Evelyn Adams, and a few others. They present themselves as patriots, concentrate movement around themselves, but when there is one real threat to Obama regime, they slander and defame a person who does the real work. After a year of this struggle I am the only attorney with clients who have real standing, I am the only attorney who was able to reach actual court hearings. Until now all the cases were immediately summarily dismissed, so now all these pseudo patriots are attacking one person who is doing the real work and who has the real chance of removing Obama from Office and do it now.

Now look at the attorneys. Berg had two cases  dismissed: one that he filed on his own behalf as a voter a year ago and one, filed on behalf of a 70 year old retired officer, where Berg  was a middle man between attorney Lawrence Joyce, who has written the complaint and DC attorney John Heminway, who filed the case in DC. As with the first case, the second case was dismissed mostly for lack of standing, as the plaintiff could not demonstrate specific injury, he could not demonstrate that at age 70 he will be called for active duty under Obama. That is why I filed cases on behalf of Major Stefan Cook and Captain Connie Rhodes MD and others and more to come, where they were actually called to active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and can show real injury.

What did Berg     do this year since January? He did nothing against Obama, he spent this whole year attacking me. Look at his web site. It is full of despicable slander and baseless garbage allegations against me. He filed a multimillion dollar garbage law suit against me and instead of concentrating on Obama I have to waste my time on Berg. Recently I saw that he filled out a page of supposedly a subpoena to the consulate of Kenya. It is just a joke.  Why?

1. Consul of Kenya has diplomatic immunity and he will simply throw it in the garbage

2. Berg’s law suit  was in Pa and it has nothing to do with Los Angeles and Central district of CA

3. Berg’s suit was dismissed nearly a year ago, he doesn’t have any active law suit and can’t do any discovery

4. when one appeals a law suit, that was dismissed and closed, the court of Appeals need to see if the judge made a correct decision based on the information available then. They will not entertain any new evidence, any new documents, even if the consul of Kenya were to provide anything.

So, what did Berg do- just another stunt, more busy work,  another illusion of activity, while doing nothing productive and simply wasting my time. By the way, the judge in PA was ready to dismiss Berg’s law suit against me and ordered Berg to show cause, why his law suit should not be dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction. The very last moment Berg filed 403 pages of more nonsense. Why? So that I will be busy with his garbage and wouldn’t have time to deal with Obama.

Last point -Gary Kreep . It is very similar to Berg. Last year when I initiated Keyes v Bowen (secretary of state of CA), Drake and Robinson have recommended that I work with Kreep.  Originally I thought it was a good idea, but soon I could see that he only   creates an illusion of fighting Obama, but he is not really doing it. When we were supposed to file our case, he went to Vegas for a week and then to DC for the weekend. When we were supposed to be in court, he went to HI for 12 days and showed up 1 day before the electoral college meeting, scheduled the hearing for March, when it was too late to do anything against the Secretary of State  and when Superior Court judge Keeney has dismissed it as moot.

I encouraged Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson to file an emergency stay in the Supreme Court of CA (2 levels higher), I encouraged them not to waste time, suing 55 democratic party electors, as it was taking a long time to serve them and it was not necessary, I encouraged to utilize Vatel definition of Natural Born Citizen, which was the most beneficial for the plaintiffs. In response Kreep has written to them, encouraging them to fire me. Alan Keyes refused to fire me, but I saw that the case was stuck in the lowest possible court and is going nowhere, so  I gathered a new group of plaintiffs and filed a new law suit Lightfoot v Bowen (on behalf of Gail Lightfoot, vice presidential candidate for Ron Paul on the ballot in CA). I filed  for a stay in the Supreme Court of CA and from there I went to the Supreme Court of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts agreed to hear the case in the conference of all 9 justices on January 23. Unfortunately on January 21, one day after inauguration someone has erased the case from the docket of the Supreme Court. Hundreds of people complained, it was reentered on the 22nd. I demanded investigation and I am still waiting for the results of that investigation as to who erased my case from the docket of the Supreme Court.

Regardless, you can see as my case was in the highest court of the land, the first case, were Kreep was involved, was stuck in the lowest possible court, going nowhere.

