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Author and patriot Miki Booth and others asked Dean Haskins to remove their names from the list of supporters of Birther Summit

Posted on | January 22, 2012 | 3 Comments


I would appreciate it if you remove my bio and all references of my association with Birther Summit immediately.
Your attacks against Orly Taitz are despicable and I will not tolerate it.
I also want to go on record that I asked several times to reconsider the name of the summit because the word “birther” is insulting and damages our credibility on the most important issue of our lifetime. I have worked too hard trying to save our country from tyranny and evil and your ego along with the egos of those who have chosen to stand with you against Orly is only defeating my purpose.
Miki Booth




Known patriots and dissidents against Obama regime stood up against several bloggers who simply defamed me right before trial in GA.    Last month, I submitted a 85 page complaint and  testified before the Ballot law commission in NH. Commission simply chose to disregard all the evidence , claiming, that they have no jurisdiction to invesigate the facts and chosen to put Obama on the ballot simply because he paid $1,000 and filled out a form. One, Helen Tansey, sent an e-mail to multiple individuals, claiming that because NH Ballot law commission ruled against me, it somehow means, that I did something wrong and incompetent.  Miki Booth sent an e-mail to the same group of individuals, supporting me and pointing out all the work that I’ve done and the fact that Helen Tansey so far did not do anything.

Subsequently the same Helen Tansey got together with a few bloggers and formed a pac. It was reported to me, that the board of this pac consists of a blogger Bob Nelson (BirtherReport, Obama ReleaseYourRecords ORYR), Helen Tansey, Gary Wilmott, Kevin Powell and George Miller, who runs a blog  ObamaBallotchallenge   together with Pamela Barnett. Neither one of  these people is an attorney, neither one of them can represent any clients in court. They use one of their board members, Bob Nelson, to attack me. He was claiming that the subpoenas were invalid and called me a liar. Dean Haskens, who is not an official board member of this pac, but who is connected with it and who promoted it on his web site,  joined in this attack and defamation and posted on his web site and sent mass e-mails and specifically told readers not to donate to me, when I needed donations the most and to donate to the Legal fund of this art2superpac. So all of these bloggers are posting the same logo on their web sites they are asking people to donate  to Article2legaldefensefund, that they run, they are saying “donate now, Help with Obama eligibility battle” but neither of them is a lawyer, and their board member is used as an attack dog, who is  attacking the lawyer, who did most of the work for the last 3 years.    Even after Judge Malihi ruled in my favor and it was proven, that actions of Nelson and Tansey and Haskins were defamatory, neither one of these individuals, who claimed to be my supporters ever posted a statement condemning those defamatory statements by Tansey, Nelson, Haskins and demanding an apology from them. I guess an opportunity to get some donations outweighed basic decency.


3 Responses to “Author and patriot Miki Booth and others asked Dean Haskins to remove their names from the list of supporters of Birther Summit”

  1. Thomas/PatriotofPast
    January 22nd, 2012 @ 8:54 am

    Orly… I have a suggestion for you. Since these “wannabe” attorneys/bloggers are asking for donations off of YOUR HARD WORK… They kind of sound like You are working for THEM!
    So if that is the Case… Send EACH OF THEM A BILL for YOUR WORK (if they are claiming this on YOUR behalf) why not???
    A-Holes like these people DESERVE exactly what they have worked for… NOTHING!

    God Bless, Take Care Orly.

  2. caty
    January 22nd, 2012 @ 9:16 am

    go back where you come from you terrorist traitor

  3. Patty
    January 22nd, 2012 @ 1:00 pm

    You must feel terribly betrayed by Pamela Barnett.

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