After 16 hours of “processing” this, 10.26.2013, edition of Taitz report is finally on the Internet, make it go viral. Demand investigation of disbursements of700 mil contract of Obamacare web site, demand investigation of Obama’s invalid SSN, failed E-verify

Looks, like I am really hitting the nerve. It has been 9 hours and Google-YouTube are still blocking my latest video in “processing”

How do you get rid of a lemon? is there a kickback in 700 mil Obamacare web site? I  recorded the latest edition of Taitz report at 4 am, it is being blocked by Google-YouTube for 9 hours. In my latest report I argued that 700 million contract for Obamacare website made by Sibelius with […]

Reminder: please, be in court this Wednesday, October 23, 9 am, 601 Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA, Taitz v Obama. Please, contact veterans, bikers, truckers, tea party, ask people to be in court

Will Judge Lamberth seek a special prosecutor in ObamaForgeryGate similar to Archbald Cox and Leon Jaworski in Watergate?

Taitz report: Judge Lamberth is asked to treat Obama employees, who lied to cover up his bogus IDs, the same way he treated Clinton employees. -Extortionists and left wing extremists Harry Reid and Barack Obama demand a trillion dollar credit card as a ransom for Obama to reopen the U.S. government.

Truckers deliver to Congress a demand to remove Obama from office due to bogus IDs, dog eats documents at Department of Justice, eats $650 billion at Treasure and eats the back bone and other important parts of Republicans who believe a bogus NBC poll and ready to surrender, when they have all the cards in their hands. Call Sen Collins and the rest, demand they stand strong and do not offer anything until after October 17th. Don’t be a moron, let the Dems and Obama come to you with offers

Now Obama can be legally impeached. Boehner and Issa have to schedule a prime time press conference and explain to the public why today’s speech by Obama represents grounds for impeachment

 21:00 Taitz report 10.07.2013 1 day ago 547 views How do you reopen the U.S. government? My solution Where did the 650 billion of additional taxes go? Was it stolen, embezzled? What is the em…  19:06 Report 0919 2013 FBI is used as NAZI Gestapo 2 weeks ago 2,245 views Sworn declaration of an investigator […]

A little more progress. The call from you-tube to my cell phone finally was unblocked, however the total number of views on DrOrlyTV is still locked at 61,512 and the counter on the video below is still blocked. I bet somebody does not like the inconvenient truth on this video, as it is evidence that will send some high ranking officials of the DOJ and FBI to prison

More evidence of malicious sabotage and tampering by the regime as mounting evidence for my RICO case

The public can see more evidence of malicious tampering, sabotage, disinformation of the public by the regime. tampering with my web sites, e-mail accounts, my mail, my phones, my car and now the you tube channel. 1. I have reported previously that the regime had a lock on my videos and it was reported to […]

Want to solve an impasse? Are you exasperated? Bring a cow in the house. Why not raising a debt limit will be the best thing that ever happened to this country?


Next act of the play. Today Obama is meeting with top US bankers to discuss the government shut down and looming default. It looks like he is in for a healthy dose of enema for his “I will not negotiate with Congress” prima donna aria

PIC OF THE DAY – OCTOBER 2, 2013 HERE’S A PHOTO OF THE HOUSE READY TO MEET WITH DEMOCRATS EXCEPT THE “SENATE” REFUSED TO SHOW UP. Today top nations bankers are meeting with Obama. At this meeting Obama cannot allow himself to take this “I don’t negotiate with Congress stance.”  He will have to provide a concrete plan, how he WILL […]

Taitz v Colvin reply to opposition is on the docket, awaiting ruling by judge Hollander

Taitz report. FBI is used as NAZI Germany Gestapo to harass whistle blowers and hide Obama’s use of a stolen Social Security number 02-68-4425 of Harry Bounel born in 1890

Press release: Maricopa County Arizona District Attorney responded to the request for records. They state that they did not receive any records from Sheriff Arpaio, no affidavit or any other documentation from Forensic Document Expert Reed Hayes

Press Release Law Offices of Orly Taitz   Maricopa County Arizona District Attorney responded to the request for records. They stated that they did not receive any records from Sheriff Arpaio, no affidavit or any other documentation from Forensic Document Expert Reed Hayes   On August 29, 2013 Attorney  Orly Taitz submitted to William Montgomery, […]

Meeting Chair of the House Oversight committee Congressman Issa 09.03.2013

Dr. Orly Taitz 09.04.2013 I got an invitation to the opening of the new office for  Congressman Issa, which will be in Dana Point, neighboring town, just 5 minutes from my home. The office will be open starting today, very business day from 10-4   and it will be very convenient to provide all evidence […]

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