From November Kreep has sent numerous solicitations, under the name US Justice foundation (the whole foundation is one person-Kreep) He was saying:give me 5,00, give me 2,000 give me what you have,I’ll fight for you. I’ll file law suits every time Obama  signs a law or an executive order. In reality he filed nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was the only one who was filing law suits and getting results.  Now, when there is a possibility of actual judgment, Drake and Robinson make a new deal with Kreep. They will try to create an illusion of doing something productive, but I have been there, done that. I know where it ends. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


12 Responses to “Exposing the Obots dressed as patriots”

  1. Joe The Blogger
    September 15th, 2009 @ 12:12 pm


    I love it when the good guys (and gals) come out fighting.

  2. Bob
    September 15th, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

    These idiots don’t seem to know that there are phases to discovery. It is not just hand over the documents. There has to be prep work. You have to identify who has custody of the documents that you wish to obtain. Then this is presented before the judge at the discovery hearing where the other side can raise objections. The judge decides then issues subpoenas . The judge has ordered ( or VERY STRONGLY ) suggested that the parties begin the first stage of discovery in order to be prepared for the hearing. So discovery has started.

  3. ch
    September 15th, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

    I hope you attach this great background explanation to your filing for removal of Kreep. It will help Judge Carter see where you are coming from. Far from an “ego conflict”, it is self preservation and protection from a sabotage trip. Judge Land may be a “land mine” but Carter sounds like a real judge, and the Reagan court, dedicated to the President who fought communism, might be the best and God’s own chosen battleground.

  4. Harry H
    September 15th, 2009 @ 1:32 pm

    Thank you, Orly, for taking the time to fill us in on obstacles like Berg and Kreep. Once again I admire your fighting spirit and I support your ongoing efforts to right the great wrong that ObamAxelrod, Inc. has done and is doing to the United States. Every day this imposter pseudo-president illegally holds office is a national disgrace.


  5. Vicki
    September 15th, 2009 @ 1:38 pm

    I discovered months ago that “therightsideoflife by Phil” was not worth reading. He is not an expert on anything and all you will get is his opinion, which isn’t worth much in this fight against Obama. Keep up the excellent work, millions are on your side. The true patriots of this great country are smart enough to know who is right.

  6. ConcernedOne
    September 15th, 2009 @ 2:16 pm

    Orly, thanks again for ALL your continued hard work and diligence in trying to get to the truth that everyone deserves to know.

    Thank you for any/all updates as to this case as I know many folks, including myself, want to be keep up to date with what is going on and how the case is progressing. Along with your blog – I daily check theobamafile.com and Leo’s Donofrios blog as well.

    You obviously are very strong willed to be able to deal with all these maggots clinging to your side or dodging the bullets thrown your way. Yes, it’s easy to get confused over misinformation on the internet, because we, the readers, don’t always know which is truth and which is fabrication, but thanks for clearing things up.

  7. amy1
    September 15th, 2009 @ 3:06 pm

    Orly, This is an excellent post. If this doesnt clear things, nothing will. From a fan of Plains Radio ( now calledTexas Broadcasting Network ), thank you for all the hard work you have done and are continuing to do. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  8. speedy
    September 15th, 2009 @ 3:27 pm

    These people have nothing better to do than to slam a good lawyer like Orly. There is no reason for all this mud slinging if these people supposedly are on the same side in trying to remove the usurper. Usurper BO has to go and there should be all these roadblocks to reach that objective. I think Orly is doing a great job and is working very hard to get this usurper removed. I wasn’t too happy about all the nasty things Berg said about Orly. He has no proof in what he is claiming. All those others are spouting out a bunch of assumptions without really getting the true facts of what is really happening.

    I lost respect for Phil Berg. I felt bad before when his cases were dismissed, but I think he doesn’t really have a strong enough case. He seems to go about things the wrong way.

    September 15th, 2009 @ 10:06 pm

    The militray response to Cook was tepid at best. Rhodes restriction is first sign of military on the move and I have a feeling that somehting will come into play very soon, that will nullify all this arcane and ornate legalistic posturing.

    Watch out for that bog size 13 militray shoe coming down without all the niceties and refinements of civil law. It amazes me that with all this applause and c]accolades for orly not a soul is anticipating the force of the Military now forming their response independent of the
    perfunctory federal civilian governmnet response.

    I started my interest in these proceedings with Berg– Hillarys man- and when he began to hit brick walls along with others in a fruitless pursuit of Obama’s qualifications, I began to notice this handsome lady moving beyond their efforts with greater clarity and with more telling effect. She had many setbacks until Judge carter. Bravo, making headway, optimism, applause, celebration!!

