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Taitz Walters v Sec of State KS final

Posted on | September 20, 2012 | 4 Comments

Taitz Walters v Sec of State KS final


4 Responses to “Taitz Walters v Sec of State KS final”

  1. Bradford C Jaworski
    September 20th, 2012 @ 3:53 pm

    Yes, Yes, Yes…..

  2. Patrick Duffy
    September 20th, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

    Orly, you need to find a judge that wears a ‘white’ robe, not a black one. The righteous wear white. As much as I admire your persistence and belief that you can obtain justice regarding the FRAUD Barry Sorobarka, these men will put their own lives and their own families ahead of the nation because they know the day they rule correctly that Mr. Sorobarka is not eligible to be on the ballot, or serve in the office of the presidency, that will be the end of them. The Obots will never let them rest. It takes a very special man to stand up to such certain persecution and it’s RARE to find such a man, especially wearing black.

  3. Gena Duncan
    September 21st, 2012 @ 6:42 am

    I appreciate what you are doing and I wish you the best.

  4. Janice A Mays
    September 21st, 2012 @ 10:23 pm

    Come on all you decendents of Kansas pioneers. Our granddaddys came here in covered wagons, lived in sod houses, dug for water, fought rattlesnakes, fought for the land, scrimped to hang onto their farms, and hid the runaway slaves caus thet was the right thing to do. Forgery is a lie. A lie is a form of stealing. Two hundred years ago we’d gathered a possey and caught up with that thief. Get to Topeka on Oct 3rd and let em know we’ve still got a backbone and we’ll fight for what’s right.

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