TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET. Note from Orly: Trump should use 25 bln of this money to build a wall as it is crucial for our defense

TRUMP OKS $750B DEFENSE BUDGET Our defense budget dwarfs defense budgets of other nations and 25bln of it should go to pay for the security wall on our Southern border. In comparison, the country with the second largest military budget, China, spends only about a third of what we spend. They spend around $220 bln. […]

Embedded part 2 of the audio of the hearing on Obama fraud in the 4th District Court of Appeal in Ca

YahooNews publishes my interview with AtlanticWire regarding eligibility of Ted Cruz, however Atlantic Wire cut out of the interview all information that I provided in regards to Obama’s use of a stolen Ct SSN and his use of fabricated IDs. Please, contact Elspeth Reeve and Philip Bump from Atlantic Wire and demand that they publish all of the info that I provided on Obama’s use of a stolen SSN and fabricated IDs, as well as complicity of the high ranking officials in the cover up

Donald Trump to Vet Ted Cruz on Behalf of America The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News   1 hour, 27 minutes ago Constitutional law expert Donald Trump will play host to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at one of the real estate mogul’s insistently-named Trump buildings on Friday. While the purpose of the meeting isn’t clear, it will likely involve Trump dangling wads of cash from a fishing rod just […]

Attorney Orly Taitz on “Night Lights” with James Lamberth TV interview, part 1. (part 2 will be uploaded on you-tube shortly)

Interview with expert Doug Vogt. Unfortunately his case was dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/markgillar/2013/11/16/law-signed-by-george-washington-may-convict-obama-fraud-conspirators Doug, I am sorry about the dismissal. We knew that the judge will state exactly what he stated, however at least you put an effort and you filed, which cannot be said of Arpaio. I remember Linda Jordan, Susan Daniels and a few other people criticized me claiming that I did not do enough, […]

Taitz Report 11.15.2013 New pleadings in ObamaFraudGate, is there organized crime in IRS and SSA? How do you solve the Health Insurance problem?

After 16 hours of “processing” this, 10.26.2013, edition of Taitz report is finally on the Internet, make it go viral. Demand investigation of disbursements of700 mil contract of Obamacare web site, demand investigation of Obama’s invalid SSN, failed E-verify

Looks, like I am really hitting the nerve. It has been 9 hours and Google-YouTube are still blocking my latest video in “processing”

How do you get rid of a lemon? is there a kickback in 700 mil Obamacare web site? I  recorded the latest edition of Taitz report at 4 am, it is being blocked by Google-YouTube for 9 hours. In my latest report I argued that 700 million contract for Obamacare website made by Sibelius with […]

Will Judge Lamberth seek a special prosecutor in ObamaForgeryGate similar to Archbald Cox and Leon Jaworski in Watergate?

The greatest scam in the history of the World. See, why scoundrels in Congress continue accumulating debt, why con-artist Obama doubled the debt which was incurred by 42 Presidents in 230 years and why they need to go

Truckers deliver to Congress a demand to remove Obama from office due to bogus IDs, dog eats documents at Department of Justice, eats $650 billion at Treasure and eats the back bone and other important parts of Republicans who believe a bogus NBC poll and ready to surrender, when they have all the cards in their hands. Call Sen Collins and the rest, demand they stand strong and do not offer anything until after October 17th. Don’t be a moron, let the Dems and Obama come to you with offers

Now Obama can be legally impeached. Boehner and Issa have to schedule a prime time press conference and explain to the public why today’s speech by Obama represents grounds for impeachment

 21:00 Taitz report 10.07.2013 1 day ago 547 views How do you reopen the U.S. government? My solution Where did the 650 billion of additional taxes go? Was it stolen, embezzled? What is the em…  19:06 Report 0919 2013 FBI is used as NAZI Gestapo 2 weeks ago 2,245 views Sworn declaration of an investigator […]

How do you solve the deadlock and reopen the government? Where did $650 billion go? What is the emergency plan of Obama administration in case the debt limit is not raised?

 19:06 Report 0919 2013 FBI is used as NAZI Gestapo 2 weeks ago 2,222 views Sworn declaration of an investigator in regards to Obama’s use of a stolen Social security number of Harry Bounel…

A little more progress. The call from you-tube to my cell phone finally was unblocked, however the total number of views on DrOrlyTV is still locked at 61,512 and the counter on the video below is still blocked. I bet somebody does not like the inconvenient truth on this video, as it is evidence that will send some high ranking officials of the DOJ and FBI to prison

More evidence of malicious sabotage and tampering by the regime as mounting evidence for my RICO case

The public can see more evidence of malicious tampering, sabotage, disinformation of the public by the regime. tampering with my web sites, e-mail accounts, my mail, my phones, my car and now the you tube channel. 1. I have reported previously that the regime had a lock on my videos and it was reported to […]

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