    BUT lurking in the wings is a three ton Rhino known a Uniform code of military justice. there is onlyb two ways for this to go, with two possible interpretations.. the militarty pursues charges or does not.

    If they pursue charges then orly’s clients are summary court marshalled, found guilty of disobeying orders and mutiny and thrown in the brig for 20 years. As they have no jurisdiction over orly, her buddy that rubber stamp rascist fraud Holder will order a special proecutor to form a federal criminal grand jury–similar to the one that indicted Clinton–the great stain maker?-she will be charged with sedition, inciting to mutiny, inciting to rebellion and other choice legal charges and attendant terminology. the military action against her clienst first, and then her federal indictment.

    Obama’s people are mean rotten bastards, but don’t discount them as stupid and always put yourself in your enemies shoes . Obama thought nothing of the unprecedented 17 execuive orders in 6 months!!!!
    When hitler in ’41 attacked Moscow with full force he never had any indication that vast russian divisions were forming, in ski uniforms and T-34 tanks-

    Never under estimate the ruthlessnes of people with power determined NOT to reliquish it to a persistant virtual unknown. I do not say this to discourage Orly or her backers and fans, but nothing is as straight forward as the hopeful heart wants it to be. Remember Murphy’s law, if it can go wrong it will. The CINC–the president– this unfortunate choice, liar and traitor though diminishing in poles, still has considerable megalomania and survival instincts with his Chicago ward community organizers locking arms around him. .

    Either the Military will attack, or it won’t. If it does than the scenario above transpires, if they don’t then our Orly has singlehandedly undermined military support of Obama and essentially his sidearm–the military – has been neutralized. At that point he is doomed.

    I think Obama is a tragic figure emerging from a sad and dysfunctional early life. His days in power will be limited as his life transforms into a predictable Greek Tragedy. The ancient Greek playwrigts knew about the times, tides and tragic trasience of kings.. But perhaps the Roman bard Virgil said it best:

    ‘Di, quibus imperium est animarum, umbraeque
    et Chaos et Phlegethon, loca nocte tacentia late,
    sit mihi fas audita loqui; sit numine vestro
    pandere res alta terra et caligine mersas.’

    “Ye gods, who hold the domain of the spirits! ye
    voiceless shades! Thou, Chaos, and thou, Phlegethon,
    ye broad, silent tracts of night! Suffer me to tell
    what I have heard; suffer me of your grace to unfold
    secrets buried in the depths and darkness of the earth!”

    AENEID liber VI, Virgil

    M.L. Pinsky

  10. pip
    September 16th, 2009 @ 2:14 pm

    Jeesh, I can’t believe Berg is making such a fool of himself these days. His actions against Orly seem to have overtaken his initial goal which was, to prove Obama is an usurper. Strange how people change, the silly childish man.

  11. borderraven
    September 19th, 2009 @ 6:47 pm
    September 20th, 2009 @ 4:28 am


    Dear Orly – you will need EXTRA EVIDENCE – please collate together the following ;

    1). Solid evidence the Hawaiian COLB is a forged over copy of obama’s half sister’s documents – VERIFY THE ANALYSES.

    2). Taped phone call with obama’s Kenyan grandmother where she confirms he was born in Kenya – SEE AFFIDAVITS from Baptist Bishop McRae – head of Anabaptists of America.

    3). barry soetoro’s (barack obama’s) Indonesian school yearbook photos and evidence that obama was an adopted citizen of Indonesia, AFTER being born in Kenya and after a stint in Hawaii, where his underaged (legally ineligible) mother tried to arrange for him to be a US citizen – hence the COLB scam.

    NB : He swore in Illinois inaugeration as senator that he had never had another name. – IMPORTANT – perjury.

    4). Discover how to locate proof he visited Pakistan at a time when US citizens where FORBIDDEN from doing so – hence obama went in on his Indonesian passport – courtesy of his adopting dad MR SOETORO

    5). Discover if he claimed for US funds as a foreign student for his studies in the early years – apparently he did.

    TO GET GOING PRINTING OUT THE HARD EVIDENCE AND TAKE IN THE PHONE CALL RECORDING FOLLOW THESE LINKS BELOW DILIGENTLY (You will need this material to be truly armed and dangerous on October 5th 2009)

    May The Lord JESUS – The Living God of Pure Truth be WITH YOU – Amen and Amen