Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest?

Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest? By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ Until this year World Health Organization (WHO) considered trans-gender and transvestite behavior to be a psychiatric disorder. Transvestite man is a man who dresses like a woman. Trans-gender […]

Taitz report: Judge Lamberth is asked to treat Obama employees, who lied to cover up his bogus IDs, the same way he treated Clinton employees. -Extortionists and left wing extremists Harry Reid and Barack Obama demand a trillion dollar credit card as a ransom for Obama to reopen the U.S. government.

Is there any connection between Mitzi Torri and other IRS executives? When did Savannah Guthrie graduate from Georgetown university Law School? Guthrie, NBC anchor, is the only reporter who claimed to have touched the raised seal on Obama’s birth certificate during April 27 press conference

  herman 7 approved Submitted on 2013/05/16 at 4:19 am Lois Lerner husband, Michael miles was Georgetown grad 1983 and had worked in IRS chief counsel office. Mitzi Torri is Georgetown grad 1984 and had worked in IRS office chief counsel 1986-94. http://www.sutherland.com/michael_miles/   Obama didn’t know? Mitzi Torri, IRS attorney, who posted threats, is running […]

Are you an Evangelical Christian, Mormon or Catholic active member of the U.S. military, contact me at 949-683-5411

As I was talking to General Edward M. Browne, he mentioned that we have  a very serious problem in the military today, as the only ones who are promoted to high positions, are Obama lackeys, not people with brains, course and knowledge, just Obama lackeys. We, as a nation, talk about questionable appointments to the […]

Press release: Subpoena was issued for Darryl Issa, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, to appear and testify whether he knew that he is being represented by the U.S. Attorney in this case and whether he received pleadings and exhibits prior to filing of opposition to injunction and a motion to dismiss by the U.S. Attorney

Press release Law Offices of Orly taitz Subpoena issued for Darryl Issa, Chair of the House Oversight committee, to appear and testify at April 18, 2013 hearing whether he knew that he is being represented by the U.S. Attorney in this case and whether he received pleadings and exhibits prior to filing of opposition to […]

An interview and video of me protesting before the inauguration and together with the volunteers dispensing fliers “Obama is not my President”. Union Station, DC, 01.21.2013, 8 am

Orly Taitz – Obama is illegitimate – YouTube ► 7:25► 7:25 www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBuJiPEu_PUShare Shared on Google+. View the post. 13 hours ago – Uploaded by AdamKokesh Please address love mail to adam@adamvstheman.com Donate Bitcoin …   More videos for orly taitz »     Orly Taitz – Obama is illegitimate podblanc.mobi/videos/16418/orly–taitz-obama-is-illegitimateShare Shared on Google+. View the […]

Obama- is the greatest embarrassment to the U.S. Obama issues an apology to thugs, who attacked U.S. embassy in Egypt, torched U.S. flag, replaced it with a black Muslim flag, bombed and torched U.S. consulate in Lybia and murdered the U.S. ambassador and 3 other diplomates. Attorney Orly Taitz will argue injunctions banning Obama from the ballot. Upcoming hearings in MS, IN, TX, CA. Some of the pleadings and evidence attached

U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack By Tamim Elyan and Omar al-Mosmari | Reuters – 19 mins ago Related Content Enlarge PhotoThe U.S. Consulate in Benghazi …  Article: Libya deputy PM condemns killing of U.S. ambassador26 mins ago BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a […]

A letter of support from the U.S. Air Force General Charles E. Jones

  11 September 2012 To whom this may concern, I have known Dr. Orly Taitz for several years and am knowledgeable of her personal efforts to insure America has a Constitutionally Qualified Commander in Chief setting at the reins of power in the White House. As of this date I nor anyone known through out […]

Great news Judge Wingate in the US District Court in MS is prepared to hear my case. It will be either on Septemeber 24 or 26. I would appreciate donations and frequent flier miles to travel to MS

  Taitz v. Democratic Party of MS; et al;  3:12cv280HTW-LRA Twana_Summers@mssd.uscourts.gov 12:36 PM (23 minutes ago) to me, sbegley1, scottjtepper, hpizz, jmath To all parties: Judge Wingate is prepared to hear oral argument on the motions pending before this Court in the above styled case.  We are available September 24 and 26.  Please advise whether […]

CA Election challenge: filed default was cancelled due to nature of the case. The case proceeds

Press release Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz Deafult against defendants in Taitz v Obama, Feinstein and Emken in the elections challenge in CA was cancelled by the court due to the nature of the case. (see attachment). The case proceeds. CA Taitz v Obama Default cancelled due to nature of the case Further pleadings will […]

A very powerful article from the founder of the Tea Party Nation attorney Judson Philips.

Scaring the left – Tea Party Nation www.teapartynation.com/forum/topics/scaring-the-leftShare Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1’d this publicly. Undo 19 hours ago – The left claims that birthers are a joke and they like to point to people like Orly Taitz, the attorney who will file a law suit over the issue anywhere she can […]

from a retired military pilot Neil Turner. Thank you Mr. Turner

Orly;   I just watched your excellent interview with DemocastTV yesterday at the Beverly Hills Tea Party meeting (with Pat Boone in attendance, no less), and was most impressed. The Obots who post on his site are once-again at a complete loss for any kind of intelligent response. Crime of the century: gov’t obstructions against […]

tell candidtes and organizations: not a cent for your campaigns until you demand pcriminal investigation and prosecution of Obama for use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 and for use of a forged BC and Selective service ID. Prosecute all of his accomplices in high places. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets!

ken 76 approved Submitted on 2012/08/02 at 9:48 pm I think we all know it is not about the economy.. This is what it is about.. I relayed that to M Bachmann’s camp yesterday when they called me for support… I did mention I am supporting Orly Taitz when I can and that they should […]

Please, write to every congressmen, explain that a letter from a crook like Alvin Onaka does not represent release of anything, we need the original BC, original SSN application and origina Selective Service application, demand that congressman subpoena the original documents or resign and stop committing treason

I wanted to thank my friend Miki Booth for sending to me this letter that she got from Senator Coburn. All of the US Congressmen act like zombies on baths salts and copy the same script. They are saying that Alvin Onaka, registrar from HI sent to Secretary of State of AZ Bennett a letter saying […]

legalnews/findlawcom publishes my recent press release

If Justice Clarence Thomas does not grant a stay or referral to full … legalnews.findlaw.com/article/0eH66FN6mig9v?q=Barack+Obama You +1’d this publicly. Undo 2 hours ago – Donations no matter how small will help pay for airline and travel expenses. Mail donations to: Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, c/o Dr. Orly Taitz 29839 Santa …

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