Is Kamala Harris a natural born US citizen? Were her parents US citizens when she was born? Her mother is from India and her father is from Jamaica. It does not appear that they had the US citizenship when she was born

Harry 2 approved Did someone say that she is not a NBC? Kamala Harris Is Running For President In 2020 The California senator announced her bid on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the campaign theme “For the people.” HuffPost 2 hours ago Answer from Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, President of Defend Our Freedoms Foundation […]

Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest?

Did the World go completely insane? Will a man dressed like a woman with a made up body win Miss Universe contest? By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ Until this year World Health Organization (WHO) considered trans-gender and transvestite behavior to be a psychiatric disorder. Transvestite man is a man who dresses like a woman. Trans-gender […]

See below my tweets to President Trump regarding the caravan and see the response in the article below. President Trump is planning a proclamation and executive order that I recommended

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.‏ @DrOrlyTaitzEsq 11h11 hours ago More @realDonaldTrump Just as the Supreme Court confirmed temporary ban from other countries, time for temp ban on asylums from Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador due to massive invasion with hordes of people infiltrated by drug cartels, criminals and possible terrorists. Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.‏@DrOrlyTaitzEsqOct 22 More US President can […]

Bill Gates is not your friend: he fires 18,000 American employees, pushed for amnesty for illegals and donates to anti American charlatan Obama

Microsoft Employees In Seattle Are ‘Shell Shocked’ At The Size Of The Historic Layoffs  

Second FOIA request for information sent to Dori Salcedo, Chief FOIA officer of Department of Health and Human Services. HHS is obligated to respond by January 27, 2014 and provide information whether Obama is indeed enrolled in spite of his use of a stolen SSN and what safeguards were placed by Sebelius and HHS to prevent illegal aliens and others from enrolling in ACA (Obamacare) while using stolen and fabricated Social Security numbers

FOIA urgent request for information From orly.taitz <orly.taitz@hushmail.com> To media <media@hhs.gov> Sent Sunday, December 29, 2013 at 4:39 PM Encrypted No Signed No   FOIA request 2 HHS.pdf (6.0 MB)

prior to her death Fuddy tried to reach out to Larry Fenton, resident of HI, who assisted Taitz and served Fuddy with subpoena and pleadings from Taitz

Press Release Yesterday Attorney Taitz was contacted by Mr. Larry Fenton, a resident of Honolulu, HI,  who served her pleadings and subpoena on Loretta Fuddy and Health Department back in 2011 and 2012. Mr. Fenton stated that the security guard prevented him from serving Ms. Fuddy personally and he was told to leave the documents […]

Press release from Orly Taitz. Maui coroner: The case is still under the investigation, will take another 2 weeks to obtain the report from the toxicology lab and complete the autopsy report

Press release Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ On December 18.2013 12:50PST  Attorney and Dr. Orly Taitz talked to Dr. Harle, Coroner and Medical Examiner of Maui county. Dr. Harle stated that the Autopsy report for Loretta Fuddy is not ready yet and it will take a couple more weeks to complete the report […]

Is Megyn Kelly uninformed or is she following the steps of her mentor, RINO Bill O’Reilly, in attempting to brainwash 2 million FOX viewers in believing that majority of Americans favor amnesty for millions of illegals, so that they can lose their jobs, wages and benefits to illegal aliens?

  Megyn Kelly is a new evening host for FOX. I was shocked to hear a statement on amnesty made by Megyn Kelly yesterday. She was talking about illegal immigration. While she pretended to be against it, at the end of the segment she threw in something that was flagrantly not true. She claimed that […]

Press release: after watching TV reports Taitz recognized Keith Yamamoto as the official, who on 08.08.2011 stood at the entrance of the Health Department refusing Taitz and 2 experts pass the security and meet with Fuddy, even though Fuddy was served with a valid federal subpoena, where Fuddy had to provide Taitz with the original birth certificate of Obama. Taitz found the declaration of Yamamoto confirming that

Press release : Law Offices of Orly Taitz After watching the TV news report about the airplane water landing after which Loretta Fuddy died, Attorney Orly Taitz recognized Keith Yamamoto as someone whom she saw before. Yamamoto, who held Fuddy’s hands, when she suddenly died after the crash, was the Health Department official, who was […]

Press release: Attorney Taitz seeks to recuse former Chief Justice of the USDC court from further hearing of cases related to Obama’s use of fabricated IDs

Press release Law Offices of Orly Taitz Attorney Orly Taitz seeks to recuse Royce C. Lamberth, former Chief Justice of the USDC court from further hearing of cases related to Obama’s use of fabricated IDs (see below). More information on TaitzReport.com     Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ In her capacity as the President of Defend […]

Embedded part 2 of the audio of the hearing on Obama fraud in the 4th District Court of Appeal in Ca

I believe that Judge Berman -Jackson will deny the motion by Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious subpoena case

I was asked by a supporter and TaitzReport contributor, Jo Beth Gerard, to weig in on the latest developments in the Fast and Furious cases. First, the family of Bryan Terry, border patrol officer, killed with an assault rifle, sent to Mexico through the DOJ Fast and Furious program, lost their legal action. Federal judge […]

Interview with expert Doug Vogt. Unfortunately his case was dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/markgillar/2013/11/16/law-signed-by-george-washington-may-convict-obama-fraud-conspirators Doug, I am sorry about the dismissal. We knew that the judge will state exactly what he stated, however at least you put an effort and you filed, which cannot be said of Arpaio. I remember Linda Jordan, Susan Daniels and a few other people criticized me claiming that I did not do enough, […]

Taitz v Astrue Reply to Opposition and Motion to Strike

  Press release Law offices of Orly Taitz New filing in Taitz v Astrue 11-cv-402 District of Columbia, Hon Royce c Lamberth, is attache dherein. Pleadings in the case and documents show that not only Obama used a stolen CT Social Security number 042-68-4425 of Harrison (Harry) J. Bounel, but also high ranking officials of […]

Press Release: Help me find out whether there is an Obama operative who is using a man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia mental disorder to undermine birther movement and de-legitimate cases dealing with Obama’s use of a stolen Social Security number, fabricated IDs and U.S. Attorneys and judges being complicit in the cover up and fraud of the U.S. Congress?

Press Release Law offices of Orly Taitz Recently two editors of blogs dealing with Obama’s lack of eligibility to the U.S. Presidency and his use of fabricated IDs posted an article stating “Exclusive report”, “Bombshell revelation”, they further state that Presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy  state that there will be an Obama impeachment hearing in […]

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