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Can the U.S. government confiscate your life savings as it was done in Cyprus?

Posted on | April 26, 2013 | 2 Comments

Fwd: hope you’ll share your thoughts

Francis Irvine
7:03 AM (21 minutes ago)

to letters, bcc: me
Dear Friends:
I received the article which is copied below my email (“The Project to Restore America”) a couple hours ago.
I first decided to let it go. But, this email which seems to specifically concern all US citizens, also applies to citizens of all countries. It is actually about Global Sovereignty and Global Consciousness. So, I decided to share my 2 cents.
Please bear with me. I’ll try to contain my ego, to the best of my ability, and to keep this as short as I possibly can.
Since the title of the said article is “The Project to Restore America”, let’s start with the formerly sovereign USA citizens, like myself, first.
Here are some of the DOCUMENTED FACTS which help explain what is going on in the US since March 1933:
1- The US Government’s debt is already close to $17 trillion (www.brillig.com/debt_clock) and the interest on this debt has risen to about $3.9 billion PER DAY.
2- The USG is actually a corporate governance structure (i.e. a corporation) via the District of Columbia Act (1871). We all have heard the term “Corporate America”. Well, that’s what it is, a corporation. And, it’s NOT the only one. Japan, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong and a whole lot of other “governments” are actually corporations. Hong Kong “Government” is the most clear example. It is called what it is; the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. There’s no “government” as such, specifically NO PARLIAMENT or any legislative body. Nor is there any president, King, Queen or Sheikh (as in the Persian Gulf nation states). There’s only the Monetary Board which runs the Island.
3- In March 1933, FDR declared a State of Financial Emergency because Corporate America went bankrupt, i.e. it could not make its repayment installments on the debt which had been accumulated since 1776.  Since then, this corporate entity has been operating under an official Bankruptcy Administration, similar to a Chapter 11 proceedings. That’s why it’s called the US Administration, because it’s operating under a Bankruptcy Administration since 1933. Discussions of how the debt was accumulated and who the Creditors are really beyond the objective of this email …
4- USG’s bankruptcy is NOT a hidden fact, nor is it a conspiracy theory. In fact, it’s recorded or codified (in legal jargon) in the text of the existing USA Laws:  Title 28 USC Section 3002(5) Chapter 176 as well as in FEDERAL SUPPLEMENT 724.
USC stands for the US Code of Law. So, this bankruptcy is official and recorded in the existing US Laws.
5- In fact, all BAR registered attorneys KNOW this because the BAR, along with the Fed, are actually the two primary elements within the Creditor’s system of Bankruptcy Administration. In case you don’t know, BAR stands for the British Accreditation Royalty (Regency). Then again, this will lead to a discussion of the Creditors …
The point is all BAR licensed attorneys KNOW this, even if they pretend that they don’t. If you’d like to know more about the Creditors and the Fed, you might want to read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It’s all in there plus much more.
6- Another book which contains the story from A to Z is:
Redemption Manual Edition 4.5
Editor: Robert Kelly
ISBN: 978-0-9792397-0-0
ABS Publishers, Central Point, Oregon 97502

