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Court reporter

Posted on | December 12, 2012 | 1 Comment

I remember seeing a court reporter in Judge Marginis’s courtroom. I remember he is a male reporter, not tall, partially bald. I remember seeing him at least at one of these hearings on October 29th or November 1st, but I can’t say now if he was at both hearings. When I asked a transcript, I was told by the clerk that there was a reporte on October 25th, but not on October 29th and not on November 1st.  So much is going on, it is hard to remember and say 100%. Can someone find this court reporter? So, I need my supporters, who were in the courtroom to state, if they remember seeing him on October 29th and November 1st.  How could it happen that in a case, where plaintiffs bring evidence of one and a half million invalid voter registrations, forgeries in IDs of the sitting president, there is no court reporter? Something is very wrong with absence of court reporter, absense of transcripts and absence of audio tapes and the judges trying one bogus excuse, it did not work, so he came up with another bogus excuse to dismiss the case and cover up Obama’s forged IDs.

I remember during the hearing Judge Charles Marginis  tried to state that the evidence was not strong, I responded that these are sworn affidavits from a sheriff with 50 years of experience and experts.

When he realised that his prior statement did not make any sense,  he tried to say that the evidence of one and a half million  invalid registrations came from the Internet, I told him that he needs to look at the evidence, it did not come from the Internet, but from the official database CD sent to me as a candidate for the U.S. Senate  by the Secretary of State herself.  Two experts ran the official  database and found invalid voter registrations.

Of course, scoundrels supporting Obama twisted what was said and posted all over the Internet that judge said that something posted on the Internet is not evidence. Ther is no transcript to even show that those postings are nothing but defamation of my character.

What was most appalling was the arrogance, when Marginis stated that he will not even watch the DVD, which contains videotaped sworn testimony of witnesses. If he did not want to take the time to watch the testimony in a case dealing with the legitimacy of the U.S. Presidency, he should not be allowed to sit on the bench as a judge.   You expect judges to review the evidence and be impartial, and not act as establishment puppets, who dismiss everything that is inconvenient for the Criminal in Chief in the White House.

also, Iam being charged $780 fee by the court of Appeals. CA charges enormous fees. I really need donations to cover it.



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    December 12th, 2012 @ 12:18 pm

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