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Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest?

Posted on | December 5, 2018 | 1 Comment

  1. Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest?

    By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

    Until this year World Health Organization (WHO) considered trans-gender and transvestite behavior to be a psychiatric disorder. Transvestite man is a man who dresses like a woman. Trans-gender woman is actually a man who cuts of his penis and has artificial breasts and  some kind of concoction resembling vagina. Tran-gender woman can never give birth to a child because she is actually a man.

    Until this year Miss Universe was a competition celebrating feminine beauty. Beautiful women who appeared in Miss Universe contest went on to have great careers and marriages. Many of these women married successful men and gave birth to children.

    Today political correctness engulfed Miss Universe as well. For the first time a man with artificial breasts and an artificial vagina won Miss Spain contest and now is a favorite to win Miss Universe, which will be telecast on Sunday, December 16, at 4 -7pm PST / 7-10 EST on FOX.

    Today people are attacked for speaking up their mind. People can be thrown out of large social networks for calling a man a man when this man dresses up like a woman or when he undergoes surgery to get artificial breasts and an artificial vagina. In some European countries people can be sued privately or even prosecuted criminally for alleged defamation when they call a man a man even if this man wears women’s clothes or gets trans-gender surgery.

    Often, people who go through sex change operations, continue suffering from psychiatric problems after the surgery and they go through reverse surgery to go back to their original sex. The rate of suicides is very high among trans-gender, even after the sex change operations. Do you think these people would have benefited from some psychiatric treatment instead of mutilating their bodies and going back and forth  from a man to a woman and back? What about a psychological trauma this behavior causes to their wives, children and grandchildren. I remember Bruce Jenner changing his sex. I thought to myself: did he ever think about his multiple young impressionable grandchildren who see their grandfather suddenly becoming a woman? Doesn’t he think this would mess them up?

    Free speech on this issue is being silenced. We all have to applaud when a man with an artificial vagina and artificial breasts wins a women’s beauty contest. My question is: should we be silent? Trans-gender community is pushing for our tax payer dollars to be spent on expensive sex change surgeries for inmates in prisons and for members of the military. Shouldn’t we have the right to speak up and say: enough is enough, we protest use of our hard earned tax payer dollars for sex change operations in prisons and in the military.

    We see doctors giving hormone treatments to young children to change their sex. Children in public schools are being brain washed from the early age that they can choose to change their sex.

    At an early age children are awkward. They need guidance, they need re-enforcement in confirming their gender. They do not need massive confusion. Do you think that it is time for the public to stand up and say: enough is enough. Schools are for teaching children English, math and science, not for brainwashing them. Miss Universe is a competition celebrating a woman’s beauty, not celebrating a psychiatric disorder when a man cuts of his penis, gets artificial breasts and vagina and thinks that he is a woman.

    What do you think?    Write to TaitzReport.com/ OrlyTaitzESQ.com

    Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ is the editor of the Taitz Report and the President of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation created to preserve the  Constitutional freedoms and prevent election fraud. Any donations can be sent via pay-pal to OrlyTaitzESQ.com or by mailed to 29839 Santa Margarita pkwy, ste 100, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


    A transgender woman just won the Miss Universe Spain pageant …

  2. Gamblers Doubling Down On Transgender Miss Universe …


    13 hours ago · Miss Universe is breaking new ground at this year’s pageant with the first transgender contestant to ever compete for the crown, and those betting on the competition are declaring her a heavy favorite.


One Response to “Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest?”

  1. Alexander Gofen
    December 5th, 2018 @ 11:48 am

    Yes, the western world went completely insane. And speaking about the kids, the western world commits a kind of crime even worse than defilement or depravation (punished by long prison terms in all nations just a few decades ago).

    Exposure and indoctrination of kids into trans-sexuality is worse than defilement or depravation because trans-sexuality means deliberate mutilation and irreversible physical and mental crippling of healthy kids: our kids! Right now, when you sent them to schools or even kindergartens!

    The dream of changing one’s sex is no less crazy than a dream to become a bird or a fish. In the past the world medical community had already re-classified homosexuality into a “variant of norm” under severe pressure of the liberast commissars. However now the world medical community so readily re-classified the trans-gender madness into an admissible (and mandated!) “medical procedure” also because of their own greed! Such operations are a gold mine for the “medics” involved, as explained here [1].

    Our nation gets more and more insane. Our kids are in an immediate danger! Be concerned, be very concerned!

    1. http://judeochristianamerica.org/TransgenderRacket.htm

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