Print Date: 25 October 2008

7- Although USG’s is a purely CORPORATE DEBT, the USG has been able to claim (via tacit/passive acknowledgement by formerly sovereign US citizens) that its corporate debt is the US citizens’ NATIONAL DEBT, meaning:
“The estimated population of the United States is 314,847,335 so each citizen’s share of this debt, on this date, is about $53,358.78.” … www.brillig.com/debt_clock (26 April 2013).
8- Now, something that most (99.99%) US citizens don’t realize is what the US LAW states clearly:
“ Under the new law, the money is issued to the banks in return for Government obligations, bills
of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and bankers acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation.  It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the nation. ”
The above is a section out of the Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, which was subsequently codified as PUBLIC LAW 73-10. The LAW was passed in order to initiate the Bankruptcy Administration as of 1933.
The Law says “the dollar is backed by the credit of the nation.” That’s what this debt is all about. It’s the debt which was secured via using the credit of the nation as security or collateral. The “credit of the nation” entails, WITH PREJUDICE, anything and everything US citizens own which is located within the Continental USA and the Territories, including homes, real estate properties, factories, cars, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, and everything else there is.
In a sense, whatever there is, there is not, since it is owned by someone else.
9- Let’s examine the red-highlighted parts , above, which is directly from the text of the existing LAW (PUBLIC LAW 73-10).
Given the context established above (Corporate America, the Bankruptcy Administration, National Debt, etc.), PUBLIC LAW 73-10 means, in short, that in order for Corporate America to be able to continue operating as a corporate entity, the Creditors agreed to lend at interest “MONEY” (DOLLAR bank notes / legal tenders) to the US Treasury, under the Bankruptcy Administration proceedings. The collateral against which the “MONEY” was lent is in form of a mortgage on all the homes as well as all other property of all the people in the nation. The LAW means exactly as it reads: “all the homes and other property of all the people in the nation”. So, guess what, even after a US citizen pays off the mortgage on his/her home, he/she still does not OWN the house, since there’s still a “second mortgage” on it which makes his/her home a property of the Creditors via the above agreement which is within the existing USA LAW.
Have you asked yourself why you don’t get an Ownership Certificate / Title after you pay off your mortgage? Instead, you get a TITLE DEED. The difference between the two is very similar to that between “Lawful Money” and “Legal Tender.”  Lawful Money were the gold and silver coins and people who held them in their pocket “owned” them.  The “MONEY” which is mentioned in the text of PUBLIC LAW 73-10 is “Legal Tender.”  It is a promise to pay in lawful money at some point, an IOU, a promissory note.  The Creditors have lent the Treasury the legal tenders at interest. Legal Tender is backed by someone’s “CREDIT”, which is the fancy name for DEBT.  Similarly, a TITLE DEED is actually a temporary lease agreement with the actual owner (the Creditors); it’s NOT a CLEAR OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE.
Before moving on, let’s say a word on the blue-highlighted part. Some of you know or heard of “Bills of Exchange”, already. As the text of the LAW states, since 1933, Bills of Exchange (BoEs) are considered liabilities of the Corporate America at 100% face value under the UCC Law (Uniform Commercial Code) which came out of PUBLIC LAW 73-10. You might want to note that the gold which was taken away from US citizens in 1933 under Executive Orders 6072, 6102, and 6246, issued by FDR, back all those Bills of Exchange. Bills of Exchange are instruments of REDEMPTION of US citizens sovereign rights. As such, the reason why it is extremely hard (though possible) to redeem or even monetize BOEs is that, under the Law, the USG has to redeem them in gold and/or silver. But the USG is already bankrupt. So, you get all these accusations against those who own BOEs: fraud, embezzlement, financial terrorism, etc. The day is fast approaching for the USG to have to redeem US citizens sovereign rights. Actually, the 100-year mandate of the Fed will be over on Christmas Eve 2013. If you read American history books, you’ll see that they say the war of 1812 was over taxation or some other fabricated issues. If you read the two above-mentioned reference books, you’ll find out the TRUTH: the war of 1812 was over renewal of the 20-year mandate / license of the First Bank of USA which had ran out in 1811 and Andrew Jackson, a true patriot, did NOT renew it. Other patriots, such as Senator Louis McFadden (Chairman of the Senate Financial Sub-Committee) and JFK also tried to do the same service, reviving the sovereignty which was taken away from US citizens. These men all shared the same sentence …
10- Hence, given that all that exists within the borders of the Continental USA and all Territories have already been mortgaged, the USG has NO OTHER FINANCIAL ASSET to securitize/collateralize its CORPORATE DEBT, which it calls the NATIONAL DEBT. And, given the approximate $4 billion PER DAY interest, this debt is already unsustainable.
As for other global sovereigns, you might be interested in knowing that, since 1913, the plan to do the same to all “sovereign nations” has been meticulously implemented. As of today, there’s not one single “sovereign nation” which does not owe most or all of what they think they own to the Creditors.
With no other asset to use as collateral, Corporate America will have no other choice but to tap in to its citizens accounts. The precedent was already set on March 15, 2013 when the Cyprus government tapped directly in to its citizens accounts. That’s one of the reasons why March 15, 2013 marks the beginning of the end of the present debt-based global financial system, or as I refer to it, the beginning of the GAME OVER phase.
Frankly, even though most (99.99%) America citizens are not aware, the legal means, for the USG to tap in to US citizens accounts does already exist!
According to the House Joint Resolution 192, passed by the Joint Session of the House and the Senate on June 5, 1933, and later was codified in to law, as PUBLIC LAW 73-10, everything which exists within the borders of the Continental USA and all of its Territories have already been collateralized to support the Government debt. So, in fact, the USG may legally tap in to our accounts right this day, as the Cyprus government did on March 15th.
In that sense, the implication, presented in the article which I have copied, below, that there needs to be a new legislation is wrong on 2 counts;
a- Obama, like FDR, has used extensive use of the Executive Power authority invested in the Office of the President of the USA. All he needs to do is to issue another Executive Order and authorize the move,
b- The Financial Emergency Act of 1933 is still in effect since the Congress has never formally and officially repealed it. So, it has remained the law of the land.
As such, unlike what the article implies, there’s NO NEED for any new legislation for the USG to tap in to your accounts.
Hence, you might want to take out your retirement money, IRA money and any other money you presently have under “Government safe keeping”. Don’t count on the FDIC protection. That’s what some non-Cypriot bank account holders in Cyprus thought as well. First off, the FDIC, the Social Security Fund, the HUD, the FHWA and all other USG entities are already bankrupt. Secondly, the State of Emergency is still in effect since 1933. As such, whether we like it or not, the constitutional rights as well as all civil liberties have been SUSPENDED since 1933. That means an utter loss of sovereignty.
In that sense, Cyprus citizens, Spanish citizens with their 27.2% unemployment rate (as of yesterday), Italian citizens with no government since mid-February, Greek citizens after 5 years of increasing austerity and all other citizens of the world have already lost their sovereignty. However, US citizens, unlike other citizens of Mother Earth, are armed, both individually and via state militias. Hence, increasing emphasis on the “gun control” issue as the D-Day approaches …
Yes, you will definitely be fined for early withdrawal of your retirement money, probably as high as 50%.  But, in my humble opinion, getting 50% of your money back NOW is better than losing 100% of it all, later.
Since anything you buy within the Continental USA and the Territories has already been mortgaged in 1933 (via PUBLIC LAW 73-10), you might want to use the money, which you might want to take out of your retirement funds, to buy gold. You might be aware that as of August 2011, US citizens may NOT purchase gold coins, bars and bullions inside the US.
Remember that FDR, via its Executive Orders, forced US citizens to sell their gold coins, bars and bullions at $20 per ounce. The penalty for non-compliance was a maximum 5-year prison term and a $10,000 fine.
The recent severe drop in gold price from around $1800 to around $1,350, its huge fluctuations in recent days, and its coming fall to around $1200 in the near-term, are all due to the deterioration of the global financial. Economy 101 states clearly that as the monetary base expands, price of gold goes up. Since October 2012, all major central banks have been printing money and yet the price of gold has steadily come down from around $1,800 to around $1,400. The deterioration is entering a whole new phase in the near term …
One can only hope that instead of the Restore America Project, there is an ongoing Project to Restore the World Sovereignty.
What do you think? What is the state of collective consciousness vis-a-vis a PROJECT to restore sovereignty to world citizens?
If you would, please do share your thoughts on that. Thanks.
I did not really intend for this email to be this long. Please forgive my indulgence.
Subject: The Government Will Convert Your Money to Bank Stock Options in the Event of a Crisis?
Dear Project to Restore America Member,

