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Explanation, why within 30 days I will be filing an appeal in Damon Dunn elections fraud and common law fraud case

Posted on | March 20, 2011 | 4 Comments


Sur reply in Taitz v Dunn was filed on March 11 before the hearing on March 14.( see the stamp, it says March 11,2011) I do not know, why it was not posted on the docket. I went to court twice and I was assured that it will be docketed shortly. I will post the oral argument and documents.

I guess I need to explain what is going on. Damon Dunn case was scheduled for June 6 for trial. I demanded a jury trial. Suddenly the judge decided that the complaint does not have sufficient facts of fraud and that common law fraud does not provide for damages sustained in election campaign. This decision makes absolutely no sense. It is as senseless, as the decision of judge Lind, who said that LTC Dr. Lakin can’ty bring evidence that Obama is not a legitimate commander in chief and sent Lakin to prison without any meaningful opportunity to defend himself.

As you can see in these papers, Damon Dunn clearly committed fraud and elections fraud. I had to run in election against one who was committing fraud.

1. he was obligated to disclose in his voter registration the fact that he registered before. Question 16 clearly asks: in what state did you register. He left it blank

2. he registered in 2 other states: in TX and FL as a Democrat

3. he contacted the registrar in FL and demanded to delete from the database his voter registration, where he registered as a Democrat

4. several Republicans, who supposedly  signed his nomination, stated that they did not sign it and that it is nomination- fraud.

If this is not fraud, what it? How could a judge suddenly decide, that these facts are not sufficient to show fraud? Probably the same way as judges across country decided that the fact that Obama is using someone else’s social security number is not fraud either.

It is interesting that the same judge came up with 2 completely different tentative decisions, which shows that he did not have a valid reason, but simply was looking for some type of excuse to dismiss the case. Do I think that the court of Appeals will be any better? If they rule based on law and facts, they will reverse this decision, but so far, as we saw in Obama cases, the courts of Appeals were not any better than the lower courts. It shows the Nation, how corrupt the whole system is. While I originally believed that things can change by way of elections and judiciary, I no longer believe in it. Unfortunately, we are no better than Egypt. The only positive and the silver lining in this whole incident, is that people are extremely angry, livid, horrified, realizing how corrupt the whole system is. Maybe they will revolt, as all the Middle East is revolting now. With my cases I am bringing more and more evidence of massive fraud and corruption. More shocking information is yet to come. At some point people will rise against the system. I heard of all kinds of attacks on me. I was told that if I continue exposing the dirt in elections, government and judiciary, than the regime will go against my law license or even my freedom. First of all, I don’t believe this will happen, as I don’t do anything illegal. Second of all, I don’t need  a license to file pro se, I can continue my fight from anywhere.  Nelson Mandella fought for 27 years in prison. In comparison to that I am fine. Let’s hope it would not take that long to remove from office usurper Obama, have him tried for Social Security fraud and elections fraud  and to clean up  the system in general.


4 Responses to “Explanation, why within 30 days I will be filing an appeal in Damon Dunn elections fraud and common law fraud case”

  1. Terence Frederic Bolton
    March 20th, 2011 @ 6:31 pm

    Keep up your hard work and you will prevail, Orly !

    Nelson Mandella, a great personality. Took many years in the tiger cages until he wa able to leave as an upright man !

  2. Florence Stone
    March 20th, 2011 @ 9:54 pm

    Please don’t give up on We the People who DO believe in you and support you in your fight to expose the corruption in our government and legal system. We are with you 100%. We have the truth on our side, and the truth will always prevail. We pray for your safety each and every day, as well. I continue to send your letter to Obama back to anybody who sends me snail mail, whether they inclose a postage free envelope now or not. Going through a lot of stamps!! Have 3 ready to mail tomorrow: Impeach Obama, Huck Pak, Inc, and American Federation of Senior Citizens.

  3. Daniel Boone
    March 20th, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

    Orly:…check the law(s) on asking and (receiving) a “jury trial”! And I’ll send an email on that this week, to offer a suggestion or two!


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