If there’s another banking crisis like the one we saw in 2008, your money may not be safe in any American bank.

This story hasn’t appeared on any major media outlet to date… but it will, soon. However, one of our friends at our corporate affiliate, Common Sense Publishing, is already all over the details.

Under the old plan, your money was backed up to $250,000. Under this new proposal, our friend says your money—no matter how much or how little you have—would be converted into bank equity in the event of a crisis. This means, instead of having access to cash, you would own shares of a bank’s stock, instead. There’s a bill about this on the House floor right now. Let’s hope it does not pass.

One development involves Obama’s White House and the potential confiscation of trillions of dollars from Americans. If you have a retirement account of any sort, you might not be safe. Already – just a few days ago –Obama released the details of a plan that could lay the groundwork for what many believe Obama might ultimately try to do. To review the research they’ve uncovered, watch this video.

Inside, they say you’ll also learn about a way to protect yourself from Obama’s assault on our wealth as well as discover a retirement investment they’ve found that the government doesn’t even know exists. The IRS can’t tax it… and Obama’s auditors can’t see it. Here, money grows tax-free… and offers a yield 5-times higher than your average CD or account. My friend even says he’s hidden about 20% of his family’s money in it.

Best regards,

Wendy Bidwell
Director, The Project to Restore America

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2 Responses to “Can the U.S. government confiscate your life savings as it was done in Cyprus?”

  1. Stephen Huffman
    April 26th, 2013 @ 10:14 am

    Although I would not argue about whether this government would take our savings or not (I certainly don’t trust them), there is one thing that is totally not true in this…

    ” You might be aware that as of August 2011, US citizens may NOT purchase gold coins, bars and bullions inside the US.”

    This is totally false, you can buy all the physical gold you want to in the United States of America. There are ample sources and supplies, and you can even do it on e-bay…

  2. Patrick Duffy
    April 26th, 2013 @ 8:16 pm

    If you defend your property with the 2nd amendment, no government can ‘tax’ it away from you because of their debt. The problem is the American sheeple have been programmed to accept any and all kinds of tyranny imposed upon them by the elite.

    Furthermore, and more importantly, “Put your treasure in things that thieves cannot break in and steal”. If you love God, and the things that are God’s, they can’t take it from you, no matter what taxes they impose. Let the sinners that love the riches of the world have it. They won’t have it very long, for “the meek inherit the earth”, and the “wicked shall be ashes under the feet of the righteous”.

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